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October 30, 2022



This week, it being the spookiest time of the year (and I'm not just talking about tax time) we talk Barbarian, Bodies Bodies Bodies and The Stranger. Plus we get into James Gunn taking over at DC Films, trailers for Ant-Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special, a new/old Doctor Who and more! Thanks for listening.

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00:00 The Start

03:35 The Vision MCU Series

07:32 Matt Perry vs Keanu Reeves

13:00 Black Panther Wakanda Forever First Reactions

14:43 Ant Man and The Wasp Quantumania Trailer

23:33 Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Trailer

26:41 New Dr Who Casting and Disney Plus

35:43 Henry Cavill's The Witcher Recast

42:48 Another Star Wars Sequel Movie

46:16 Green Lantern Series Shake-Up

48:19 DC Finally Find Their Kevin Feige

53:06 The DC Cinematic Universe?

55:40 Spooky Movies Reviews

56:56 Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (spoilers 01:03:37 to 01:05:49)

01:05:49 The Stranger (spoilers 01:10:40 to 01:17:33)

01:17:33 Barbarian (spoilers 01:22:49 to 01:34:27)

01:34:27 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:43:10 Letters, It's Time For Letters

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The Weekly Planet Welcome back everybody to another episode of The Weekly Planet where we talk movies and comics and TV shows.

My name is James and with me is always my co-sneak mason.

Hello good to be here James.

What's going on?


Oh okay we're doing the robots are we?

Can we sustain it?

I think we could.

I don't want to.

I mean you can but I won't go along with it.

I won't veto it.

I won't stop you.

Okay right right so I have to know now.

I want to commit to this bit and I don't.

Great terrific.

I don't.

This is the kind of energy a 6 10 p.m. recording brings to it.

That's right.

We've never recorded at 6 10 p.m. before probably to the best of my knowledge.

I can't even imagine doing such a thing.

What an absolute wild west of a recording time because normally we either record I think I've mentioned this quite early in the day when my brain isn't working or quite late in the night when your brain isn't working.

And you'll see that like a vole over the episode.

And so now we're this time period is either we're both firing on all cylinders or we're both done.

Let's find out.

We're not even started.

Let's do it.

It's good to record early though when it's a little bit of sunshine mason because of course it is the spookiest time of the year and I'm not just talking about tax time.

Go on.

You know mommy's saying so for the last time.

Thank you once again for your your the bit that you do.

Let's call it a bit because I did.

I did think about it earlier in the week and do my taxes.

Thank you.

You're very welcome.

Of course this is our hell of screams spectacular scary big ghost and spiders forever episode where we go through some spooky stuff.

We picked three spooky movies which we'll be talking about if people do want to jump to the time codes.

One of which movies.

I was thinking about this earlier.

What were you thinking that I think I said I feel like that's that's going to be my my expression of surprise just going forward.

Just ready.

You know jinkies might spooky movies James for anything.

Yeah for anything.


I love this.

It's better than your robot thing which was my thing.

That was your thing.



But in addition to that mason there's a bunch of news this week.

It was a big news week but you had something else to say.

No I'm just going to I'm going to I'm going to road test my catchphrase while we do this so I hope some of this news is shocking.

Okay great and I'll put it in a sentence obviously.

The vision might be getting a spin off spooky movies James.


The vision's getting a spin off.

So that's the sentence you got to go.



First black panther forever reactions were kind of forever reactions.

Spooky movies.

Spooky movies.


Trailers Ahoy big trailers this week for Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special Ant-Man and some Doctor Who stuff.

Oh man.

There's a big recast over at the Witcher.

Who is it?

Which who's recast?

The Witcher.

The main person.

The main guy.


Which is up.

He has a nine but we don't know what it is.


Geralt of Oblivion or something.

I'm at the actors nine not a nine.

Oh no that's the same isn't it.

Star Wars news.

Star Wars movie.

I feel like it.

Another thing where.

It's going to be a new Star Wars movie.


This day and age.

Yeah but also there's a news of like stop announcing Star Wars movies because they're not coming out.

You keep announcing Star Wars movies that they do get a cancel.

So this announcement of a new Star Wars movie they have to be pretty confident this one.

Well it wasn't technically it's on an announcement because it came via a different source.

Did we get another new Star Wars thing this week?


Tales of the Jedi.

I'm going to talk about it in what we're reading.

I just quite enjoyed it.

There's also news on the Green Lantern series and some movements over at DC because they have found their Kevin Feige.

That's right.

So very excited for that Mason.


And it's two people.

I guess you need to Mason.

Yeah I don't know.

All right let's get into it.

Time codes below as mentioned.

Thank you to Collin's for the edit.

The vision.

Last time we saw the vision in WonderVision he turned into a white guy and then he flew off and there was another guy who was a construct.

He didn't turn into a white guy.

He was always a white guy Paul Bettany.

Yeah that's true but I mean as in like it was the white vision.

Oh yes.

He was like I'm a ship of these years and he flew off or whatever.

That's right.

So it was the other one who was on the ship of these years later loses.

And then there's the one the construct one that wonder made who got obliterated and whatever.

Maybe I'm the ship of these years too.


I remember that was really touching actually.


So that's so many touching lasers.

So Jeff Snyder has said I'm told that next week Marvel will be opening a writer's room for the vision show titled vision quest and deadline are reporting that the series will focus on vision trying to regain his memory and humanity and that Elizabeth Olsen's Wonder Maximov could appear.

She was to be crushed under that collapsing temple or whatever.



Just to cut back to it every maybe every second episode.

Can't move my hands to the magic.


I can easily escape this if I had a hands to use magic.

I've been smashed.


I've been smashed real bad.

I've got to strange.

I get.


There's a parallel.

All right.

I get it.

I get it.

What do you think?





I thought he was going to appear in the movie and he didn't.

And he's a good character.

And I know Paul Bettany loves putting on all that makeup and then to CGI over him anyway.

I know he loves that.

And in action figure news.

Oh yeah.

Somehow my action figure.

Now somehow my Twitter feed has decided you like looking at new new release action figures.

I think it might decide another thing from this week on though Mason.

What is it?

Let this sink in.

Oh, that is good.

That's good stuff.


That is funny.

But there's a wonder man action figure.

Oh yeah.

On the Marvel Legends wonder man action figure.

It's the one where he's wearing a big red safari jacket.


And I'm like, okay, is that they test in the waters once again?

Who knows.

Like you said with Galactus last week.



But so big Galactus.

I mean, none of these have come to fruition yet.

So maybe this is all rampant speculation.

It is.

But in the comic books vision gets some of his personality from wonder man.


His engrams.

His mental engrams.

Is that like a laser?


It's a laser.


So you shoot your personality.

It's like burning a CD.


Or having a child.

You shoot your personality into somebody.





I don't think no.

The DNA.


It's just much of DNA shooting at each other.

Making a personality.



And then they go up with you and you shoot more personality at them.



Not literally basin.


It's not in a terrifying sense.

Seems terrifying.

Just like you're crafting young minds and you hope them to be the best movie.

Spooky movies James.

You're going too far.

All right.

Spooky movies mate.

I see why that works now actually.


But I potentially maybe we'll get a wonder man casting out of this.

Well there's no.

I mean they've got to fill it with Easter eggs and references don't they.


And then we've talked about this where they're casting it for something.


And it was going to be Nathan Fillion but then I think they just wiped all of that.

They aged him out and they were like.

And they just memory hold Nathan Fillion.

Another role.

He does not exist.


Another role that Nathan Fillion has aged out of.

Nathan Drake.

Wonder man.



The guy from Firefly.


That's it.

Those are all the things.

Captain Hammer.

Captain Hammer.

Thank you.

There you go.

So yeah.

I would love to see a vision.

He can be old Captain Hammer.

He looks great.

He does look great.

It's too secret.

He's rich.


He looked good before he was rich.

Oh but then he was young.


He was young.


The one or the other isn't it.

Yeah it is.

Or both.


That's the Hollywood trajectory.

Hope to acquire enough money to look young forever.

Before you get too old.

Before you get too old.


He's like a fine one.

He's like a fine one.


I'm all with too many hats and rings.


Who knows who that is.

Who could be anyone.

Speaking of, not speaking of unrelated from hell this week for Kavanagh.

That's right.

Very excited for that.

We're doing an Alan Morathon.


We're doing all these movies that we haven't covered.

That's right.

Oh hey.

There's doosies in there.

Speaking of actors from the 90s who are out of touch.

Did you see this this week?

This is from Variety.

Here's one bit of news.

Matthew Perry takes aim at Keanu Reeves.

I did say that.

Why is Heath Ledger dead, but Reeves still walks among us.


As someone who said similar things in jest.



They may have nearly gotten me in some hot water.

I like to think that it's a joke, right?

I think, well, here's the update for this.

I mean, it's not a great thing to say.

If we can head it off at the past.

Here's the update from Matthew Perry.

He issued an apology.

He said, I'm actually a big fan of Keanu.

I just chose a random name.

My mistake.

I apologize.

I should have used my own name instead.

So, so basically Matthew Perry released a friend's fame.


And other stuff.


West Wing was in the West Wing.

I don't know.

He was in Studio 60 on the Sunset.

He was in Scrubs.

He was in the other 30 Rock.

Oh, the other 30 Rock.


Didn't say that one.


No, no, no, no.

Just no.

Just no.

All right.

I won't.


He basically plays like a guy who's always, he plays a guy who single-handedly writes like an SNL style show.


And he's just always the funniest and always the best.

I think that's him.

That sounds amazing.

It does sound amazing.

That sounds like a character I can relate to.


So, he wrote a memoir called Friends Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, including some many revelations.

And he had to, he had to exit a movie after his heart stopped for five minutes.


And it cost him, he spent $9 million on rehab.

He spent nine episodes of the show Friends on rehab.

That's nearly a full season.


Or half a season maybe.

It's about a, yeah, nearly half a season.

Nearly half a season.

God damn.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But basically he said, at two points in the memoir, he questioned why Reeves was still alive when talented actors and original thinkers like River Phoenix and Chris Farley had tragic deaths.

And we've talked about this off air.

I think what happened is he's a guy who's like many years behind the cultural eight ball.


Well, he's like mid fifties.

And he's not in the public eye.

No, he's not.


And he's kind of, you know, he got a million dollars in episode.

All the friends got a million dollars in episode for friends for years.

And whatever they got for their reunion.

Yeah, exactly.

And I think he's probably been like insulated from just public discourse and all that sort of stuff.



No, he's on Twitter.

Is he?


We probably didn't see that moment at E3 where Keanu Reeves came out and everyone went, we fucking love this guy.

Exactly, right.


He wasn't in the crowd when Keanu was like, you're beautiful and you're beautiful.


Matthew Perry's been like, am I not beautiful?

Don't you reckon though, when Keanu was saying that, that's crazy because Keanu would have been the most beautiful in the room.

Like that's just him being nice.


That's him being nice, right?

Yeah, that's right.

You look like you would have been weird if you're like, you're all right.

I'm obviously better looking.

I'm better looking than you.

I'm better looking than you.

I'm better looking than you.

I'm much better looking than you by a long way.


And now we've done everyone in the room.

I'm fitter than you.

I'm fitter than you.

I'm fitter than you.

I'm richer than you.

I'm richer than you.

I'm richer than you.

I'm better at riding a motorcycle than you.

Oh, that's a big gamble though, isn't it?

He's had a lot of time.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, and he's rich.

Anyway, what I think happened here is that what I think has happened is he's insulated from the public discourse, but also importantly, apparently he didn't have a ghost writer for this memoir.

He wrote it all himself and 100% an editor saw that and went, I could tell him to take this out.


But this will get a lot ahead.

I didn't know this book was coming out.

Otherwise, this will be out of this will be completely gone in out of the new cycle in 24 hours.


Nobody will.

It'll be like a Netflix movie or whatever.

People talk about it for one scroll of Twitter.

Except for red notice.

Exactly, which is we're currently watching now.



We should have more screens.

We should have a screen on the roof.

I want one.

Just in case I fall and one behind me.



I'll be falling.

It's like I can look up and still be watching right now.



Good boy.

Um, and I think they went.

This will this will get some headlines.

They'll talk about it on the weekly Planet podcast.


I would say big shot Hollywood editors.

Big shot.

Big shot Hollywood book editors would say what they say.

That's right.

Do you?

Well, as mentioned, I didn't know he had a book out.

So it's obviously worked on us.

And now I'm definitely going to buy that book because that's what I do.

I buy books of people who are in things.

I was joking, Mason.

I don't I don't do that because I don't know.

I can't read.

I feel like a lot of people's lives.

I'm like, you're not that interesting.

And I don't mean him specifically.

There's a lot of stuff.

You mean people you know your friends and anyone.

There's nobody who I want to read a fall like I'll skim a Wikipedia and go.

Oh yeah.

That's okay.

But there's nobody I'd want to read a book about that they wrote themselves.


No, I don't think you would.


No, I know.

I just got a lot of folksy like like general wisdom in there.

What if we all got along?


What if we did Matthew?

That's a fucking great idea.

Actually, I said this to you.

I think I maybe I mentioned on the show it's called green lights or one word.

His memoir.

And I'm like, is that because you're trying to copyright the term green lights?

It should be green lights.

It should be two words because it's all about you see a green light and you go, you know, just see the signs and you go.

So I'm like, it'd be two words.

But I think it's I think it must have sell t-shirts or something.

Let's say green lights or like bandanas.

Let's say green lights.

I mean, yeah, I definitely get the bedan.

A bedan.


A bedazzled bandana.

Get the banana hammock that says green lights.

Oh, that's going to become something, isn't it?

Well, so that was your one bit of news.

One bit of news.

You got any more one bits of news, Mason?

I do have some one bits of news.

Before you do that, though, let's talk about the first reactions to Black Panther Wakanda Forever, which is not until next week around the ninth, depending on where you are in the world.

And everybody loves it and was crying really hard and said it was a really touching tribute, etc. And so forth.

You've never seen an experience like this and it's and it's too long.

Some people like butters may be too long.

But it's three hours.


But the general consensus was that, yes, it's amazing.

But, you know, I know I say this every week.

Can't believe any of this stuff necessarily, but it's not.


It's not bad news.


Like when we heard the Black Hat and people were like, it's good.

I think it was all right.

And then, you know, like, OK, well, that's it.

This is it's not bad news.

But just bearing my.

Well, James, I have a reaction here that says the only thing that I didn't like about this movie is that the Submariner's little wings constantly make that mosquito noise, even when he's not on screen.

I would like that, actually.

Are you reckon?

I'd say, you know, he's coming.

Really immersive. Yeah.

Can they hear him?

Yeah, everybody.

I mean, the characters and the actors.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The characters.

So they couldn't take the sound out because they're just at all the takes.


And everybody you see everybody just twitching a little bit, looking around.

Think he's somewhere, is it?

Occasionally, somebody will like do a clap in the air to try and get.

No, it's not a mosquito.

It's the yeah, the Submariner.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That's how you know.

I am.

I am excited for this, though.

And I really hope it is good.

Though, we'll see.


I will see.

But we'll have a different episode next week.

Won't we, Mason?

That's correct.

And we'll come back to it.

So I was going to get some specific quotes, but you get it.

You get it.

You've seen this before.

It's the best of Phase 4, etc.

I thought I'd never.

It's the best DC movie yet.


Yeah, all of that.

Anyways, so I'm just looking off into the distance because the good ship trailer is here, Mason.

Trailer's a hoi everybody.

Oh, no.

It's got mosquitoes on board.

So it's not.

We're going to burn it.

OK, I'll follow by that.

That's right.

Before we do, though, let's just talk about the couple of ones that came out, one of which being Ant-Man 3, Let's Get Quantum Fire.

Which was released in both regular format trailer and also...

But, Mason, you're going to tell me something hilarious right now because I need to brace myself.

Teeny-weeny trailer.


Pretty good, right?

I didn't watch that.

I saw the thumbnail and I went, yep.

We get it.

Yeah, I get it.

Pretty good.


And the view count has spoken and no one watched that either.

Oh, really?

I think so.

I'd love to.

I'm going to check that.


Anyway, what do you think?

I don't mean literally no one, James.

I mean, comparatively, you can get to the regular one.

I know you're saying that, but what I'm saying is I want to know the statistics of it.

Also, obviously, Ant-Man can do Giant-Man mode.

So they should do a really, really big version.


That even when you go full screen, it's too big for your screen.

Still got one million views on it.

Just one corner of it, you have no idea what's happening.

It's the Ant-Sized trailer, Mason.

And it's got one million views.

I had to unsubscribe from the Marvel thing because every time they do a premiere, they post 140 videos in a row.


I'm like, are you using hyperbole there, James?


OK, I'll show you.

I literally got it open.

I'll literally 140 videos, is it?

Shut your fucking...

Shut up, Mason.

OK, so it starts there and so they're all like Panther, etc.

What's that document there?

Is that your divorce proceedings?

No, it's not.

OK, right.

No, the divorce is final, Mason.

That's a solicitor's letter, James.

Anyway, it's all of those.

OK, that's quite a lot.

There we go.

It's too many.

And in a feed, in a YouTube feed?

Too many, I reckon.

Too many, Mason.

Anyway, highlights from this?


People are like, this looks like Spike, because we fucking hate this.

That was a highlight for me.

That was a highlight.

And another highlight was me spending most of the trailer going, who is this young woman?

What's her whole deal?

Oh, it's their daughter because they recast her.

Why did they recast?

I mean, it's Catherine Langford.

Is that right?

Or is her name?

Or am I getting Scott-Laggard?


Yeah, because she was good in whoever it was before.

It's again, it's a name I don't...

Catherine Newton, sorry.

OK, right.

Catherine Lang.

Yeah, she was good, I thought.

It was the moment when she saw her dad again and seen him for a while, whatever.

I don't understand why they rec...

I mean, I guess they wanted a slightly bigger name, I'm assuming, but maybe it was a scheduling thing.

Maybe it was a scheduling thing.

Also, Evangeline and Lily and Paul Rudd, they had the same haircut now, which I appreciate.

Sure do.

Apparently, they think couples start to look like each other after a while.

That's true, yeah.

And apparently, it's a result of your mimic each other's facial expression so you get like the same creases and wrinkles and stuff as well.

Oh, interesting.


And the same Karen haircut.

And the same haircut, yeah.

Yeah, so...

People are something...

And the same Ant-Man suit.

The same Ant-Man suit, exactly.

And we also get Jonathan Majors as Kang.

That's true.

Like, I've got a big blue mask.

Is that mask filled with water?

Because I'd love it to be.

I think it's filled with that blue liquid they put combs in at the hairdresser.

Oh, yeah.

Is that good for you?

Can you drink that?


Mark Bonanno did.


He's like, I'm the anti-donna.

Oh, okay.

Not in...

Not in just saw him.

Just saw him running out of a hairdresser.

I mean, I bet I could catch him doing it if I followed him around for long enough.

But anyway, what do we think is happening in this trailer, James?

If we're to break it down.

It seems like in the quantum verse, there's a big secret society in there.

What have we talked about recently?

Maybe a movie or something like that where we're like, maybe just over the hill, there's just a normal city.

I think Constantine maybe.

Michelle Fiverr's character.


She spent a lot of time in the quantum realm.

And she made it look an awful lot like it was some sort of jungle environment.

You have to survive with your wits and a spirit.

Turns out if you just go over a hill, just a big city.

Oh, it's a little city, obviously.

Well, she also had a bunch of makeup on.

So that's a giveaway, isn't it?

That's very true.

Do you think she would have enough foundation to last 30 years in the quantum realm?

No, there's a quantum realm Sephora, I guess.

I'm assuming like she...

A quantum realm, another makeup company.


Thank you, yes.

It's a good one, maybe.

I don't think it is. Apparently it's not very good.

Well, none of them are, are they?

Are they all bad?

Are they all grinding up chimp hands?

James, you know, I actually prefer a woman with no makeup on at all.

Is that right?

No, that's not true at all.

But everybody says that what they actually mean is they prefer a woman wearing a no makeup makeup.

Yes, that's right. Exactly.

Yeah, because otherwise you look tired.


Something's different about you, right?

I prefer a tired makeup look, actually, James.

That's what I prefer.

People love that.

Just extra brown bags under the eyes.

Yeah, it's good.

It's good to be at the forefront of culture-based.

Bill Murray.


That was pretty bold to put him in.

We're going to put him in even for a second, yeah?

Yeah, after...

Yeah, flashes by though.

Jeckon, he's going to be one of the mares who's like, there's no quantum entanglement, actually.

You know, he does look a lot like the mare.

At least I thought the mare and Jaws.

Oh, okay, yeah.

He's all dandy, all dandified and being like, there's no problem with sharks in the waters.

Yeah, there is.

That mare was crazy. There was a shark.

There was a big shark.

He was eating so many sharks.

He was eating so many sharks, yeah.

Multiple movies as well.

He's a fucking idiot.

It was also his character in 2016, Ghostbusters, where he's like, there's no Ghostbusters.

Oh, that's true, yeah.

I'm a dandy, whatever.

I'm an offensive, I'm not in all that, those kinds of things.

I mean, it feels like, like tonally, it's different than the last two Ant-Men.

Like it's a little more serious, potentially.

It is, that's true, yeah.

It starts of just like having a good time, and then it's very quickly like, what have you done?

What are you doing?

And then it's, you know.

That's not history, yes.

And then all of that.

Well, I mean, the room and plot, one room and plot element too, that we'd gotten earlier from this was that he's been overwhelmed with fame.

He's kind of, you know, he's become, you know, real prick.

Rocky III?

Rocky III, yes.

Is that the one?

Yeah, but I didn't feel that at all in this.

It felt like more just like, it felt more like Spider-Man III is walking down the street with people with finger guns and all that.

I'm gonna quickly just give it a little skim.

You must find that though as a podcast.

You're getting that level of attention.

Yes, absolutely.

Yeah, you'd get it too if you left the house.

Why would I?

No, it's true.

Okay, a little thing that I like there is he's been given employee of the century over at Baskin Robbins.

Oh, that was funny.

Works not only as like a fun little callback, it also works as a product placement.


That's right.

That's something you missed.

Now, I know that, I know that.

Classic opening the device that sucks everybody into the Quantum Realm.

Yep, good stuff.

I'm just on my own, just decided to do this dangerous project.

I'm their daughter.


Okay, oh my God, that haircut's so bad.

It's eventually nearly here.

Maybe it's the helmet here, you know?

It doesn't seem like helmet here.

She's wearing a regular clothes.


How is it that they're all, how do they have all their Ant-Man suits in the Quantum Realm?

Because they got sucked into this thing.

And presumably they're in a little thing.

They're in a nanotech box.

Yeah, they all, luckily we all have this nanotech box on our belts or whatever.

Luckily we all wear belts.

We all wear belts.

We kept, it's in our, it's in our Apple eye watch.

I know that's not what they're called.

That's what they're called.

In the Marvel Universe, that's what they're called.

They're called the Apple eye watch.

Okay, great.

Okay, looking good.

All right.

Good realms, I'm liking that.


They're on some sort of weird, weird fleshy dragon, like a meaty manta ray of some sort.

I can't decide whether this more looks like your bland kind of Eternals Universe or something like more Guardians and exciting and unique.

Like I can't quite tell from this.

I'm hoping it's more, I don't get any distinct kind of vibes.

Like, does that make sense?

Yeah, yeah.

Ten Ring stuff going on there.

Ten Ring stuff, a lot of people are speculating and we would be remiss if we didn't speculate.


Obviously there's the Ten Rings in Shang-Chi and you might say Ms Marvel's bracelet is a ring of a sort.

You might say that.

That's right.

Something I noticed.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You can't rule out that any of these characters haven't eaten an onion ring at some point or a calamari ring.


You never know what the calamari ring's going to be like until you bite into it.


And you're like, oh, this is a stringy one.

Now, what do you think this is?

We've got Ant-Man, he's looking at himself, a giant man version of himself and it turns into a big squiggly situation.


What's going on there?

See, look at that.

Yeah, I mean, different realities.

Different realities could be.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Because isn't it in one of the, this is different than the trailer they showed at Comic-Con.

I see.

Where Kang's like, haven't I killed a bunch of Ant-Man before or whatever?

Oh, I remember.

So that could be what he's looking at.

Could be.

I mean, it could be, it could be, and what I'm guessing it probably will be is we'll have a sort of a blanket statement sort of maybe at the start of the second act where it's like, down in the quantum realm, literally anything can happen.

We don't have to explain it.

It will just happen.


Maybe there will be a big version of you that goes all squiggly.

Maybe they won't, though.

Maybe they won't.

Pretty sure they won't.

Yeah, there's gonna be, though.

There's gonna be, though.

Anyway, very excited to see Kang and what he's up to.


My goodness.


I'm the big fan.

I'm also a big fan.


Should we move it along?

Let's move it along.

Because there's another trailer.

I think this was leaked and then they had to put it out.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special.

Right, yes.

Just coming up in December of this year.


It's a fun little Christmas jaunt.

That's right.

So Peter Quill is sad.


Well, he's, what happened to Gomorrah?


She died.

He's all right.

Oh, he's fine?

Yeah, I think he's all right, actually.

You think he's just putting on a show for attention or something?

I feel like if I had access to time travel and different realities and whatever, and someone was like your girlfriend died or whatever, hypothetically, maybe your wife, I'd be like, I gotta move.

Which is a James?

Which would it be more sad for if your girlfriend died of your wife?

What I'm saying is, though, which is what's gonna happen is you get another one.

Because if the other one's gonna turn up in the movie, there's gonna be a second Gomorrah.


But not the same, like, yes, they have to teach her to dance and whatever.

Sure, yeah, yeah, right.

So he'll be fine.

Don't worry about it.

Okay, anyway, in an attempt to cheer him up, Mantis and Drax have decided to go to Earth, a place where Peter Quill won't go for some reason.


Painful memories or whatever.


And they're gonna kidnap Kevin Bacon.

I hope Kevin Bacon knows what he's in for here.

Because as we know, he will get endless questions.

For example, was this Kevin Bacon in the movie X-Men First Class, where he played what of his character's name was and is a bad guy?

And because they were gonna win...

Magneto's helmet.


Is he gonna introduce...

When they introduce the X-Men, is that gonna affect you?

Because are you gonna...

They're gonna recast your character.

Is that character gonna be in these movies?

Is that unrelated?

And he's gonna have to be like, I don't know, but I'm excited to see what Kevin Feige cooks up.

Two Kevin's, can you imagine?

A couple of Kevin's.

Can't imagine it.


I'm gonna push through with my charisma because I don't know the answers and I don't wanna learn the answers.

Well, I think that's...

I'm already sick of this.

I'm Kevin Bacon.

I mean, do you think...

Because he's in an X-Men movie, James.

Yes, I know.

He's in the first class.

I like that movie.

It might be my favorite.

Is it?

I don't know.

It's definitely out there.

No, but it just seems like a bit of fun.

It does seem like a fun.

When we're getting some Christmas Disney cheer this year, we're getting this and that Santa Claus movie and whatever.


Do you think there'll be an oblique reference to him being in an X-Men movie in this movie?


I mean, if Deadpool was here, absolutely.

But I also thought that we're going to try...

I thought they were gonna kidnap a Santa.

Sure, yeah.

And I don't know whether it was gonna be like a real Santa or a mall Santa.

Santa with muscles.

Yes, with muscles, Hulk Hogan.

But then it was like, no, that's great.

It's a good reference and joke.


A reference to...

See, Kevin Bacon.

Has Peter Quill referenced Kevin Bacon in any movie?

Yeah, in the first one.

Is it for us?

He says like it's telling Gamora about a great legendary movie.

Of course.

That's right.

Okay, great.

That's terrific.

That's something you didn't notice.

I didn't notice.

I didn't notice.


When's that out?


Can you be more specific?


I don't know when Christmas is.

Christmas Day?

I don't know when Christmas is.

I've never had Christmas.

Actually, it's November 25th.


Now, I'm pretty sure that's not Christmas.

But you said you don't know that because you don't know when Christmas is.

That's great, yes.


Seems familiar, though.


Got a couple of recasts here, Mason.

Oh, that's same pointed and directed at me.

It is.

Are you implying these are my fault?


At least one of them.

So, well, I don't know who you're talking about.

So there's a might be my fault.

You watched the final episode of the latest season of Dr.


I did.

I mean, regeneration spoilers, by the way.

Dr. Whoop.

But if you're a big fan, you would have, you know this.

And if you weren't, you don't care.

That's true.

Now, to be clear, we're not big fans.

I used to be.

In theory, we are.

Well, okay.

So for people who do not recall.

So I watched most of.

No, I watched the majority of Eccleston and Tennant.


And then Intermittent.

We all watched Tennant.

It was a big movie.



Thank you.

Very nice.

Go on.

It's good stuff.

Is it?

It involves time.



I guess it does, doesn't it?


But in every season, I have attempted to watch a couple of episodes.

That's how I've maintained my.


I watched a couple of the Capaldes, maybe one or two of the Jodie Whittaker.

Matt Smith.

No, I watched all the Matt Smith.

Did you?



I liked him.

I liked his second outfit, but only his first outfit anyway.

Because there's too much shirt front.

I know.

I just need to reiterate it just in case.


People think that I somehow liked his first outfit better than his second outfit, which I don't.

Spooky movies, James.

I don't like.

I know.

Yeah, I know.

But anyway, so in this, in this final episode of Jodie Whittaker, what did you think of it?

By the way, I didn't watch it.

I mean, I.

I mean, I'm going to miss all these.

Well, I mean, it's interesting.

No, because I didn't know most of them.

There was some.

There was what I said, what I feel like is, is perhaps part of the course currently, which is they get as many former doctors as possible.

So that they replace the first doctor, I think, because obviously.

Yeah, with the dude from the thrones or whatever.

Yeah, yeah, exactly.

And then.

I think he's done it before.

And then, yeah, then they have some sage advice for present day.

Is that in her mind or something?


It's in a simulation.

But they're only there for like 20 seconds each.

Yes, that's right.


But and, and as I, as I understand it, she, she has a companion called Yazz and everybody was expecting them to have like a romantic thing, but they didn't.

And a lot of people were very disappointed about that, I believe.


And I'd imagine if I was invested, I'd be upset too.


But again, not, not really invested.

And I don't, James, see if you can guess who the villains were in this final episode.

Was it the master or the Daleks?

It was the master and the Daleks and the Cybermen.

And the Cybermen.

Except they're now cybermasters.

They're, they're evolved.

Oh, there's a combination of the Cybermen.

Oh, okay.



Does the master did it?

I like the guy who plays the master.

He's good, right?


But in this.

Is he the Iron Fist?

He was, wait.

Was he?

He wanted to be the other Iron Fist?

Oh yeah.


Second season.


And he's also Rasputin.

He's revealed that he was, you know, Russian, Russian big, big time Russian guy.

Big time Russian guy.

Russian guy.

All the time.

You know, that guy.


I mean, I don't know.

I just feel like there's something a little bit off about Doctor Who.

Something like it's.


Like even the stuff that you like?

No, less, less.

I don't know.

I feel like it should be.

We've discussed this before.

I think like the mistake, the mistake they make is trying to make it cool.


In like a, like a Hollywood way.

And like it starts out with, the episode starts out with kind of like a space train rescue.

The doctor and her companions have to like jump on.

Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun.

I don't know.

Can you do it again?

Hang on.

Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun.

Jump from carriage to carriage in space?

No, it doesn't do that.

Oh, okay.


But it felt like it's one of those things that it always like it's it's so weirdly melodramatic.

Like there'll be, there's people on the train and they're like, we're doing a big distress signal is, is, can anyone come to help?

And then the doctor's like, I can.


I'm the doctor.



Cool, man.

That is cool.

I mean, it is cool, isn't it?


I don't know.

It just feels like a little bit off.

Like don't, don't try and make it that.

Just make it be its own thing.

But I don't, look, I don't know.

Do you think the worst thing that ever happened to Doctor Who and the best was David Tennant where everyone, the Doctor Who had to be cool from that odd?


Because he's like an inherently like a cool guy.

I don't know.

But that's like who he is.

And we talk about this on air.

Like I feel like Eccleston and Tennant just brought a crew because Doctor Who was never cool.

It was fun and what have you, but it was never cool.

But I feel like Eccleston and Tennant made it cool.

And then the writers specifically, the, the showrunner that Moffat, the one who came after Russell T. Davies was like, yeah, what if we wrote him as the coolest guy in the universe?

You shouldn't.


You should, you should write him as what he is or she and just, but again, I, and also what's interesting about this episode, there's a, there's a Dalek.

You wouldn't believe this doesn't believe in the Dalek cause, you know, except, and it's like, and the Doctor's like, a good Dalek.

I've never seen such a thing.

You have, you have even in the limited episodes I've seen, you've seen multiple times it's happened.

I think maybe even in this run, even the Jodie Whittaker Doctor's met another good Dalek.

Would you prefer if she was like, this is unusual, but not unheard of?

That's right.

Now that I think about it, this is quite common.

So the big reveal though, the generation was, or what is it?

Well, at the end, of course, the Doctor has to regenerate and she regenerates into and you wouldn't bloody believe it.

You wouldn't even read about it.

She regenerates into the 10th Doctor again.

Clothes and all that.

Clothes and all.


But yeah.

It's just not done.

What do you think that is?

Is it because people wouldn't take the regeneration seriously if it's tenor in that weird, morek from ork gear that they're really curious?

I didn't know what it would be.

It's fun.

I mean, I think it depends on where he's come from and what, because they're saying he's the 14th Doctor.

Well, so one thing that I liked about this is that he does go, I recognize these teeth because when he regenerates originally, from agaustin, he got teeth, which I thought was a fun callback.

So congratulations.

You got one full, you got one fun callback from the last 15 years.

Well done.

Where were we going with this?

Well, yeah.

So he's saying earlier.

So there's going to be three specials.

And he, as mentioned, he's the 14th Doctor.

There's also a version of him, which is human and trapped in another dimension.

Also living peacefully in another dimension.

Which might be this guy.


Well, see, see that's the thing.

Because the only, as I understand it, the only Doctor that regenerated and got new clothes was the first one into the second one.

Since then, every time the Doctor regenerates is they're wearing the old clothes.

Now to switch.

So it could be.

It has happened before.


But just once, like 50 years ago.


It could just be the power of regeneration.


Too much stuff.

That's right.


So, so also this is the third time canonically he's played the Doctor because he, the original one.


So, I think one of the, like the specials where it's like the three Doctors or the four Doctors, the five Doctors, the 10 Doctors or whatever.

He says that he, he died off screen and he regenerated into tenant again because he was vain.

Didn't we see that though?

I'm pretty sure we saw that happen.

Did we?




He just regenerated into himself.


Well, maybe it's been more than that.


Also, but so, so the, the twist, the surprise here is obviously that it's tenant again.

We knew that we knew who was going to be in these because there was some set photos.


And people like, wow, is he going to, is new Doctor going to meet this Doctor?


But it turns out, uh, same person.

He may not be regenerating though.

Maybe it's something else.

Maybe switching places or something else, but he and Shutee Gartwa are wearing the same tie.


So, so tie.

They're going to do three specials next year, leading up to the new, new Doctor who's number 15th coming in.

It's called new, new Doctor.

New, new even newer.

And they've got a retro logo, which I quite liked.



Which was a bit of fun.

It's also been confirmed that Disney Plus will now be the exclusive home for new seasons outside of the UK and Ireland.

Oh, we're outside the UK and Ireland.

That's us Mason.

So I will definitely be watching these because not only that, not Stephen Moffat, Russell T Davis is back for.

So it's Chris Chibnall was the previous.


Okay, right.


Well, what I've heard and speaking to people both and seeing online, but also people in real life, there are some, there is some good Jody Whittaker stuff, but the material doesn't like match how good she is apparently.

But I haven't seen it and I won't because it's too.

Well, I've heard that it's okay, but she was miscast.


I don't know.


I don't know what to believe.


Maybe it's she was miscast and it's bad.


If only we'd watched to know.

I tapped out in the Jody Whittaker.

It was the one they did like a James Bond sort of pastiche, but it wasn't very good.


Well, yeah.

Well, so the master was there, I think.

Oh my God.

If you can, if you can absolutely believe that.

I can absolutely believe it, Mason.

So yeah, I'm, it's, you know, they do this every few years.

They sure do.

They, they redo it and whatever.

And I think people are generally happy to see.

So if you're in Australia, mostly the way to watch this is on a streaming service called I view, which is in standard definitions.


So it'll be nice to see this in HD.

That's how it's supposed to be seen.

I guess that's true.


It's a crap.

That's right.

And sometimes you go to watch it and it's like, no, we taped over it with something else.

Actually, it's tradition.

We taped over it.

We didn't think anybody was interested in watching this.

Speaking of recast though, Mason.

Oh, Henry Cavill says, I know him.

I know and love him from the Witcher.



You've drawn Mason.

He says he's done with streaming.

He's going to be a big movie star again.

Spooky movies.

He's gone back to the movies, James.

So the Witcher season three is not out yet, but that is done and filmed.

It's in the can, but the proverbial can they've returned that Eastern European can they all like to share on set.

It's like a kind of like they piss into it today.





And more and more.

I don't like that.

The Witcher will return for season four, but official statements.

I'm not just talking about Henry Cavill's big boss.

The official sources that he will be handing over his sword and wig to Liam Hemsworth.

I'm going to say that that's probably inaccurate and he'll probably get a new wig to match Liam.

I think so.

I don't think they'll just give him that just a poorly short off wig and they'll be like, a poorly short wig, poorly short wig.

Hand me down a wig.


So that's, um, people don't like that.

Now what is this, what does this mean?

Well, first of all, you should watch people should watch the dressmaker because that's a, he's Liam Hemsworth's and that.


No, I, I, as I've said before, I like Liam Hemsworth, but he hasn't, he's never like nailed down a franchise and I can successfully and again, I said to you, but what about those OPSM ads?


People should go to YouTube and write, but like he did like the diver was he in divergent?

No, he was in hunger games, I guess, but he's not like the lead in hunger games.

Like he's, he pops up in a lot of things.

Like he's never, he's never out of work and I've never seen him bad.

He was in, he was in the pen to say to, you can watch the OPSM ads on YouTube.



It's great.

And certainly 45 seconds.


I can definitely watch that.

He's not going to OPSM though, is he?

Maybe he is.

He's going to a trendy cool guy.

So he's not watching, he's not wearing glasses in there.

Well he needs glasses.

OPSM is a glasses company.

He goes, I don't have any fucking glasses.

You're going to have me.

You need all your glasses.

And he just takes, starts taking glasses off the wall and put them in his pockets.

They're like, sir, sir, that's not how you have to get your prescription put in there.

And he's like, well do it now.

Do it before I leave.

And they're like, it actually takes a couple of weeks.



It's a good ad.


Liam please.


And then at the end it's just, it's a black screen that says, don't do this.

It's just that Liam Hemsworth died on the way back to his home flat.

So he weighed, he weighed down.

He didn't calculate the weight correctly on any spaceship.


And it crashed into a mountainside because he stole too many glasses.

Yeah, too many specs.

So Henry Cavill is obviously, he's back as Superman.


For solo movies and other projects.

And it seems like he's back back.

Do you think this is a factor other people have speculated that he's going to be James Bond as well.

He is some speculation as well.

Which I think is possible.

I didn't know this, but.

But he could, James Bond and Superman.

Jeez, Lois Mason.


Anyway, we can do both.

So I should have said Spooky Movies.

Or is that your thing?

That's my thing.

You could do it, but I think it sounds better when I say it.

Okay, cool.

As I, apparently this is from a bunch of interviews with Henry Cavill.

Apparently, and probably everybody else knew this, but he's such a huge fan of the books and that's why he really wanted to be the witcher.

And apparently he kept fighting for it to be more accurate to the books and they were like, nah.

Were they really dismissive?

Actually the books.


The games and the books.

Yeah, they were, they were dismissive.

And yeah, apparently, yeah, apparently the writers were just like, nah, the dialogue sucks in these books.

We're going to do, we're going to do different dialogue.

Like, ah, good for you.

Good for you, Henry Cavill.

You like these books, you big nerd, et cetera.

Well, as someone who watched most of the first season and then stopped, I tell you, I'm excited, I think, about this Mason.


Henry Cavill who played Geralt pushed for the witcher to have more dialogues so the character would appear more like his novel counterpart.


A lot of the notes that he was sending to me were about Geralt's dialogue.

Could he first of all say more?


She then reflected on how Season 1 portrayed the witcher.

Everybody came out of Season 1 laughing and loving Geralt's fuming, but Henry was saying that when you read the books, you spend a lot of time in Geralt's head.

So how can we put that on the page?

Yeah, that makes sense.

So he says, the toughest part for me was finding the balance between the showrunner's vision and my love for the books and trying to bring that Geralt to the showrunner's vision.

It's about treading a fine line there.

It's the showrunner's story and it's an adaptation.

The trick he did for me was finding Geralt from the book's place within that and being able to serve both as much as I could.


You can imagine this in his fancy pants voice.

Yeah, his fancy pants British man voice.

Not necessarily just more dialogue, bringing more book accurate Geralt to the screen because as I'm sure you know in the books, he's an amateur philosopher, he's an intellectual, he's wise and thoughtful, but it's important for me to have the character be three dimensional.

I didn't get that sense at all from the episodes that I watched, but uh...

Just a big grunty man?

Just a big grunty man.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's like a big sword around.


There you go.

How much of this did you watch?

Some of the first season.



And you're in the same camp.

How long before they cancel this?

Oh, with Liam Hemsworth at the helm?


Not because of him.

Because they will cancel it eventually.

I guess it depends on ratings, obviously.

And I mean, it's impossible to know based on the algorithm or what the algorithm is.

Oh my goodness.

What the algorithm is feeling right now.


Hey Ollie.


Sister McPyre could sit through the window.

Sister McPyre.

Yeah, great.

Good, I guess.


I mean, I guess, and that's the thing, I guess, is the question is why has this show kept going for three plus seasons when other stuff falls by the wayside, even though it seems also seems to be massively popular.

Just must be in that algorithm.

It's in the algorithm where more people subscribe to watch the witch hero or whatever it is.

And come on board every time there's a new season.

And does that mean that does the changing in lead casting, will that encourage more people to the platform or?

Do you feel like Henry Cavill when he left Superman, he was at a different level of fame and movie star gravitas than like now.

He's much more, he's more your A level.

I think so.

Not that he was ever like not real.

I mean, he was Superman.

No, for a while he was not real, Jones.

Yes, he was also not real.

But, but you know, wished him into being, you know, what is there was the biggest British man?

We know there are a lot of pale, weird, British men, but what if there's a big British man?

Do you know what I mean, though?

By that, like, it seems like he's, I feel like marketing wise as well, because he's, and he did, you know, Mission Impossible or whatever.

So he just been building his like public persona and his brand and doing and getting out there and going on Graham Norton and telling him about what the figurines or whatever.


I built a PC.

Anyway, then you get your armies to fight.

Anyways, I like Superman and I don't care about the Witcher.

So this is all fine for us, isn't it?

Star Wars News Masons.

Do you think that they, do you think they pitched him like, we're going to give you three movies or something?

I would say so.

Yeah, something like that.


And he didn't say you wanted to bring the fun back in super fun.


Yeah, he did.

I want to bring the fun back in super fun and they're like, are you okay?


I'm like, oh, I think there's a super gas leak right now.

Oh, I'm not having a super fun time.

It's a regular gas leak.

I like super about it.

What is the timing on this?

Was this today?


So it's, it happens Sunday.


Well, this is going to line up with another bit of news that I think you have coming up.



Well, let's do some Star Wars News First Masons.


Damon Lindelof will write with Justin Britt Gibson and a Star Wars movie and it's going to be directed by filmmaker Shereem Obaid Chenoy who she directed a few episodes of Ms Marvel.

So it's going to be apparently a standalone Star Wars movie set after the rise of Skywalker which will potentially feature some of its characters returning and it could also lead to more movies after that, but they're not doing trilogies anymore.

Disney for Star Wars apparently that is to will do one movie and people like one movie.

We do two movie.

If people like that movie, we do three movie.

If people like that movie, they do four movie.


And then people like that movie.

Then we make exponential movie.


And then yeah, they have five movies.

Like a Fibonacci sequence of movie.

They do that movie and then they're like six movie.

Oh yeah.

And then if they like that movie.

Go on.

That's enough movies.

It's enough.


You've had enough.

Had enough movies.

Go to bed all of you.

You go to the cinema and it just says go to bed.

Go to bed all of you.

I like all the names.

You're not getting your money back.

You paid for a ticket.

You're not getting it back.

This is for your own good.

So they advertise a seventh movie that they didn't make.

That's right.

And you go to buy a ticket.

They're like, go home.

No, you buy the ticket.

Then you go to the theater and it just leads you outdoors.

That's right.

Back into the car park.


That's right.


So I like this, this team.

I mean, Damon Lindelof, we've talked about it before.

He did Watchmen, the series, which I thought was great.

He did The Leftovers, which was great.

And I also liked that they're going to move beyond the rise of Skywalker and maybe do something more interesting with those characters.

And they did in the last movie because that was not very good.

But it's not going to be like in your mainline Star Wars movies, Mason, which I know you'll be devastated about.

I'm Devo.

Yeah, you'll be all right.

In addition to that, this is why I park.

Thanks, man.

That's the support I need.

This is why.

Amber, if one of your friends says that they're Devo, you've got to tell them.

You've got to acknowledge that.

And then tell them they'll be right.

You'll be right, mate.

Stop sucking.


It's important.

Just have a tinny.

You know?

That's right.

This is my park news, though, Mason, linked to this.

Bob Chapeck, head of Disney and whatever, has advised Kathleen Kennedy to stop announcing projects until they are set in stone.

Spooky movies, Kathleen.

You know.

Stop announcing movies until they're set in stone.

All right.

To avoid further negative press arounding the franchise and the company.

And to be fair, some of the news of movies and shows that like it hasn't been officially announced, but there's been a bunch that have been.

For example, they filmed that one on the tarmac with the X-wing and they're like, we're going to make the best movie you've ever seen.

You'll kill yourself.

It's so good.

And then that's not happening.

We don't know what's happening with Ryan Johnson's trilogy.

There are other things.

Tiger with E.D.

Is he still making one?

I think so.

So the solution here, the Band-Aid solution is stop announcing stuff.

Stop announcing stuff.


So I think they just.

I think it's going to work.


I think it's just, you know, and also people don't believe them now.

Like I hear this one, Damon Lindelof and whatever.

And I'm like, okay.

We'll see when it comes out.


That would be great.

But if they announced it at cinemas and they sell tickets, I'm still not good at it.

And I counted the thing that happened.


That's like, they said Patty Jenkins and I'm like, that's good.

Can we see that?

Tiger with E.D.

All right.

What does the Star Wars movie with him look like?

I want to see the Ryan Johnson trilogy.

This is all interesting.

Can we have some of them?


And it was great, by the way.

Mason, I know you haven't seen it yet.

Not up to date.


It's incredible.


Mason, it's incredible.


Everybody tells you that.

He does tell me that.

It's true though.

It's absolutely true.

I'm not someone being me.


It's by a THR.

You wouldn't have the guts.

I'm ready though.

I feel like I've got the confidence now.

Out with it then.


DC is saying that the Green Lantern series.

Jesus, cold, my blood.

I don't think you would.

It's completely retooled.

So it's got a new showrunner and writer because Seth Graham Smith has left the series after finishing the scripts for all eight episodes of the first season that we're going to do.

That moment is going to focus on Alan Scott and Guy Gardner.

Now this one is going to focus on, I've written Alan Scott twice, but it's not Alan Scott.


Is it one?

Is it the two of you guys?


What's his name?

He's in the cartoons as well.

Hal Jordan.

No, the other one.

Kyle Rayner.

No, the other one.

John Stuart.

Oh, okay.



I was like, is it John Stuart?

Because there's John Stuart, like the TV guy.



So that's due to his popularity.

Because yeah, he's probably the one that people know the most.

At this point, I would say definitely in like sort of non-comic adaptations, I would say, because he's in all the cartoons.


Wait, how John's in injustice, the video games, right?


He definitely is.

Now I don't mind that they're retelling this as well.

The only thing, I want though to see like a Guy Gardner, just an awful person to show up.

So I don't really care who leads it.

Like, yeah, great.

I like John Stuart, but I still want to see the larger Green Lantern Corps and all of that.

So, you know, because they were going to do Alan Scott, because Alan Scott's gay, yeah?


So I think the initial idea was, got the original Green Lantern and then he's clashing with the Guy Gardner Green Lantern, because, you know, Guy Gardner's got the worst haircut and he's the worst.

He can ask this, isn't everything, I'm pretty sure.

Oh, do you think it's just going to be a bunch of catty comments about his haircut?

Okay, great.


But yeah, so I think that would be interesting.

But I don't know, I think Greg Belanti is still on board because he was producing it, but of course there was a big DC shake-up.

And speaking of mainstream.

Yeah, I would have loved to see Alan Scott in live action though.

Yeah, and maybe we will.

Maybe we still will.

One of the worst costumes.


Just a troche.

Yeah, it's from the 30s.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So apparently in a role that they actually, because DC were looking, we've talked about this, they were looking for their Kevin Feige and apparently they even went to Kevin Feige for this role for Kevin Feige.


Hey, Kevin Feige, you got any room on your plate to do another Kevin Feige job over here?

Yeah, can you Kevin Feige for us over here?

You got a spare decade to turn this ship around, this sinker ship?

How old are you?

You got a deck of your kids?

Yeah, that's right.

You're turning a sinking ship around.

You're just sinking.

You just be turning it around.

Just sinking a different location.

You okay with that?

Kevin, he's still, he's still there?

Well, he politely declined apparently.

Kevin, I'm talking to him in person.

He's just standing there.


He's trying to, he thinks my vision's based on movement.

He knows what he's doing.

Yeah, so he politely declined.

He didn't want to do it.


Well, also, get out of here.

Apparently they, didn't they, they went for him in the earlier days of the MCU.

Oh, did they?


He was going up against like, Ipe, Pearlmutter and whatever.

And he's like, I'm going to get out.

Oh, and they were like, we'll give you a free ride on that.

And I think he, I mean, from rumors, that he, we're going to ship, it's got a few holes in it, but I reckon you could probably plug those holes.

It's early days here.

Early days.

So yeah.

The ship isn't sinking yet.


Kevin, over here at DC.

So Tia Char.

We made Man of Steel.

That's right.

So Tia Char reported, James Gunn and producer Peter Saffron have been tapped to lead DC's film, television and animation efforts as co-chairs and co-CEOs of DC Studios and newly formed division at Warner Brothers that will replace DC films.

So forget what you knew about DC films, Mason.

It's out the door.

It's in the bin.

Archer in the DC Studios.


What does that mean?

They could be making anything, not just films.

They could be making TV.

They could be making crypto.

Crypto based crypto.

Yeah, that's good.

Crypto the dog, but it's on crypto.

Crypto, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And bandanas.

Bandanas, certainly.

And crypto-friendly.


Crypton currency.

Very good.

So apparently James Gunn will focus on the creative side and Saffron will focus on the business and production side of the division.

How are these two going to get along?

One's all about art and one's all about business.

And they have to live together.


One of them always wants the top bunk.


So it's a four year deal and James Gunn will be exclusively working at DC for this time.


So is Gunn in the LCT3 film?


So he's going to promote that and do all that, but then that'll be his last Marvel thing.

And then he'll bring on for his mates.

Dave Batista.

Dave Batista maybe.

And nobody else.

Michael Rooker in another role.

Michael Rooker.

No, he did that.

He killed him already.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Oh, another role.

Yeah, you're right.

It's also established universes like Joker will still be separate.

And potentially the Batman, but we don't know about that.

And I think the next Batman sequel is like 2025.

In a lot of ways, this is exactly the same as the DC we had before this.

It's just we've got two guys who are willing to cop a lot of bullets for it.


I don't like these guys more than whoever was in charge of the last.

Who's the other guy that's not James Gunn?

Peter Satt.

What's his deal?

Peter Satt.

Oh, he's produced a bunch of stuff.

He's been produced.

He's produced some, I think he did Aquaman and some other stuff.

Okay, great.

But you know, producers like who knows what they do.


So I guess he's a good one.

But I think James Gunn, I think the difference between, you know, Kevin Feige, he's not like a director like James Gunn.

Here we go.

James Gunn.

He's Gunn.

And James Gunn is going to bloody say a thing about a guy.

No, this seems good.

Yeah, it does.

I don't know yet, but it seems like a good idea like on the surface, but I think the advantage of this is like Kevin Feige is like he's a, he's bit creative and he knows his law.

Who's a bit creative?

No, but he's not a director.

That's what I'm saying.

Like he's good.


His ideas clearly work and he knows what fans want to see and he can interconnect stuff.

But he doesn't write and he doesn't direct.

He like oversees.

Whereas James Gunn does those things.

And I think in addition to that, having another guy who you can do all the producer-y stuff whatever they do, I think that seems like it could be a good balance.

That's true.

I think everybody, I think likes James Gunn's aesthetic necessarily, but I think James Gunn is smart enough not to James Gunn everything.

Like he's not directing every movie.

He is going to still direct and write.

But I think like the Suicide Squad is probably the best DC movie.

Certainly up there.


If not, not, yeah, it's definitely up there.


So, yeah, the goal is for them not to just be producers, but truly function as executives and even as mentioned, Gunn will occasionally hone a movie.

And I guess it still depends on like how much, how much freedom are they actually going to get here as well?


I'm hoping a lot.

But it's also wild that he got fired, which three, four years ago, which is now- Yeah, from Marvel, from Disney.

To this.

Yeah, yeah.

Re-hired and then in that he did the Suicide Squad and whatever.

So there you go.

You're happy with any of this news, Mason?

I'm happy with all that news.

Jiminy Christmas.

What's your expression again?

Spooky Halloween.


Jiminy Christmas, Spooky Halloween, what's going on here?

You bloody kids.

Oh, dog's here.

So there you go.

But that's not the only exciting bit of DC news, Mason.

Isn't it?


So this is not an official announcement, but it was in a Warner Brothers memo.

So you know it's legit.

So this is a leaked memo?


So what we knew, what we did know unofficially as the DCEU is now officially DCU, Mason.

Hell yeah.



So it took them- Yeah, it's actually now the DC union.

They're all in strike.


I support them.

That's right.

That's nearly 10 years of these movies in this universe and they've finally picked a name.


But it begs the question because Detective Comics, they call it DC Comics.

But it's not Detective Comics Comics.

So is this Detective Comics Universe or the Detective Comics Cinematic Universe?

Oh, that is a great question.

Is this a recursive acronym?

Yeah, because I was- The D stand for DC.

Because I was like, oh, what does that mean?

And I was hunting around to like find it and I don't know.

So because the MCU is- It's Marvel Cinematic Universe.


It's all because Marvel just means Marvel.

So it ultimately doesn't mean anything.

I'm assuming it means just DC Cinematic Universe.

I'm assuming that's what it means.

But I don't know.

What does anything mean?

Maybe it's going to be called the Detective Comics Universe and they're going back to basics.

James Gunn's like, you don't understand how to do superheroes.

We're going back.

We're just going to be hardboiled Detective Comics.


It's going to be a guy in a chair reading hardboiled Detective Comics.

Do you think they're going to change the intro?

All those people we've seen with no faces.

No, because they haven't used any of those characters yet.

Some of them they have.

Here's a hundred DC characters who have used five of them.

Hawkman's in there, I think.

And there's obviously ones like mainline ones like Superman and whatevs.

But yeah, I don't know.

We'll see.

You know what they should do?

They should, every time they release a movie, they should show that intro and check off the characters they've used and we can see what's left.

I like that a lot.

Pretty good, right?


I'm a big fan of that.

Mason, Spookestum of the Year.

He does the Spookestum of the Year.

Just as an addendum, the guy and he's just, he's in a chair and he's reading the Detective Comics.


And he's just like, yeah, this is a good one.

It's a bit of a yarn, isn't it?

We don't actually hear any of them.

He's reading side by side.

Oh, okay.

He wrote this.

Oh yeah.

Doesn't even say what was.

I don't care for this guy.

And he just moves a couple pages and we're enraptured.


Like, oh my God, what didn't he like about that guy?

What's he seen before?

Because we remember from the previous ones and he's like, I didn't like this one or this one.

And you're like, which is he talking about?

Pretty incredible, I think.

So Mason, go on.

Because it is the Spookiestum of the Year.

Oh yes.

And you know what I'm not referring to.

I mean, you are referring to tax season, right?


Oh, no, no, no, not just, no.

I mean, I guess.

But all the previous times you've been referring to tax season.

No, no, I've been, I've been, like I've said tax season, but I wasn't direct.

I'm not directly referring to it.

I'm talking about how long you've been.

So when you said the Spookiestum of the Year, you didn't mean tax season?




Spooking movies, you haven't talked about tax season any of these times.

We've got three movies we're going to talk about that we've picked.

That's right.

We're going to do some for convenience sake.


We're going to do some non-spoilers for all and then spoilers.

The one that we're going to go real spoilers on, which is probably the most spoilery.

The first one is as well, is the movie Barbarian, which will save to Leanne, I think.

But there is it.


One movie, spoiler, one movie, no spoiler spoilers.


I think second movie, no spoiler spoilers.

That okay, right.


So if you're, if you're hanging out to watch Barbarian, yeah, it's on streaming now.


Skip to the end.

And also if there's ads in your copy of this podcast, maybe add another couple of minutes because we might be right in the middle of a spoil.

My big spoil.

When you skip, you might be like, I'm going to skip past this.

We can't control how long the ads are.

That's right.

We've tried.

I've run in there with a gun.

Make them longer, we say.

We're going to go waving this gun around.

Anyway, so Helena Regen, I don't know how to pronounce that.

She's the, she's their first English film.

Who are we talking about?

The director of this.

What film?

Sorry, Body's Body's Body.

Okay, right.

Didn't explain any of that.



So yes, what do you think the story was?

Oh, I'm going to get you with that three times.

All right.

We're going to do about, I don't know, five to 10 minutes.

I'll probably give it a time.

Well, it's about a bunch of young people.


First of all, yuck.


They're mostly on the rich side and it focuses on a woman, young woman named Sophie.

She hasn't spoken to a friend group in a while.

She hasn't spoken to a friend group in a while.

She's leaving that group chat on red probably.

But a bunch of people are going to one of their dad's mansions for a weekend away and she decides to go because she's got a new girlfriend.

That's right.

So she's going to jump in there and over the course of the weekend they're like, hey, why don't we get massively drunk and do a lot of drugs and then we'll play a party game.

What's the worst that could happen?

The answer is the worst thing.

That's right.

So what I liked about this is how I enjoyed how everybody's awful.


And they really lean into that.

And I mean, obviously they have redeeming qualities and all of that, but there's a lot of like going on of like, who's the most oppressed and you ought to meet.

I know who's had the most like, you know, they're high on so they're high on social media buzzwords and also lots of drugs.

Yeah, exactly.

I enjoy that element of it.

So without getting too far into spoilers.

So one of the characters ends up dead and after the game, after they play the game, bodies, bodies, bodies, which we, I don't think we have, but it's similar to like, it's a social deduction.

Like werewolf.

It's like werewolf or mafia.


And one of them ends up dead afterwards and they're like, okay, well, let's, let's all go insane.


Let's solve this or go insane.

We'll go insane.

We'll go insane solving it.



And what I loved about this movie, did you love Lee Pace?

I did love Lee Pace.

And he's ripped a bod.


He's the token guy who's too old to be.

What are you doing here?


You're in your forties and your girlfriend's 20 or whatever.

What's happening here?

What I liked about this movie is that, and we, I think maybe we talked about this recently, but the idea of the resurgence of horror is happening now.

I feel like because it's the genre of movie where you can just have a very good idea and movie production companies will give you some money to make it.

And you only need two to $5 million.

And you need maybe one location.

It's all about the idea.

Whereas if you want to make an Avengers End game, absolutely, first of all, it's too late.

And I know you also want to make a Blazing Saddles, but you can't do that these days.

But the idea, if you want to make a huge...

Avengers Saddles?

Could I?


Blazing Avengers?

Blazing Avengers.

That sounds pretty cool.

Cool, aren't it?

They sit around the campfire and they fart.

They do a bunch of farts.

But if you're an aspiring movie maker, they're not going to give you $200 million to make Avengers End game.

But if you are going to make that movie, as a director, there's not a lot of creative choices you can make.

They give you $200 million and you have to make it exactly how they want based on demographics.

And that's certain styles involved.

Yes, exactly.

Everything is outside of your hands.

But I think the resurgence in horror is happening because people in the mainstream, because we're not horror guys, really.

But it's because you can just have a good idea.

It's a horrific looking.

And you get creative.

Thank you.

You get to make creative choices.

And what I liked about this movie specifically is it is basically what if one of these social deduction games, which in the real world, people have personality clashes and real tensions come out and stuff like that.

What if it escalated to a murderous degree?


I think that's really interesting.

It's a bit of a who done it.

Who'd be doing this?

I think it's a show that I played that one time years ago and we played like three rounds and I was completely tapped out.

I'm like, this is too stressful.

And then we played the everybody else played one like the fourth game or whatever.

And somebody at one point said, I think you're the murderer.

And quite frankly, I've never trusted you.

It's one of those ones.

So I'm like, this is of course this.


They said it to you or said it to another person.

No, this is somebody else.



I can't even remember who they were.


That's cool.

I'll tell you later.


It's probably cost two or three million and it's made 13 in cinemas.

And that's just cinemas because it's I'd imagine it's going quite well.

It's probably doing quite well on pirating as well.

On the pirating service.

Yeah, absolutely.

But no, I just, I enjoy like the relationships in this and that.

And by that, I mean like the toxic personalities and the toxic relationships and like who who's holding it like a like a log grudge against another person sleeping together and you know, and carried over and you know, and you know, there are a bunch of people who.

You know, they, they think they're, you know, the, the, the relationship crumbled and they think they're in the right.

But if you look at somebody else's perspective, they're in the right.


And sort of stuff.


Good cast.

Amanda Stenberg is Sophie, the main character.

And we get Maria Bakalova.


Her girlfriend Maria Bakalova of course was.


It's going to be Cosmo the space star.

Oh, that's right.

So she's Borat's daughter in Borat 2 and she's in, she's also in that Netflix movie, which you didn't see where they're all, they're all in the bubble.

The bubble.

The bubble.

I did see the bubble.

I did.

I thought it wasn't as bad as everybody said.

I thought it had some good moments in it.

I liked it too.

Other was.

But the biggest, for me, the biggest names in this Maria Bakalova, we get Pete Davidson and Lee Pace.


But for the most part, I don't recognize most of these people, which I think was to its credit.

I think a lot of people know who Rachel Senate is, but I'm whatever she is in out of my wheelhouse, I think, but she was very good, I think as Lee Pace's girlfriend.

Well, Lee Pace is her boyfriend and.

Apparently Jess is a comedian.

I was just like, yeah.

So yeah, there you go.

That's good fun.

No, I enjoyed it and if we're going to do spoilers, I would say if there's probably, I think there's maybe a little too much wandering around in the dark with a phone.

In this movie about wandering around in the dark.

Yeah, but I mean just like a little bit too much.

Okay, sure.


Well, what is the correct ratio of just for you?

I don't know.

There were moments when I'm like, I get it.

I get it, sure.

But that's like a very minor quibble.

Maybe that's because I was looking at my phone too much, which also this movie often, you know, it's kind of.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

I'm not a fan of the old year, but I really thought like it had me going like, who is this?


I think I've now, I think I've kind of narrowed it down and then like as people, you know, disappearing or dying or dying off, it is like, I, I, you know, okay.

Well, I guess I'm not really sure who this is.

And then it, you know, when they whittle it down to like a few left, the reveal I thought was very satisfying.

I know I think that some people would be like that wasn't satisfying spoilers.

Can we do spoilers, Mason?


This is definitely out on streaming and places, I think if you're in Australia, it's at the movies, but you can, you take a little trip on a weekday.

Why not?

Because everybody's got a weekday stuff.

Well, it turns out that there's no killer.

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers, spoilers.


There's no killer.

And by that, I mean the initial killing, which is Pete Davidson is him trying to open the cork of a champagne bottle with a samurai sword and he accidentally cuts his own throat.

It's a, it's a, it's a kukri.

It's not a samurai.

Thank you very much.

I appreciate that.

You're welcome.

I know it down the type of sword, Mason.

It's not really a sword.

It's more a big knife.

It's more machete.

Isn't a sword just a big knife though?

How dare you?


We're going to get sword guys.

We're going to get that famous sword guy on YouTube.

YouTube sword guy.

What's that guy's name?

It's like sword.



Shadiversity is going to come at us.

Have you ever watched any of those?


I think they're fun.


You're prepared.


So, but from there, there is a bunch of killings.

It's just his station ID goes, shut up.

Oh, very good.

It's pretty exciting, isn't it?


There is killing that happens, but those are the same to be accidental or paranoid people killing each other because they're looking for a killer who isn't there.

It was a real fun release of tension when we get to the end.

Because obviously, he wants to knock the, you know, there's a foreshadowing of the star because Lee Pace can do that.



He can of course, you know, knock a top of bottle off with a samurai sword.

Pete Davidson's character wants to, wants to be that guy kind of thing.

And he kills himself.

But yeah, at the end, I thought that was great.

Just the idea that just that sinking realization when they're like, oh, this all happened.

What have we done?

I, you know, want a character to be like, yeah, I hit that, I hit Lee Pace in the back of the head with a big weight and killed him.


I hit him so many times.


For no reason.


So yeah, whenever it is running around in this kind of movie, I'm always like, don't you fall, you'll hit your head.

And they do.

Yeah, don't fall down the center of stairwells.

Don't run around at night time.

Yeah, don't do it.

You'll hit your head.

You'll hit your head.

It's no good, mate, especially with all the drugs and et cetera and so forth.

That's right.


So yeah, should we move on to the next one?

We should.

I thought that was good.

So what we've done here is we've really, what we came up with, I think, was a horror thriller, a pure horror and just sort of more a dramatic thriller.

And that's what we've got here, which is Australia's own.

That's right.


Netflix's own.

The Stranger, which is starring and directed by.

Thomas M. Wright.

Oh, OK.


But it's starring.

Directed and wrote.


It's starring Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris.


And the titular stranger.

What do you think the story was?

Oh, OK.

Sean Harris is a bloody down and he's like a bloke and he's just sort of.

He's wandering about.

He's just wandering about.

He's a real drifter looking for work.

And then he's on a bus along bus ride, he meets a bloke who introduces him to another bloke and they're like, you want to do some crime?

He's like, oh, yeah, wouldn't want to do a bit of crime.

I don't kill people, but I'll do a crime.

I'll do a bit of crime and Joel Edgerton's like, all right, we need.

Joel Edgerton's the other guy.

He's the other guy and he's like, well, we need somebody to do a bit of crime.

You want a bit of crime?

He's like, yeah, I'll do a bit of crime.

But then it turns out maybe not all is as it seems with everybody.


And without giving too much away.

This is also based on a true story.

And by based, I mean pretty accurate to a thing that really happened involving real people.

And I like it was a real event in Australia.

So it's based on, I didn't know this going into this, but it was a disappearance of a kid called Daniel Morkham in like the early 2000s.

Oh yeah.

And the whole thing is centered around that and not like that's the kid.

Like it's the real people like involved in this story, like the real guy who did it and all of this and now they, now they caught him, et cetera and so forth.

And I can't really say anything else about that without going into spoilers because the, well it doesn't actually, at first I'm like, for like 20 minutes, I didn't really, you don't know what you're watching.

Yes, that's true.

You're like, okay, Daniel is like, I kind of like this guy.

He's just looking for work.

Oh, a crime guy.

I don't know about this.

Not a crime guy.

Maybe that's just not a good idea to get in with these crime guys.

Let me tell you about this.

I look, I love Joel Edgerton and everything.

I think that's a great performance.

Joel Edgerton just generally will talk.

I think we'll just talk about this briefly, I think, but it is on Netflix.

I assume it's on American Netflix as well.

There's nothing, no, it wouldn't be.

But it's also, I think it's called Yankee Doodle Dandy Netflix.

Oh, that's great.

Did you know that?


Yeah, it's true.

It's really good.


The logo is crazy.

I bet.

Lassoes and cowboy hats and six shooters, spurs on your boots.

Pretty good.

And instead of going to doom, it goes, wee-hoo.




Here we go.

But Sean Harris provides, I would say, the most realistic depiction I've ever seen on screen of that kind of guy.

Completely agree.

I meet a lot of these kind of guys.

I know you do.

In, in, in, in, I used to when I traveled.


But it's, it's, it's so profoundly accurate to this kind of guy.

I don't know if it would translate as well to America, but it's just, he's kind of sketchy and the stories he tells and like the vibe, the vibe and how he like big notes himself.


The way he taught.

And you all, you feel bad because you're like, this is clearly like a troubled person.


He has a bad, who has had a bad life.

And it, and it, how it has, you know, like you said, like you don't know what's going on initially.

And you're like, how does this evolve?

Like there's no excuse for what these kind of guys do.


Like generally, but you get, you get why they got there.

It's like probably they were raised in like poverty and whatever their parents were and their parents were.

It's like, he's not going to go to uni and get his accounting degree or whatever.

Like this is, this is the best he could ever do kind of thing.

And it's like, so it's such a kind of like confronting and like conflicted viewer.

You've got to this guy, but just like, and he knows the accent too.


He really does.

Like he's the bad guy in some of the mission impossible.


He's, he's, he's in a rogue nation and fall out.

The one after rogue nation.



And if, if I'd never seen him before, I'd be like, yeah, of course he's Australian.

This guy.


Also, Sean Harris, I was like, I should look up some stuff about Sean Harris.

Find out what he's doing.

Find out what this dude's up to.

He's one of those guys that's like a blank.

Like he doesn't, he doesn't like on his Wikipedia page, born 1965 or 1966.

One of those guys.

He's 56 or he's 57.

Like there's no, there's no, he's, he's clearly like stays out of the spotlight.

Where's he from?

He's from, he's, he's from a bridge in Suffolk, England.

But once again, I have watched all those, those J Forman videos about London and England and maps and what have you.

And I couldn't tell you anything about the geography of England.

I don't understand it.


Where's London?

Where's Shoesbury?

Where is Shoesbury?

I've been there.

His bath, the bath gate.

Is that why they have the same name?


The bath gate was bath gate and incident.


Oh my goodness.

Anyway, he's great.

Um, great.


All right.

I think it's the best movie ever.

Best movie ever for sure.


I feel like I often say this, but like it's not, you won't enjoy it, but it's a, but it's a very good movie.


And really well written and excellent performances.

And it's very tense, but not in the way that like someone going to get shot or get that, you know, get their head cut off.

Because like there's not, there's no, there's not the stakes.

There's no shootouts.

There's no chases.

There's no, oh yeah.

Maybe I didn't like this.

Maybe you didn't like, there's no big lasers shooting into or out of the sky.

No, not that I saw.

You know?


That's right.

So basically nobody said that's just happened.

Nobody even said that.


So this guy, uh, who's on the bus and he's kind of, you feel bad for him.

He's down in his luck and he's lonely.

He is what part of, he's part of something that police have coined.

It's got different names, but it's called a, uh, Mr. Big Police operation.

That's right.

We're done.

I'm just going to read this out.


It's a better explanation of how I would explain it.

This is what he's caught up.

He's placed into this.


So police officers create a fictitious gray area or criminal organization and then seduce the suspect into joining it.

They build a relationship with the suspect, gain their confidence and then enlist their help in a success, in a succession of criminal acts, e.g. delivering goods, credit card scams and selling guns for which they are paid.

Once the suspect has become enmeshed in their criminal gang, then they are persuaded to divulge information about the criminal history using, uh, usually as a prerequisite for being accepted as a member of the organization.

So this guy, they think he murdered a kid.

They think, yeah, pretty confident that he did.

He's alibi is like shaky as fuck.

No, no, nothing, nothing ever came of it.

They never found what the body that I don't know what happened to this kid.

And so it's just like this nine levels deep police operation where every person that he interacts with, and this happened is a police officer playing a role and Joel Edgerton for months, again, real guy had to pretend to be this guy's like mate.

And well, I think they were probably mates in real life.

You're referring to the, you're referring to the character.

Oh yeah.

The character had to, one character had to pretend to be another character's mate.

And you feel bad because the criminal guy before you know what he did is like, I don't get a chance to talk to anybody.

I'm lonely and all of this.

And you've, it really like, it just twists on you when you find out the reason why they've, why they're looking for this guy.

And you know, initially I'm like, is this even true?

Like, is this, is this, is this, is this the guy that did it?

Yeah, because, because before, yeah, but because before, you know, before the reveal that like Joel Edgerton is a cop and everybody else is a cop and what have you, you're like, I might don't turn your life around.

Yeah, exactly.

No, you said that you can't do violence because you go back to, but then you find out the, he's the reason that he said that he changed his name and that you can't, you know, do violence anymore.

You find out because he like beat up another kid.

So that was the reason like you, you think that he just beat up a guy, maybe in a bar fight or whatever.

But he's like, he's a horrible person and has beat his entire life.

And just the way that they unravel him is just incredible.

And also as I'm watching it, this criminal organization, I'm like, what, what crimes are these?

Cause it's so vague.


A lot of passports.


And it's just like dropping whatever off.

What is this?

And the point is it's nothing.

It's just the whole thing is made up.

And that like Joel Edgerton, like it's clearly affecting his character's mind.


And he's got his young kid as well.

And there's a moment where they, you know, they, and he has, they, he has to keep embodying this character and keeping this persona, which I guess is sort of becoming his persona.

Cause once you do something, ironically, it starts to become your real personality.

I'll call him people bro, bro.

And there's a moment where like they're both in the car and they're, yes, you know, they're in a hurry.

And so like they're gone.

Come on, move on.

And they honking the horn and then the car in front of them gets into a car accident.

And they're just like, well, we got to go though.

Cause I'm pretending to be a criminal and a criminal wouldn't stick around.

A cop would stick around.


Yeah, exactly.



And again, it feels like the way they would, they would, the way the police sort of grind somebody down in Australia, which is just them sitting in room and going, come on, mate, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

Come on, mate.

Come on, mate.

God damn.

Spooky movies, mate.

Come on, mate.

You know that more than anybody.

Anyway, yeah.

Anyway, if you haven't, I hope if you haven't seen it, you didn't listen to this, but you get still totally watching.


Just so dark and grim as well.

Like nothing happens.

Stuff happens in the daytime, but it never seems to happen in the daytime.

It's all in like dimly lit like motels and.

And other cops who were supposed to be members of this organization are bad at pretending to be criminals.

And you're like, what is this guy doing?

Yeah, fudging his lines.

Yeah, get it together.


And I guess also the guy who did it is not super intelligent because he never seemed to cotton on.


But I guess also just looking for acceptance and looking for, for a role.

But yeah, great movie, horrible story.


Which I guess like, cause I'm always, I generally speaking, I'm like, I don't know.

We were talking about this off here.

I don't like true crime podcast or anything like that.

I'm like, this is too grisly.


And I guess, you know, and look, I guess I'm eating my words, but I guess this isn't like we don't, we don't see anything happen.

We don't see any.


Kids being murdered or whatever.

Delved into the, you know, a lot of those things that's like in the cover.




I really kind of revel in it.


It doesn't feel like that.

I mean, if you have a family of the kid thinks of this, maybe they're like, this is horrendous.

I think they probably do.


I think I, I believe they were like, stop.

They may have said something along the lines of like, stop telling people this is based on a true story or whatever.

Like, don't.

Oh God.



Fair enough.

But yeah, like this is like, they don't revel in it in this.

It's just like, yeah.



There you go.

There you go.

Should we do barbarian?

And it's, it's, it's premiered at the Cannot Film Festival.

Did you know that?

Oh really?

I don't know, I've seen a certain regard section.

I don't know what that means.

I don't know.

Really have a bit of a gander at this.

What do you think of this?

Yeah, have a bit of a gander.

Come on, come on mate.

Have a look.

Uncertain regard.

What, what do you see?



Bit of that.

Wrap your bloody laugh and gear around this, I would say.

Uncertain regard is a section of the Cannot Film Festival's official selection.

Uh, that's it.


The name means a certain glance and the section presents 20 films with unusual styles and non-traditional stories seeking international recognition.

I wonder how this would have gone at the movies.

Not now, not good, but like 10, 15 years ago, I think it could have done all right.

Well, it's that, you can, there are limited screens.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


But why would you?

Because it's on Netflix and it's free.

That's true.


Anyways, Barbarian, directed by Zach Craigup.


Who was a former member?

I learned this today.

The whitest kids.

The whitest kids you know?


Check out some whitest kids you know sketches on YouTube if you want.

And check out Mason when he tells us what do you think the story was.

Oh no, all right.

Well, here's the thing.


Uh, don't listen to any of this.


Look, this was, this was pitched to me and you and pretty much everybody on Twitter as Don't even think about it.

Don't even think about looking anything up.

Don't watch any trailers.

Don't, uh, don't wiki it or go to IMDB or anything or read Twitter about.

If you see the hashtag Barbarian, don't click on it or whatever.


And I think that is probably true.

I think I was probably looking for like, I thought, I thought it was going to boggle my mind more than it perhaps did based on that.

But I think just the very nature of it.

I'm like, yeah, you probably shouldn't.

I think there is a point where it turns and that's like the biggest reveal really.

Once it turns into another thing, then I don't think there's as many, there's not really some, then it just plays out.



So, but very short intro, uh, if you're still here, uh, a woman, uh, goes to Detroit.

She's got, she's, she's there to interview for a job.

Uh, there's an, there's an, uh, there's an Airbnb in a very sketchy neighborhood.

Uh, and she arrives there only to find there's somebody already there.

I found fascinating about that and like that, that it's sketchy.

You don't know it's sketchy until like you see it in daytime.

And then you're like, Oh, no.

This is terrible.

Um, the darkness is like a bunch of stuff.


Raphidian and so forth.


The band.

Uh, anyway, there's, um, there's another, there's another man there and it seems to be some sort of double booking and they're like, okay, we'll just work.

We'll come in.

We'll work it out in the morning.

What's going to happen?

Bloody, what's going to happen?

What's going to happen?

What's the boys deal?

What's her deal?

Is this a coincidence?

Is it an, is it somebody setting up an elaborate?


Barbarian, but is it a barbarian?

Is it a barbarian situation?

Is this the classic barbarian gambit?


The name would certainly suggest that, wouldn't it?


What does the barbarian refer to?

I guess we'll talk about it in spoilers.

My son.

Um, yeah, but this actually started, he wrote it.

When I first defiled it.

Very good.

He started as a, uh, and Halloween appropriate.


Uh, also where he, Zach Kregler wrote, he wanted to write a scene where he wrote a scene where a woman is basically presented with a whole lot of red flags and then keeps like, and keeps pushing through.

Cause I think a lot of people, and in particular women, though not exclusively, but mostly women, Mason is they're kind of told to ignore, taught to ignore red flags and be nice and all of these things.

And I can't remember what's the book called about the fear based book where it's, but it's called like this, something like this.

The necronomic on?


That's a fear based book.

What's this called?

Hang on.

The gift of fear.

And it's basically about how listen to that animal part of your brain.

Cause it normally knows, you know, when you see somebody approaching and you're like, I don't, and you don't know why, but you're like, I don't feel good about this and you might take a different direction and whatever.

It's basically losing to that part of your brain.

But I think people are conditioned women in particular, like they're told to like, you know, be more trusting and be nice.

And if a weird person comes up to you, just be nice and whatever way you can really just be, Hey, no, I'm not going to do this.

I was listening to a podcast.

I was just trying to place it, but I was listening to a podcast this week.

It's called being hot as hard.

It's from Sandspans.

Oh yeah.

It's cast page and Zoby and Zoby was talking about in the most recent episode I listened to about how she stopped laughing at people's jokes if they're not funny because it's sort of ingrained into women, especially who had a politeness.

If a man tells you a joke, you know, even if it's not.

And it apparently like boggles people's minds.

So she was like, she was, she was telling her mom like, yeah, I'm not going to laugh at something unless it's fun.

And then the dad made a joke that wasn't funny.

She's like, I'm not going to.

And the dad was like, that's very confronting actually.

Did you do that?

And that, you know, good call.


Get funnier.

Get funnier people making jokes.

But yeah, you're absolutely right.

And yeah, look, just, I think the casting's good for reasons we'll get into in spoilers.

I think it's quite a small cast.

It's funny.

This movie's funny, which I didn't expect going in.

I thought this was going to be very, just very dry probably.

And there's a lot of like, hey, don't do that.

Hey, stop.

Just don't.


There's a lot of that.

But I think it, it masks a lot of that well of like why your phone doesn't work, why you would go a certain direction, why somebody wouldn't believe you for a certain thing and whatever.

But apparently though, after writing.

Some of that is very realistic.

Like I think the interaction with the police.

Yeah, absolutely.

In this movie.


Yeah, okay.

Yeah, we'll get into it.

But I think, yeah, apparently with this one scene though, he was frustrated by like the predictability of it.

So decided to like flip into something else.

And you definitely see that in this movie.

I just think yet this kind of the slow escalation of what is happening.

It just, the tension builds and there is like, what is, not even so much what is going on.

It's more like, where is this going?

Yeah, right.

And you can't really say it until it, until it happens.



Anyway, spoilers, I guess.


I'm going to say best movie ever.

Of course.


It's on, I believe it's on streaming on HBMAX in the US.


On Australia, it's everywhere and whatever.



Beta max.

It's on a beta max.

Beta max.

Anyway, the twist is, okay, the story is a woman turns up the ABNB as mentioned, mentioned and Bill Skarsgård there and you're like, that's Pennywise.

That's the guy from the clown.

Is this the clown?

This guy could be a psychopath.


And it seems like all these stories are really convenient.


Like, oh, you work for this, you're into about this.

Well, I actually worked for this and I'm like, that's bullshit, obviously.


Anyway, she finds out.

He could be a psychopath at any moment.


Up until his head is bashed into a wall.

Over and over and over again.


Like every single moment where he's like, just stay, just have a glass of wine.

Just do this.

Oh, I'm trying.

I'm trying to get out of bed and I'll just stay out here.

Yeah, yeah, I'm just making noises over here on the couch.

You should approach me kind of thing.

And then it's like, oh, is this, is there something in the basement?

That sounds, that sounds.

What do you come down with me?

Check it out.

And whatever.


So you think that he's like luring her into some kind of trap.

Even at the moment where he's like, he's screaming and panicking.

He's like, you can't go back that way.

We have to go a different way.

I'm like, no, I don't do that.

This is still a trick, I think.

And then a inbred ghoul of a woman just jumps out of the shadows and smashes his head in.

She is sick to death of laughing at men's jokes when they're not funny.

So he's that way.



And it turns out we see a little flashback from the 80s, I guess.

Yeah, from the early 80s.

Where it turns out a man was abducting women and producing children and then murdering, doing lots of murders and has produced ultimately this barbarian, I guess.


Or he's the barbarian.

He's the barbarian.

And so maybe Justin Long is the barbarian.

That's true, exactly.

And so he's 40.

So the woman is 40 years old, but just been, her mind has been, she's been living underground under this house.

I actually think she looks great for 40 years old.

I don't know if she does, Mason.

I don't mean, I don't want to shame anybody.

No, she looks, in fact, I think she looks great without makeup, honestly.

Well, that's a different conversation.

I don't want my illusion shattered, okay?

So her father's still alive, but clearly riddled with cancer or something.

So he's also living under there.

And a bad vibe.

And a bad vibe.

He's got a big bad vibe.

And so she is capturing people and trying to be a mother to them.

She's got this breastfeeding tape on repeat.


So that's what she's doing to the people who she captures.

But after Bill Skarsgaard, if it is.

He's obliterated.

It cuts to Hollywood.



And that's probably 40, 50 minutes in.

I nearly got, I think I mentioned this to you, but I nearly got spoiled for this movie.

That's trailer.

Because there was a barbarian trailer and I watched like 10 seconds and I'm like, no, it shouldn't do it.

I won't watch it.


And then I saw another trailer like a few days later that was like Justin Long's new movie.

And it was just a thumbnail of him driving the Pacific Coast Highway or whatever in his little sports car.

And I clicked that and I'm like, oh, I love Justin Long.

This is great.

I love Mac.


Oh, the Mac guy.



And then I'm like, oh, this is barbarian again.

He's sons of bitches and I stopped it again.

But yeah.

So we cut to Justin Long and he's a sitcom star.

And he gets dumped from a pilot because of assault allegations, which are true.

And then he decides in order to make some money.

And survived the court case, the looming court case.

He's going to have to clear his name.

He's a good name.

He's going to have to liquidate some of his incredible Airbnb properties, including the one in that question though.


Who set up the Airbnb bookings?

Well, they, they, you can, you can, they, the company can do it.

I know, but who did it though?

Like who?

Like who?

Because when, when, um, when Justin Long's character speaks to his various managers, they're like, there wasn't any bookings.

So somebody must have set them up.

Maybe they did.

Maybe the guy under the house.

Maybe the guy under the house.

Maybe Ed and I for, I don't know.

I honestly don't know.

I don't know.


Somebody will know.

Somebody will know, someone who paid more attention.


But I mean, cause also normally an after inning Airbnb, even if it's completely out of your hands, they organize the cleaning and all that.

And that hadn't happened.



So I just assumed that they thought the person was still there cause the money was still coming out.

I don't know.

I don't know.

There's probably a better answer that I, that I missed.

So yeah.

So he, he realized he needs to sell this place.

And then you're like, oh, okay.

So that's how it's connected.

So he goes to this house and everything is left exactly as it was.

the chair propping open the basement door.

And just the levels of that basement is just like, there's the basement and you're like, this is an awful place.

And then there's a secret door and a corridor and you're like, this is awful.

And then at that, there's a room with a VHS camera and an old dirty mattress and you're like, oh, this is no good.

And then there's another door that leads underground and goes for who knows how long, where the ghoul woman is.

And the corpses and the what happened.

And she's clearly coming up out of the house and I had it there and like looking around when people are staying there.

And the bit where Justin Long encounters the first bit of basement with the dirty mattress and the VHS.

And then it immediately cuts him upstairs on his Mac going like, I'm a Mac guy.

Yeah, I'm a Mac guy.

But then he's just like, okay, can I get more money out of this?

If there's more square footage, do underground basements counters square footage in this?

And I'm like, that's great.

And then he's just measuring up.

And then when he finds the big underground corridor, he's like even better.

Look at this.

And then he eventually comes across the spooky ghoul woman.

And then their worlds collide because of Justin Long and the woman.

Who's, what's her name again?

Who plays?

Great question, James.

We're bad with names.

Is it Sean Harris?

It's Georgia Campbell.

I think she's in the Black Mary episode about the dating and whatever.


Yeah, she's good.

Unless she's not in that, but I'm pretty sure that she is.

Okay, great.

She's in Hangover.

Yeah, hangover.

It's a good episode.

Great stuff.

So yeah, and you also, they nearly redeem him.

There's a moment where like he, well he shot her at one point and he's kind of doing cow d'iacs, but he realizes what the old man in there is doing and what he has been doing.

And he's like, you're a monster and how could you do this?

And there's a moment of self reflection where he's like, you know what?

I did this terrible thing and I'm gonna own up to it.

I'm gonna turn my life around.

And then it just kind of, and then when Push comes to shove.

Push becomes a shove, yeah.


It just comes apart.

Like he just, you think maybe for a second he's going to, you know, he's going to make some effort.

Become a hero.

Yeah, but no, he doesn't, which I liked also.

Cause some people just, I don't know how I'd react.

Maybe I'd completely crumble also in this scenario.

I'd simply defeat the woman, I think.

Yeah, what would you do?

Probably a hammer or a rock.

Yeah, probably.

Yeah, maybe even just my bare hands, I reckon.

Yeah, and then I would probably contact Airbnb and get a full refund.

You'd have to.

Yeah, I think so, yeah.

But you talked about a bit.

And maybe a credit in my account so I could go somewhere else.

No, for free.

You talked about that bit where, cause she gets out.


And Justin Long's still trapped and so she's trying to figure out how to.

I'm gonna let the dog in.

Yeah, let the dog in.

She wants to go back in to get him.

So she goes to find police officers, but she's been living underground for like two weeks.

And she looks terrible and it's in a terrible neighborhood.

And they just assumed she's just some kind of drug addict or whatever or she's lying.

She's not worth their time.

Yeah, exactly.

And as a result, she's kind of drawn back into the house to save the Justin Long character.

And I thought all that was, cause once she's out, you're like, oh, great.

Now something else can happen.

Yeah, cause there's a homeless man who earlier in the movie like runs out of, and she's about to go into the house.

And you think he's a, you're like, okay, well, maybe he's, something to do with whatever is happening in this awful neighborhood, but no, he's trying to warn her cause he's seen this.

He's seen her, this woman.

And his reward, he gets his arm torn off and gets beaten to death with it.

Yes, exactly.

And there's a moment also where, so Justin Long throws her off like a water tower cause the spooky girl woman is like attached to her and sees her as a child.

So she sacrifices herself, you think, to save her.

And then she digs out Justin Long's eye.

So goopy.

And then she goes away.

And then she goes, and then splits his head apart.

I think they made her too strong.

Do you think so?

Yeah, I think there's like a supernatural element to this which doesn't, I mean, maybe if you live underground and you've been doing all of these things.

There's different gravity underground.

So that's probably it.

I don't know.

I think she's a bit too like.

Yeah, I understand where you're going with it.

But I guess we're going with, yeah.

Cause that's the thing that it turns it from, I mean, it never, it really feels like the real world, from okay, well that's.

That just happened.

Yeah, there are horror.

I, you know, we've heard of stories of stuff like this, of like people keeping secret families underground and all that sort of stuff.

And it's super weird.

But it turns it from like, okay, well inbreeding makes, you can build a super strong monster.

It kind of makes it, you're right.

It becomes sort of supernatural in some way, I guess.

Or like junk science, I suppose.

But it's not, it's really not a big deal.

Yeah, yeah.

It is what it is.

It's good.


And you should.

Also the giant lady would probably have like a vitamin D deficiency cause she's, you know, only going out at night.

Yeah, well that's true.

She'd never even be looking at the sun.

And she also does survive that being hit with a car.

With a car, yeah.


Through a house.

Through a house, yeah.

That'll do it.

That'll do it, won't it?


Well, anyway, two, sorry, three good movies I feel.

Three good movies I think.

All different.

All different.

We've picked different movies, we've done it.

We didn't go with Terrifier 2, we're about the murderous clown.

Very splattery apparently and also really long.

Oh, okay.

Well good then.

That's right.

Or we didn't go with Hulu Hellraiser.

We didn't.

Maybe I'll talk about that in some of the weeks if I watch that.

I do want to check out Hulu Hellraiser at some point.

Terrifier 2 was two and a half hours long.

That's nearly as long as all the Marvel movies.

All right.

Put together.

Put together.

Do you remember Myson?


Well, if you had to pick one, what would you pick?

So can I only watch, I don't know if I want to watch any of them again?


Which it, I think.

For me, it's between Barbarian and the stranger.


And they just, they bring you completely different things.

Yeah, they do.


I mean, not the body's body body.

No, I liked it a lot.

Not that it was bad.

I thought, I don't know.

It's just...

Sick of social media.


I mean, maybe by the nature of the fact that all the characters that are horrible.


And in the other, I guess everybody's horrible in the stranger as well.

But not everybody's horrible in Barbarian.

There's one person who's not horrible.

That's true.

People are not horrible.

Yeah, maybe.

Yeah, maybe.

I mean, maybe Bill Skarsgård's character is awful.

Like, you don't know.

Like maybe he was a creep.


And he was waiting for...

Maybe he did set it up.


Maybe that's why they didn't know.


Because he...

Maybe, maybe he was like, yeah, great.

I'm going to do some really bad stuff.

Secret house and what?

And then he just happened to be, it happened to be in a pre-built murder house already.


Yeah, that'll get you.


All right, cool.

Shall we move on?

Let's move on.

Do you have any idea what we're doing?

In life? No.

But on this podcast, I can say confidently...


What were we doing?

What were we going to read?



I'm doing the thing.

Ba da da ba da ba da ba Ba da da ba da ba What are we reading?

Two days.

What are you doing?

That's a great question.


I mean, we've been pretty busy watching a billion trillion horror movies.

It's true.

Gosh, you know what I've been watching a lot of?

I don't actually.

And we mentioned...

The segment is about me and other people finding out.

Oh, really?

You interrogating me about my secrets.

What do you know?

I know heaps, actually.

I know heaps, actually.

I reckon I know heaps more than you.

That sounds like a guy who doesn't know heaps.

No, I know heaps.

Ask me about anything.

I'm reading a book a day.

That's good.

I get up and I read a book a day.

I'm using that.

I've learned a method where I skim and I don't actually retain any of that information.

But I've convinced myself that it counts as reading.

It's all economics, isn't it?


I've read an economics book.

That's right.


And I'm learning about supply and demand.

Are you really?

I'm learning about inflation.

Yeah, yeah.

You can't raise anybody's wages because then prices will go up.

That's a great point.

And some might say that prices are going up anyway.

Yeah, but imagine if you raise the wages.

Imagine though.

Can you imagine?

I can't.


You couldn't even get a pizza hut.

It would be too expensive.

You couldn't even get a pizza hut.

The franchise.

You couldn't even buy a pizza hut, Frank.

Your dad couldn't even buy you a pizza hut franchise.

My dad would love to buy me a pizza hut.

But in this economy, forget about it.

I have to do this.


Anyway, what do you think?

Also, it's not even worth buying a pizza hut franchise these days because they don't look like pizza huts anymore.

We used to have real pizza huts in this country, James, with that weird roof.

We used to build things.

Pizza huts.

And they're all $2 shops or something.

I hate it.

No good.

Pizza doesn't look like a hut.


It's like a hole in the wall.

Pizza hole in the wall?

No, thank you.

I don't know what I'm getting out of there.

Put your arm in here and maybe grab a pizza.

Maybe get bitten by a rabid dog.

I don't know.

I don't trust a pizza glory.

Oh, no, sir.

No, sir.

What are you talking about?

Oh, yeah.

What have you been doing?

I've been doing a few things.

I've been reading as I mentioned.

I've been listening as I mentioned to the podcast Being Hot As Hot.


I think it's very, very good and entertaining.

And it's like a world that I'm completely unfamiliar with because it's about, I think there's value in it for bloke's to listen about it.

It's about beauty and the beauty industry and all that sort of stuff.

I haven't listened to it, but I have downloaded episodes.

I've been doing the amount of work that goes into Being Hot as we would well know.

Moella ware nice.


Moella moisturizers and so forth.

That's interesting.

I make sure you've got an SBF in your moisturizer as well.

I mentioned this on our Jason X commentary, but I have been going through a bunch of Matt McMussles videos on YouTube.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

He does a series, I think we mentioned called What Happened, where he talks about various video games and movies that were disasters.

And he does sort of a historical deep dive on why that happened.

He does, mate.

Yeah, very fun, I think.

And in addition to that, if you love that, we've got our commentary at

But also this week, the book club is on something is killing the children.

Oh, yeah.

Which is a horror comic.

That's right.

So you can check that out if you want.

Because it's the spookiest time of year, which as I understand you, you were talking about tax time.

Yeah, I was, yeah.

That's right.

In relation to, yeah.

So this week it's, he's, I've got it ready to go here on What Happened.

It's Dante's Inferno.

Oh, yeah, I saw that.

So that's, I don't know.

Yeah, check that out.

The God of all knockoff that actually might be quite good.


Which I think for like three years, I was like, should I get this?

Should I get it?

Should I get it?

Should I get it?

Should I get this one?

Should I get it?

Anyway, I didn't get it.

I never got it.



So there you go.


Why you've been doing all that, mate?

Yeah, what you been doing?

I've been watching six episodes of the latest Star Wars Tales of the Jedi animated series.

Tell me about it.

So there's three episodes.

Focus on one.

Tell me about it, stud.

Three episodes, thank you.

You're welcome.

Focusing on Count's Duke.

That's always locked and loaded for me, by the way.

You've got to be careful who you use that on as well.

No, no, indiscriminate.

There's three episodes that focus on young-ish dooku.


And three on a soka.

Now, it does do some like filling the gaps.

Hello, I'm young-ish dooku.


Well, so it does, you see like, are they contemporaries then?

Like, are they exist in the same time period?

Yes, but I don't think they have much to do with each other.

Yes, because she's in Clown Wars.

She's in Clown Wars, of course.

And I don't think that...

I'm sure they've interacted, but no, they don't have that much to do with each other.

But there's a lineage there because he trained kwaigon, kwaigon trained everyone.

Everyone trained Anakin, Anakin trained a soka.

That's true.

And a lot of those people in that lineage are terrible.

That's very true.

So you find out kind of why Dooku is the way that he is.

Like, he was kind of like a kwaigon-ish guy.

Like, he's seeing like bad stuff happening in the Republic.

And he's like, we should do this something.

And the Jedi Council, like, we're going to promote Mace Windu, because he's...

It listened to us.


And he's like, fuck you.


I'm going to be like... Is it because I have a red lightsaber?

Come on.

Is it because I look like a Dracula?


Fuck you.

Ah, but young...

Sorry I don't look good in off-white and beige.

Young kwa...

Young kwaigon is played by...

Well, Lee Minison is in it as regular age kwaigon.

And this is his son.

Young kwaigon is played by Lee Minison's son.

One of them is set during the Phantom Menace.

So there's the moment where Dooku, like, finds out that there's the Phantom Menace.



Who was?

It was Darth Maul.


And so...

Still not clear.

No, I'll forget about that.

And you know, we've talked about this, you know, when we did the prequels for Karaman and Garbage, but they...

The council don't believe him.

So he's like, you can just go sort it out.

Go fight that war or whatever.

And then afterwards they're like, actually, we think just between us.

I think that was a Sith Lord.

I think he was right.

You're the guy that killed him.

So Dooku's mad about that.

But Dooku also knows because he's already in league with Palpatine at this point.

Right, okay.

So that leads into a Yaddle episode.

Where we get...

We find out basically what happens to Yaddle.

And I think perhaps more importantly, and I know this without watching this, it turns out, what we do the biggest takeaway from this is that Yaddle talks normally, right?


And his vice-delice Howard.

So it turns out that Yaddle is just a freak.


Or what I did read is apparently the Knights of the Old Republic talked like that.

He talks this way, yeah.

Which is why he talks like that.


I hate it.

Yeah, I hate it also.


But anyway, it turns out that Yaddle is not as skilled as Yaddle.

It turns out.

But all of... And like Ian McDermond is back.

I think the Ahsoka stuff is good, but I think the Dooku stuff is better.


Also, there's a moment where Ahsoka was tracked down by an Inquisitor.


And that's quite a good battle.


And to spoil it, I'm just going to spoil this particular bit.


That's okay.

That's okay with me.


But one episode I didn't love was the baby Ahsoka one.

You find out when she's a baby and she's taken by Ahsoka to Tyra and then she uses the Force and brings her back to a village or whatever.

Yeah, yeah.

Which is all fine.

But there's a moment, so the Inquisitor finds her, she doesn't have her lightsabers.

And the Inquisitor's like, I'm going to get a...


People are going to love me for this.

You're only strong with two lightsabers.


You haven't got any lightsabers.

She had no lightsabers and then like tries to like hack her down and she just like wrecks him.

In like five seconds, it just kills this guy.

Just like, just bare-handed.


Well, no, she gets the lightsaber off.

Oh, yeah, cool.

But it's great.

It's really good.


Now, I was under the impression that people were mad.

But I guess this is a Star Wars property.

I think that's mad.

People might be mad because it maybe steps on some of the books or something.

Oh, I see.

But honestly, I thought it was really good.

So, and when you say steps on the books, you mean some of the ones that are currently in count.



There's an Ahsoka book, which apparently has a very similar story.

She's tracked down by...

Oh, I see, right.

And it's like the sabers.

Except everybody's called a different thing.

Hey, guess what?

It's legends.


So maybe that happened.

Maybe it didn't happen.

Yeah, that's right.

Don't even worry about it.

Anyway, people are probably mad about this, but I think it's good.

Remember that guy, Sleaze Bagano? Yeah, he's a strange guy. He's got the little...

Yeah, yeah.

When were you getting tales from tales of Sleaze Bagano?

Tales of him living a normal life because he hopefully cleaved himself up.

Well, he didn't get...

Your mind's control.

He got my trick.

I get that worn off as soon as he walked outside.

I think you'd take a cold shower, that would disappear.

Well, I stopped selling Death Sticks, but I had to move on to Space Heroine.

Just had to fill the void.

You got it, don't you?


Anyway, if you like Star Wars, Mason.

I know you do.

And you like Star Wars.

And you like the character of Yaddle.


Oh, also, and I don't think this is out yet, but I was a guest on Doogo on there, currently going through Blocktober and Blovemba, which is, of course, the...

They've expanded it.

That's right. They have expanded it massively for the...

Biggest studio, so I'm actually...

Yeah, that's true. They're the biggest and most requested to topics.

So I was on...

All serial killers.

That's right.

Serial killers and breakfast cereals.

They don't have Kellogg's, I wonder if they have.

But I believe that'll be out in a couple of weeks.

Great. Terrific.

You should check that out.

They know what they're doing.

And that's due at some...

Comedy Special is up now as well.

That's right.

The Stupid Old YouTube channel.

That's exciting. That's very exciting.

Very exciting.

Mason, let's move it along.

OK. But to what?


Yeah, let's do it.

Letters theme.


The classic one was...

Letters, oh, letters.

We love you.

Some letters, they're only a takeaway.

I know they're here right now.

We're going to do letters.


Go on.

How you reach the show is by hashtagging...

hashtag Weekly Planet Pod.

Not hashtagging hashtag.

Just hashtag Weekly Planet Pod.

I will find your tweets, hopefully.

Hell yeah.

Hell yeah.


I do run a search every week.


Sometimes people will tweet me directly.

Or you directly and I'm like, oh, I'll bring that up and then I forget.


But that way I'll find...

I'll most likely see it, hopefully.



That's right.

Do you want to hit the thing first?

Yeah, absolutely.

This is from Ethan Huggins, great name.


Hi, James and Mason.

I've been listening to the pod for about seven years now, almost weekly without fail.

I'm an aspiring writer and comedian in Tampa, Florida.

And I'm currently writing a new set.

And I was wondering what some of your favourite Aussie insults are.

Don't worry, the person I'm writing about absolutely deserves them.

Love the show and keep operating at 40%.

Thanks, Ethan.

Is this easy to talk about us, though?

Is he just going to...

Oh, you think so?

You can fly back an email with all our insults.

Wow, you reckon this is a five-minute set about us?

And your kids don't even love you.


It's just...

I love, look, and again, I wouldn't use this in anger.


But it's always locked and loaded.

I love face like a bash crab.

Oh, it's a good one.

It is a good one, right?

I like cunning as a shithouse rat.

It's just not really an insult.

It kind of is, though, isn't it?


Drongo's good.


Just straight up, fuck you is great.

That's not Australia.

I know it's not.


Or fuck you, fuck off is great.

That's true.

I believe...

I know it's not Australia.


We didn't invent it, but we perfect it.


I feel like...

Are you looking up a list of Australian insults?

Wow, that's un-Australian, quite frankly.


I don't know.

I mean, who doesn't like bugger off?

Sure, I guess.

That's one.

Rack off.

Rack off, yeah.

Swear like an Australian.

I don't want just swearing I want.


Specifically insults.

Insults, yeah.

Get stuffed.

No, that's it.


Bugger off.

Yeah, that's got go fuck yourself here.

Is that?

That's not Australia, surely.

I don't think he invented that.


No, no, no, no, no.

Struth, not an insult.

Apparently, dads is an insult, which is dumb as a dog.

No, that's made up.

I've never heard that one.

See, the thing about a lot of Australian sayings and insults, I feel, is that some of them have...

Like, some of them have evolved culturally, and some are invented for ads and stuff.


I fuck with.

That's Australian.

That's very good, yeah.

That's a good one.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's my...

Wanker, that's British as well.

I don't know if I can claim that one.


Sure, yeah.

The one that's on the list?


Drongo, Bogan.

Bogan can be an insult.


Slag or slagger, I guess.

No, that's British.


Anyway, that's all the ones I've got here.

If you've got any more here.

Yeah, so there you go.

Email them in.

Email here your favourite Australian insults.

Not atas, please.

We can't tell you.

No, no, atas.

Say you are, and then put them in there.

A wombat.



Dead shit, I say that.

Oh, that's a good one, though.

I know it's Australian.

Yeah, yeah, that's good.

I think that is.

No, that's Australian.


That's a very good one.

And I got a tweet here.

From Mo Danny Boy, the Frights the Frights.


That's good.

Hashtag weekly planner pod.

Ghandi head, Ghandi balls.

Would you rather spend the rest of your life in New Zealand or spend the rest of your life with the DCEU?

It's now DCEU.

Yeah, yeah.

As one of the only couple of booby franchises currently in production.

In New Zealand.

Yeah, probably.

I like New Zealand.

I like New Zealand.

And it's not that far for us.

It's like a four hour flight.

So not a big deal.



The DCEU always getting shot out with lasers and stuff.

I don't have to like, there's always local characters and you got to interact and not after any of that.

I'd have to, you know, there'd be more local characters over there.

I assume they're right that I have to interact with.

Yeah, there used to be a wizard, I think.

A wizard.


I'd hit him.

You'd hit him?

I would.

I'll give him a.

I'll drop him one punch, mate.

Yeah, wow.

One punch.



Wow, new wizard in town.


James, after I punched you, mate.

You drongo.

You wouldn't know what to do.

Look, I'd rather live where I currently live, but yeah.

Look, that's not an option.

No, look realistically, I'd actually.

The house is getting demolished.

I'd probably just do the DCE thing.

Oh, yeah?

Because I wouldn't have to.


See, the people know that it was me.

People are out the front going, boom, moved to New Zealand.

We want to see a bloodshot sequel.


Anyway, what else you got?

That's from Megan.

Let's do it.

Or perhaps Megan.

Oh, she says, I mean, maybe might be the three.

I'm engaged, bitches.


Hello, boys.

I was hoping you'd be so kind as to shout out my fiance, Matt.

On October 14th, he proposed four days before our 10-year anniversary.


Was the easiest question.

But he took him long enough.


You get less for murder.

That's true.

The easiest question I've ever answered.

He is the most amazing person on the planet.

We've both been fans of you boys for nearly a decade, and I think you would be delighted to receive a shout out.

Again, I'm shouting out my fiance, Matt.

He's a gift to the world and he deserves the world, but a simple shout out will suffice.

That's all we can offer.

It's actually Megan.


I'm going to say Megan.

I'm going to say Nathan, like the killer robot.


That's terrific.


If you could put us in your vows, that would be great.

That would be great.

I mean, nothing about this says that they met via the podcast or anything like that.

How else would they have met that?

Well, I mean, how does anyone meet anybody?


So, must be through the podcast.

Don't know, Mason.

Probably shared some earbuds.

Oh, that's a fun thing to do, isn't it?

Now you can do it from a distance if you're using like a...

Yeah, you can just fling one at somebody.

Yeah, you catch this.

And maybe it goes in a soup and you're like, oh, I have to get another set of that.

So true.

Isn't it?

I'm doing... It's really relatable content.

What are we doing here?

Mason, I've got a tweet here from Nathan who says, hashtag weekly PlanetPod.

Did James ever actually play the order 1886 before dismissing it as the worst game ever and shoving it into a big bin?

I really like that game.

No, I haven't.

I've never played.

I just dismissed it.


You chucked it into a big bin?

I think it does have its fans and followings, but isn't it mostly cinematics?

It's a lot of cinematics and it's very short and then it ends abruptly.


That's why I put it in a big bin.

You probably put it in a big bin.

There you go.

Anyway, it came with my PS4 and I was like, fine.

And then I never played it.

Anyway, what's next, Mason?

I'm sorry.

My sister was in Black Adam.

Black Adam?

Hey, G- No.

What season?

Season four, the one in the World War One.

Oh, is this pretty grim?


It's a good season.

I liked it, yeah.

I thought it was good.

I didn't like Black Adam back through time or whatever as much.


It's a weird one.

I also don't like season one.

Because it doesn't...

Because they haven't established his personality yet.

It's like a horrible little grub.

Yeah, he's a grub.

They switched Black Adam and Baldrick's personalities after season one and I think it works way better.

I agree.

Yeah, I started season two, I reckon.

Yeah, completely agree.


French Revolution?

Yeah, something like that.

Yeah, cool.

Anyway, go on.

Anyway, wrong.

That's not what we're talking about.

Black Adam.

Oh, my God.

You're familiar with Black Adam.

You've seen it.

Of course, Mason.

It's the biggest movie in the world.

You gave it the best movie ever.

Did I?



Hey, James and Mason, I've been an avid listener from the early days and I wanted to share with you something exciting that happened to my older sister.

She got to play one of the Shazam wizards in Black Adam.

That's cool.

Sana Erika is your name.

I believe she has a uni brow in the movie.


Acting as a tough career, she's really stuck with it despite setbacks and rolled routes.

Thanks for the long-term parasocial relationship, John.

Do we know anybody who's been in da movies?

Da movies?

Yeah, I think so.

I can't remember specifically who.


But yes, do we know people who have emailed in or people we know in real life?

People we know personally.

But not famous, not pretty famous people.

Not people already comedians.


I bet we do.

Yeah, we would.


But I don't know.

No, no, no.

I'll top my head.

No, no, no, no, no.

This has been great though.

I think it's been great to think about it.

It's good to show.

Maybe we should do an episode on people we know who have been in movies.

Oh, we just named them.

We've given their full name, their address.

My brother's been in a movie, a real movie, an Australian movie, the one you don't like.

I'll tell you after.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

I'll tell you after.

Yeah, right.

In case people find him and beat him up.

He's also been in a bunch of weird student films.

Yes, he has.

Some great stuff there.

Which we will do as part of Caravan of Garbage.

We'll make fun of some movies a bunch of 15-year-olds made.

From 2004 or whatever.

2004, yeah.

Anyways, what else you got?

Or was it my turn?

It's your turn.

Joshua says, hashtag weekly PlanetPod, how about a new segment on the show after the Pinocchio fiasco where only Mason, as to watch a bad movie and talk about it on the pod, we watch a lot of bad movies already.

That's true.

But would you be open to that, Mason, watching a new Pinocchio every week?

Oh, we just watch.

Not necessarily Pinocchio.

Oh, I see, right.

And I watch it and you don't watch it?

Maybe I tell you I'm going to watch it every week, but I never do.

See, the thing about that is, that's a lot of grinding for a very short segment.

Yeah, it is.

If we were going to do it, it would have to make it bigger content, wouldn't we?

That's true.


But look, I'm all for the idea of you doing extra work.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And me not doing anything.

So if you ever change your mind, I feel like you sometimes, often, you'll watch a thing and come in and go, I didn't like it.

I watched it and I didn't like it.

Very true.


This is from Matthew.


From Ireland.

Oh my god.

Big fan of the pod on the YouTube.

Hope you had a good Halloween.

Yeah, we did.

It was fine.

Actually, we haven't had it yet.

Oh yeah, it hasn't actually happened yet.

Yeah, it's when this goes out.

So something spooky might happen in the interim.

So yeah, interesting.

Can't wait.

If you're looking for a weird, odd Irish comedy horror, I'd recommend Extraordinary 2019, also featuring Australia's own Claudio Doherty.


Anyway, I've just seen the Banshees of Insurance, which was recently released, and I was wondering if you could give it a review.

It's not out yet.

I would love to watch that.

It's not out till Boxing Day.


Yeah, Extraordinary.

Oh, this does look good.

Oh yeah?

Oh yeah?

Oh yeah?


I'm going to check this out.

Oh yeah?

I like this a lot.

I like the cast too.

Oh, we've got Fortes in here.


That is great.

But anyway, you're saying the Banshees, what?

Banshees of Insurance.


Yeah, not out till a lot.

I have no idea even what it's about.

I can tell you.

Yeah, don't.

I'm not going to.

But I love in Bruges, especially because I don't know if you know this, Mason, but I'd actually been to Bruges around the time that I saw the movie in Bruges.

So for me, I felt just like the character of Colin Farrell from in Bruges, except for the bit where he shot a kid.

I haven't done that.

So you also shot a kid, but you felt that way?

I felt nothing.

I guess I didn't have Brendan Gleason and make me feel bad about it.

That's true.

Yeah, yeah.

And I got away with it.

Mr. Guiltrip, Brendan Gleason.

That's a fucking good movie though.

Love it.

Anything else?

Have you seen?

It's on Netflix, I think.

It's called Mr. Mercedes and it's Brendan Gleason.

That's good, isn't it?

I don't know.

It's on here.

I think it's good, but it's one of those ones where it's like four years old and there's two seasons and it's like, yeah, yeah, yeah.

2019 three seasons.

His haunt is a retired detective who's haunted.

He hunts for the merciless killer who intentionally drove his car in a crowd of people.

You had three seasons out of that?

I guess.

I mean, yes.


They did.




All right, should we leave it there?


Let's go.

Folks, let's go to the end.

Last bit of energy.


We started early, but it seems it still seems late.

So dark.


It's very dark.

It's 20 past eight.

Do you think it's because of the spooky season?

Yeah, all the ghosts and ghouls and goblins and slightly different colored goblins.

Very true.


Folks, thank you so much for listening.

We very much appreciate it.

Thank you for subscribing on your podcast platform of choice.

Thank you for telling your friends about it because that's how we get new listeners.

That's right.

Thank you for leaving a five star review.

That is also how we get new listeners apparently.


Because some people go, I'm not like, I'm not, I'm not bloody listening to this.

This is only good for an old stuff.

No, thank you.

One of those stuff made exactly.

But I'm getting some five star reviews here, which people have done in app.

And maybe we'll get yours right on on the show.

Just like Noah Roscoe who says, Jackson Mason are a friggin dynamic.

Do you want to find myself laughing?

All right, first of all, language.

Loud and some of the most ridiculous stuff.

They spin on the word of a comic book and movies is very refreshing.

I really appreciate the way they don't take themselves too seriously, but still provide a bangin podcast bangin.

And this one's from I love lunacy who says five stars or whatever.

Two mates talk about the things I like.

They shoot red up comic, shoot red up news up my butthole.

Couple of Australian guys that act like they're rebels doing rebel crimes.

But really, it just cops.


Five star Australia, baby.

That's Australia put on some different pants and enjoy.

That's a reference.

That's all of those references.

Folks, if you want to get into contact with this, you can go to weekly planet pot at Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, at band camp, you can go to the planet broadcasting, great mates Facebook group, you can go to the weekly planet pod at subreddit and discord if you want to follow various people have stuff to do with this show.

Yes, disco, James, you can go to the disco or the roller disco if you wish.

You can follow me.

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James is Mr. Sunday movies everywhere.

But if you want to follow the real beating heart, the engine of the podcast, you can get off.

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He's at Rob Collings on Twitter.

He's at the weekly planet on Twitter.

Also, thank you all the mods at the blood and the admins at the bloody all the various social places.

Tiktok you talking about.


The weekly planet clips channel.

YouTube shorts.

That's the next big thing.

Facebook shorts.

You know, just reacting to things.

You should eat hot peppers and react to it.

We'll be like what?


Just do it.


Just do it.


What are you doing?


Anyway, go on.

Ah, if you want to support the show, you can go to slash Mr. Sunday movies, chuck in a buck or an amount you would not miss.

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We mentioned all sorts of spooky stuff this month because we've got a spooky comic book review of something is killing the children and a movie commentary of Jason X.

That's right.

And other things.

And other things.

And clickbait, making fun of clickbait.

Cute back catalog.

That is that is timeless.

And a big, big time backlog.

Thank you to the Bruce and the bassist and rack and pull out musical themes.

If you want to teach it, you go to T public dot com.

Search for the weekly planet.

Get a T shirt.

How much is it?


All right.


If you want to, yeah.

It's fine.

That's right.

Oh, we're going to sell one James and then we're rich.

Then we're rich and we can quit.

Yeah, that's right.

Well quit.

That's 500 bucks each.

It's not bad.

Not bad.

We got we got to give some of the callings though.



And probably red bubble take 80%.


And then there's the tax man to think about.

I'm trying not to, but it is the spookiest.


That's right.

This is what they take more.

They take more in October.

I don't know if you know that.

Spooky season seemed to go very quick.

Is that just me?

No, it did your own.



All right.

Thanks everyone.

Grab that jammy guys.

We will see you next week.


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