How Did This Get Made?

Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it's amazing? Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas want to hear about it! We'll watch it with our funniest friends, and report back to you with the results.

Matinee Monday: Jason X LIVE!

October 30, 2022



HDTGM all-stars Rob Huebel and Jenny Slate join Paul and Jason to discuss the 2001 sci-fi slasher, Jason X. Recorded live from Largo in Los Angeles, they talk about a future where hockey has been outlawed, everyone wears velour belly shirts, and robot nipples can't stay in place. Plus, Rob regales us with a tale of a horror prank gone wrong.(Originally released 10/27/2017)


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Hey everybody before we start today's podcast I want to let you in on the little thing here before the shows We normally play the trailer of the movie we're about to talk about it figures very prominently Into today's show the trailer so I want to play you the trailer right now So you understand a reoccurring joke that happens throughout this podcast enjoy In the year 2455 on a routine training mission a Team of students is about to discover a life form frozen in time You brought him on board everything's under control man The hell is going on Jason for he's that's what's going on he's an unstoppable killing machine How do we get off the ship I don't know look we're gonna be all right You have got to get them out of there I think we're finally okay Oh Hell is that you've got to be kidding me. Oh wow you guys might want to run I don't think he's out there. Why don't you just stick your head out and have a peek In space no one can hear you say We saw Jason 10 so you know what that means Blow off steam just a sucker punch the odd light for Timothy green Shopping it or the bird damage how we stand a lot they call it in the bed ass and he's on the line Cranky maybe eight minutes cuz they cool design cuz the back Jim Barney looking kind of nice Paul and Judy and literal Jason is getting laid June is making sure all the monkey shots getting paid they judge a bunch of movies while they're making the grade Here's a real question for you how did this get me?

We are live here in Los Angeles at Largo at the Cornette our LA home when we love this place It's so fantastic if you're in LA come check out a show here Not just our show but the many amazing shows that are here. We have an amazing audience a 10 o'clock audience I know that people at home. They don't know what that difference is, but you guys Bring the heat you're a little bit more drunk And we appreciate it we need it because today is our Halloween episode and what better way To celebrate Halloween than with the death of a franchise Here to talk to me tonight about this film is my co-host Jason manzookas Welcome what's up jerks?

Welcome Jason. Thank you Paul. Jason a movie of your namesake. Oh thank god Finally finally All of the requests For this movie franchise to be talked about so that my name can be in it have been answered and here we are Jason X now the movie about Jason for ease and Malcolm X combined So many people had so many people had the Jason X hat. Yeah So many people Jason Where do you fall in the Friday the 13th when I tell you zero? Yeah A lot of my notes are reminders to ask you guys or the nerds What what the myth I it took me until the very end of the movie like oh right no Jason is the main character Well, because I was like I think he's gonna kill all the people But here's the thing I find myself in the same camp. I've seen a handful of Jason movies I think one of our guests tonight will have a little bit more knowledge than us But I believe that someone with our knowledge level wrote this movie Like it didn't feel like it was a lot of deep dive No, the person watched aliens Rewrote it and instead of an alien it was Jason and they were like that's the fucking movie I literally enjoyed there's a ship and all of it. It's the same thing. I literally feel like it was a fever dream that happened in 2001. Yeah, like Jason his face And then that was about all the thought process I feel like like I feel like there was a phone call at one point. There was like, hey, you remember when you said Jason and space is a joke We're gonna do it And the person was like, I don't think you should I was very much joking There was an odd time though because uh the leprechaun franchise a movie we also did here on the show Also went to space leprechaun in space. I feel like there was a couple moments. We're like, ah, fuck it. I don't know Put them on high name. It's like that's that's just heightening. Well, where else do we got to go?

space I guess uh I guess that's what we're doing Well to talk fast and furious in space by the way I don't want to I don't want to take credit for this. I think fast 10 is a mashup of the fast and furious movies with Apollo 10 I'll take it. I don't want to say that we did this but I believe that we mentioned that it should be in space in our Podcasts and then one reporter finally got a question to f gary gray about it during the press tour and he's like, you never know It wasn't like no It was it was almost more like by Additional writing by how did this get made podcast get us that wga arbitration Let's do it. Um, let's bring out our inside Union writing union jokes, right?

Guys, we have a lot of specific material about arbitration Stories Writers Guild healthcare plans We struck we won. We're ready to go back to our writers guild east and west unclear What if this whole show just became Really a deep dive into who gets all the credits Where you wrapped this is based on a story by obviously But screenplay by someone else Uh tonight is a how did this get made all star performance?

Which means that we have not one but two guests who've been on the show before and uh are coming back again Our first guest, uh, you know this guy from the show transparent on amazon Uh, you also know him from uh movies like the house and baywatch But more importantly as a brand new youtube red series what he created Please welcome Rob Hubel HUUUBE HUUUBE HUUUUBE I realize I realized that I just said that you created a youtube show, but I didn't give you the name. It's called don't say the name of it And it fits in and it fits in perfectly here. Do you want to see a dead body? That's right And uh, you can be watching that on youtube red right now Right now that's when this comes out. This is uh right now. It's a rob I believe that you have a deep knowledge base of jason. I heard you say that That's not true. No, really. No You're not you don't have like uh, no, I like horror movies. Yeah, not. I don't like these not not especially like These are not but I will say I like the song in the trailer. Let the bodies hit the floor little body And and if i'm not wrong you are gonna sing our second opinions theme tonight later, right? If the theme song Let the bodies hit the floor Let the opinions hit the floor Um, but I appreciate um Uh, uh, I don't have a huge knowledge. You don't okay. No, I I've watched a bunch of them, but I was very little Okay, well then I will give you into another story. I was a little boy But you do have you did almost Uh severely injure yourself while wearing a jason mask though, right? I have a scar Only you would know that story Uh, I have a scar on my face Um that I Fuck you I have a scar on my face from a uh, what I thought would be a funny prank when I was in college Uh, a bunch of us went away on like a date situation A bunch of couples went to a it sounds crazy Is this an orgy I was hoping oh, I hope my wife doesn't listen to this Uh, it was college, but anyway, uh, I we all went away for a weekend To a summer camp somehow someone rented out this summer camp or like and so it was like, you know 20 couples And uh, so I was very excited. I'm gonna keep this very brief. I didn't know you were gonna say that And uh, I I thought oh, well, I gotta scare everybody like I do love being scared and I love scaring people So I uh, I brought a hockey mask and I brought a uh a long blonde wig And I brought a hatchet with me And so the first night, you know, it was college like everyone's drinking and smoking weed and party And I was like and got really late and I was like, oh, I can't wait. I can't wait to scare everybody And so I put on my hockey mask and my wig and I went up and everybody was down and it's like one um like cabin And I remember like sitting there like getting full on cane hotter like just like Like really and I started it so I my I had my hatchet and my fucking wig and I was like running And I was my plan was I was just gonna like burst into this cabin and like scare everyone Well, I got I was running like as fast as I could and uh, all of a sudden I thought someone stepped out from behind a tree and hit me in the face with a baseball bat And I thought what it actually was it was a children's summer camp where we were and I ran into a clothesline Like a wire like an old rusty wire Full speed like as fast as I can run and I can run like 60 70 miles an hour You're like a leopard So knocked off my anyway, I have a scar on my face. Thank you I will say That story in that story you do use the name of the actor who plays jason. I do know which means you know more about this movie Well, we have a good cane hotter story. Yeah, we'll save old tall As we get into it our second guest tonight fantastically Funny performer she does a show here at Largo, but she has a uh a movie right now on amazon prime It's called landline. You can watch it right now. It's fantastic She also is one of the stars of the new netflix series big mouth. Please welcome jenny slate Welcome Welcome jenny Hi Now this you are the person that now I felt bad that we made you watch us because you are not you're not watching horror movies Yes, I really didn't know that this would be the kind of movie And in fact, we got you to agree Let me tell you what jason that he was texting to see if I was feeling okay because I had the flu for like 90 years And and then it was like in the are you okay?

Blah blah blah. Do you want to do this show? I was like, okay And then I get a very formal email from paul saying be here then da da the movie is jason x I was like you've got to be kidding me I watched it a couple hours ago I'm literally dressed like a A man because I I felt I felt like it's like so scared. I like put on my largest clothes on just to leave So so you felt as though you had no recourse From fear other than to dress as a man In theory protecting yourself from certain doom because the killer would be like, oh, it's not a pretty girl. It's just some man. Yeah It's just a scared man. No one wants to talk to him Who gives a hoot about that?

Who gives a crap about that?

I will I will say though. I think you got off really easy because on the scare factor This is not that scared. No, it's not scary at all. Not scary. There's a couple of gross out moments But that's really it a lot of gross stuff I would say I would say the gross stuff has nothing to do with killing And jason I would say that there's two that I can think of and they both have to deal with nipples Oh Yeah What really stunned me about this film And really the my mouth was open the whole time. I just can't believe any of it But that um at the beginning when they're trying to decide Whether or not to freeze first off. I don't understand why jason's so upset, but that's another thing but secondly and I haven't seen any of jason's other movies, but They're like should we freeze him should we not and then the scientist goes this is the grossest thing I've ever heard I want him soft Yeah, I wrote that down too. I know you don't want well first of all, let's us even step it back and go. Sorry. No, no No, you were right. I'm just saying that Crystal lake was a campground and when this movie opens it's the crystal lake research facility so in some years this Like kids camp has now become like a science. Yes, that checks out that totally checks out You know what I will get on board for that Why other than our main The main woman who lives It to be in the future with him You've got jason you've got like six dudes that he kills and then it's giant facility with nobody else in it That is completely it's a very big facility. It's like enormous When the science is it looks sort of like matthew modine. Yep. I was like, is that no, it's no it's david kronenberg No, no, no not. Oh, yeah, that's david kronenberg in the very yeah in the beginning the guy that the guy that one don't you worry about it?

Okay, great. That's david kronenberg. Well, by the way david kronenberg. Oh, no kronenberg And kronenberg sets up. He was there for like a day then. Oh, I think an hour and a half He was there for 45 seconds Uh kronenberg sets up something that I don't believe is canon of jason and here you go. Take a listen What are you doing here?

I'm taking the specimen. Well, you can't I haven't prepped the cryostasis chamber I don't want him frozen rolling. I want him soft We've already discussed this. Yeah. Well, I had to go over your head I'm moving him to our scran facility. Dr. Wimmer. You can't risk transporting him through open country This is an open for discussion His unique ability to regenerate lost and damaged tissue and it just it's a cries out for more research And you're willing to risk the deaths of innocent civilians if he escapes. Yes But I'm sure sergeant marcus and his men can handle the transfer just fine sergeant Everything's under control, man You know what? We're not gonna light him at all We're gonna have kronenberg lit and the other guy. He's in the shadow The other guy looks like uh, the guy who is like rambo's buddy in rambo, but uh, uh, But no, but I think I didn't know that was a part of jason's like lore that he could just regenerate like a vampire like Throughout the movie. It's as if jason vorhees is wolverine. Yeah, it's and that I don't think I don't know if they ever I don't know if they ever said it per se, but it's like implied that like that he can come back killable. Yeah But is he a ghost? Is he dead? Does he have a soul?

First of all, I don't understand. I wrote these questions. Does jason what is jason?

I wrote kronenberg exclamation point. What is jason?

Which for me is an existential note Right, that's not even about the film. I know that was not about the film. That was your stuff What is jason? I just that's from when I was just looking at myself in the mirror I'm like, the first thing I wrote down the the writer who wrote this is named Todd farmer and I wrote keep your day job farmer And I'm not gonna say that. He's a farmer. He's a farmer. He is a farmer um, but because I mean jason has No motivation as a character. He is just like he's like, um, this is a dog movie Like it's it would be did he ever Yeah, I asked my friend who I watched the movie with because I was too afraid to watch it alone. We get it. You've got friends. I'm sorry I can't help it. Uh, loving popular. I mean come on. I get it. I watched it alone I ain't an existential crisis. I get it. You have friends. I was telling go ahead sir Well, he said that jason got pushed into a lake a long time ago and he's upset It's not That's what guys that's what I heard That's what I heard but Jenny, I haven't heard right when he wakes up right now. He's like, all right your friends are morons Well, I will say that on the commentary track the the writer did admit to never seeing the other movies. Wow And um And here if you want a quick you want a quick look back at the jason films part one Uh, jason's mother is jason. She's stalking a murder. She is jason. Yes. She's wearing the mask And she is stalking and murdering the teenagers of camp crystal lake Uh, because uh jason drowned in the lake due to their negligence. Yeah, so that's a cool idea She's decapitated at the end. It's like a revenge story for the month. Yes. So let's go let's go out of space No, and then part two jason is alive and he's a fully grown man He returns to crystal lake to guard it from intruders five years after the event of the first film jason murders a new group of campers And then the final girl finds a shrine in the woods to mrs. War. He's head and then jason Kills her with a machete. This reminds me of when I was a little boy. Oh, no, she killed she kills jason with machete part three jason removes the machete from his shoulder and finds his way to a local farm where he hides in the barn and kills anyone who comes in And then finds a hockey mask to hide his face And then it's seen that's when the hockey mask arrives Well, I mean, there's no hockey mask in previous movies. I think that to me. I maybe Oh So thank you for that information Wait, what?

Oh, it's almost at the end so jason finds hockey mask in the early movies. What is he wearing on his dumb face?

You see him from the back bag a bag. Oh Yeah, he's wearing a bag. He's wearing like a burlap sack like a burlap sack. Yeah. Yeah. Is that right? Yeah wait for real? Yeah His mom's nude Not for nothing Considering yourself about to be watched friday the 13th one So if you can't hear there's nude bombs in this movie What do you think my preferred channel on porn hub is?

So if you couldn't hear it clearly enough Uh first movie jason's mom is wearing nothing. Yeah Second movie. Yeah, jason's wearing a bag over his head third movie bag until hockey mask Then we go into uh, he's seemingly killed by an axe to the head in part three Then the final chapter starts with jason killing everyone in the morgue that he's taken to then he returns Killing everyone in the morgue They're already gone sounds like a bit redundant. Yeah, I I I we both really you know, and then he left to open the drawer steps It's the build up of self-confidence. He was yeah to jason's point. He did get an axe in his head. So he thought those people were alive um Then he returns to camp crystal lake kills everyone And then a character named tommy who's at the cabin near the camp kills jason Then a new beginning starts with jason with tommy being committed to a mental condition while copycat takes on jason's Jason's jason's likeness Then jason lives tommy becomes jason. Yes, then yeah, I remember that jason's grave and accidentally resurrects him Accidentally I think there was like a light mean bowl. Yeah lightning strikes the grave. I was such a little boy And then Tommy about you by the way light mean and electricity can reanimate anyone always always always And then it gets crazy then he's like chained put to the bottom of the lake then part seven jason's telekinetically Resurrected by Tina who was trying to bring back her father. I want to see her and then Tina returns Jason to the bottom of the lake and then part eight jason goes to Manhattan Oh Shit Where he works for meryl streep and his And his dating adream grignet Not a lot of people know that jason four east was originally cast in the devil words product And they shot 30 of the movie with him and we're like it's not working it worked Then he's melted by toxic waste and then Uh and jason goes to hell the final friday jason is red resurrected, but we don't know why The fbi is hunting him and then kills him He survives by possessing different beings until his niece stabs him with a magic dagger and sends him to hell So that's wait, isn't there a uh a jason freddy movie? Yeah, but that's not canon Oh, that that is a side that's like a one-off that's like the new hope that's like uh a side movie going All right, you know not new hope. I mean rogue one. Sorry. Oh, oh, oh, sorry. Well rogue one is still canon Just a side movie. It's not part of the trilogy. Um, can I ask a question? Yeah, and I we might not have answers But one of these dildos might When and why is he obsessed with his machete?

And also, where did it come from in this movie?

He's all yeah, his old one that he sees on the yeah, he's all chained up in the prison and then when he's free He's like got my machete Yeah, but I'll say when he's frozen When they are freezing he's like uh Before they freeze him he's all chained up in the opening scene, right? Right. Also, is the opening credits take place in hell?

No, that's inside of his body Ah, okay. Okay. I was wasn't paying good enough. That was like interspace. Have you seen the movie interspace?

Yes, not to bring up that. I obviously watch this with a very cool friend, but um, that's what my friend said Oh, really? Yeah, am I your cool friend?

No, I watched it with another cool friend. You're cool. I didn't watch it with anybody. So I didn't have any Can I tell you how I watched this paul? Uh, we're very briefly we're sleep training our baby right now, which don't have babies and uh And so uh, basically what that means is you just let your baby cry and you know, you don't go in there And then they figure out like oh, I'm gonna be okay. So I was I was or they realize you don't love them So I was watching them Watching the movie with one headphone in right by her her room and watching the baby monitor like this And it was fucking the baby monitor was what was scaring me Yeah, because you know, it's just like a little tiny person like I will say something. I'm like that's dumb. Okay. By the way, you need to score your baby monitor to let the bodies hit the floor Hey, babe, come here. Look at this Let the bodies hit the floor Just your adorable child I I watched this movie On an airplane because I needed to cram it in before I got back here. Oh never say the phrase cram it in And I was soft I'd appreciate it like I'm soft cram it in while it's soft I was sitting next to a child And the my child. Yes. Who was doing fine Uh, who was fast asleep? You're sleep training my baby on a plane. And you know, that's like that's what you're supposed to do By the way, they don't tell you that you take your baby. You got a plane train those babies plane train them plane train an automobile So I'm watching this movie On an airplane next to a child I feel like the first scene the kid like looks over at my iPad and sees like somebody's head get like sliced off. I'm like, ooh, and I kind of like cover up my iPad And then I'm watching it further and then that's that scene with like the two girl campers And it's the only time that like real nudity is in the movie. I'm like, ah, and then I turn it like there's real nudity earlier in the movie Very little with the robots nipples They follow it was so clinical. Let's get to that. Let's get to that. We'll get there. Okay. Okay. Okay. Sorry. I have a 30 minute Sorry, sir. Yeah, yeah I I so I I got nervous and the nudity came on with the kid that I turn my iPod Uh, my iPad out to the aisle, which meant that I was just flashing Yeah, you're basically like, hey, anybody want to get a look at this?

Check it out It was so I was like, I was really mortified and then I was like now I'm like this fucking creepo Who's like watching like a jason movie on my ipad?

Like everyone's like watching like baby driver and spider-man. I'm like, yeah Yeah, like you're watching like legit trash Like and I bought clearly bought it. It's anything on the seat back entertainment. It's like I gotta watch this shitty I don't want to watch with I don't want to watch what you've got. I've got my own what I think is better That's the that's the message you're sending is my watching is more important than what you have on offer I try to make my note taking really like apparent because I just didn't want to want it to be like Well, clearly he's doing it for some sort of reason. So you've got like what like a quill and a bottle of ink Taking notes taking notes. Well, just me taking notes I have a I have a just to back up a question about this opening scene and then we should probably move on Yeah, sure. Why am I driving the podcast? You know what?

But um, this is a hostile take over. But isn't this This scene where they go in and Jason's chained up and then they come back and you know, and the guy puts the The coat over his face. Isn't that just stolen from silence to the land that is the scene from silence of the lambs. Yeah No, I I feel like this guy this writer Didn't have any issue with that He said the movie is based so much on alien that he named one of the characters after tom scarred's character In the alien film like he made every single character like the cowboy hat fucking cope. Yeah, like Everybody it is it really is just a man scarred We I mean like the guy's a legend I was gonna talk about alien more and then I was just like me. We need more tom scarred in the world Just saying Mustache Oh I'll sit in this I don't care. All right, so here we are Scary All right, let's go So here we are camp crystal lake research facility a place that's seemingly Uninhabited with no lights and very damp. There was like literally water on the floor. They have this test subject He's a serial killer. They want to hold they yet let him keep his hockey mask on which seems like they would I think that you'd want to see what was under the hockey mask or You wouldn't have to let him there's a weird line where they were there first assessing him where they say that hockey has been outlawed Well, that's in the future. Yeah in 2024 Was was when they when they outlawed but they don't tell us why hockey has been outlawed Football still going on on earth too in this movie hockey So they the the guy realizes it's a hockey mask and and I was like obviously they're in the future, but they're like 450 years in the future. Yeah, like I don't think a hockey mask would be that recognizable No, yeah, if it's been outlawed for that long, but also their technology. There's they're you know, they're using like, you know Oh, they are also wearing half shirts. They're wearing. They're all in Chanel sweater Everybody's wearing half. Why are they wearing that in a lab? Like she's like It's the whole operation in so horny Why are they those two doors are so horny and then they just go and why don't you guys come back when you're more focused?

Yeah, and they're like, okay, we will yeah. Whoa. That's crazy. I am transplanting all of the horniness of summer camp onto a spaceship. Yeah, so weird A spaceship out of a cw show and I mean that in no offense. Yeah to cw. It's just so offense to cw It's just like really bad graphics. It's like so There's some also there's some digital blood in this that is also really bad when the guy gets his arm cut off Like there's some I like had to go back and go just fucking try like Try to make the blood spur the first arm that gets cut off of like the dork By the way, why would he be allowed on that science expedition? He's like a dumbass. He's like the stupidest Why would they have brought him and he needs it?

Is he from the movie Step Up? You can't have that kind of hair if you work in a lab. You should have your hair out I know you think it's moose from step up. It's not So basically but we won't even know like so, you know Jason is accidentally frozen This space crew comes like salvaging earth one But we don't even know what this crew is. They don't seem like they have any job like an an alien And they're like, oh, they're like space truckers essentially like, you know on you know serenity. They're like Pirates, you know, they're kind of doing clandestine stuff here. It just looks like a bunch of young Good-looking people who are kind of all equal scientists like a school. It's like a mobile school Yeah, I think yeah, oh, yeah, right. There is a school element because the guy's a professor because of and he loves his nipples to be Yeah, even 450 years from now Yeah, still 450 years from now. He's wearing current day like negligee. What was the line that the girl says?

What about her midterm?

Oh, no, right when she's like do it do it and then he goes you pass Just like such a funny thing to say at orgasm. Oh wait, some of you guys You can guess in this audience two of you are gonna have sex tonight Scream you pass Oh my god, you're listening to this on the podcast with your lover scream you pass Let's hear it in real time here good That device is too big I thought when she first brought it in it was gynecological equipment. That's what I thought it was I don't like this already and then I didn't like this more Than the thought of the thing that I didn't like My question is is this the tools intended use?

Or is this a She's like oh, I'm about to see professor and just grabbed it on her way from the lab. Oh, I'm gonna grab She was really thinking about the rosé This like something that is like like hedge trimming shears in size Oh Is she having second she has her underwear?

That's the other thing that I was just about to say and then I oh I just stopped myself because I was like I don't know if I can live through what I'm about to say You go Rob. Well when I have sex when I have sex if you die we will have lightning strike you to reanimate Uh and then apparently this man Climaxing is what awakes Jason like wait really?

Yeah, he doesn't like horniness. Yeah, that's that's the one thing that we know he doesn't but he hates fucking teens He doesn't hate fucking he hates teens that fuck. Yeah, he's fucking teens right. He hates fucking. Yeah, he's a real He fucking hates fucking teens And he can smell jizz he can smell jizz But he immediately kills the person who was bringing him back to life who seemed to be the only one that was doing her job Yeah, by the way, yeah, that was a really violent like her entire Body was sucked out of a four inch hole vent. By the way before she got sucked. She said this sucks Yeah, so many This sucks on so many levels by the way not to pull the rug out from under us But at the beginning of the movie they set up that they can reanimate arms and everything who cares if anyone gets killed We'll bring them back Right, it doesn't matter if any of us get killed like why is why would we possibly be upset?

It's like, okay, except for the girl that got sucked through the through the vent But here's my other issue with this whole movie ultimately you bring the serial killer and I get it That's has to be the conceit of the movie, right? You got to get this guy on But it's a confined space where all you need to do is sound an alarm say hey everybody stay in your bunks There is no seemingly zero communication Between anyone at any given point. There's no intercom. There's so many ways this could have been avoided I mean You could have not asked me to watch it The link I had could have been broken There's so many ways I could have avoided watching this. No, they are constantly That's where I was like I had to readjust and be like, oh no These movies are this these movies are it's all about the kills It's all about people making dumb decisions and going to the basement when they shouldn't or or like when the dude Is like on the run and he's like wait a minute quick We got to get to the shuttle, but should I fuck my robot that I just made?

That's the craziest Yeah, I think I fucking should How did they do the nipple effect so that actress they covered up her real nipples And then put fake plastic nipples on there so much so that when they fell off I was like, oh my god Her her nipples fall off like um like your refrigerator lost magnetism Yes, total suck zero time I assumed it was like a computer. It was like a computer effect. Do you think it was practical?

They feel like they're CGI, but I think it's a computer. Here we go. Let's but let's do this sound they make the money on that The sound that they make is what really makes it disturbing. Do you think?

Mm-hmm. Do you like them? They're fine It sounds like Two second joey of silver dollars hitting the ground so if he did put on steel nipples What are you getting out of that either like that also who manufactured those in space?

She was like I want you to make me some nipples and he was like I'm busy Really, uh, I've got a lot to say about this movie. Why is when Jason is still dead not dead, but like yeah dead Um, um when they are when uh blondie who gets not her name Uh, when she is kind of doing stuff. She's you know, carves his mask off his face. Yeah, blah blah blah Why is the goop that leaks out of his head green? Yeah, why is it again? And I wrote it again. What is Jason?

Also, why did she need to why did she need to like clearly cut off the mask?

But then seemingly the mask stayed like she just kind of smushes it back on She puts it on in like a non-medical way like that's not the way a doctor would like put your thing back just like Putting just like just putting a sticker. She takes his eyeball out and just looks at it and then like freezes it Yeah, puts it in a thing. Yeah, um also sheer with that. I forgot this character's name What's your name in real life? Is that alexa? Um, doig?

Doig, what is it? Doig? I'm assuming like no doig And And so her does anybody know what it is So her first line when she wakes up she this movie was made in 2001 She wakes up in 24 55 the first words out of her mouth are did you get him?

That's the first like her first order of business is not like whoo it was cold when I was frozen or Well, first she clocks that guy. Yeah, she clocks that guy first of all, which is hilarious. By the way jason's machete What we under what we believe goes through like metal. Yeah, like cryogenic chamber like like a hot knife through butter like to kind of get her killed too But like that machete someone should look into that that machete seems like it has some powers Uh, he's obsessed with this machete. Like I would argue like the machete is like his true love It's almost as if this movie was written by someone who never saw any of the jason But this professor guy or this teacher guy his whole motivation is It's like a weird like he just wants people to pay to see her Remember he says like he says like oh people will pay money to see her She was and then she goes away and then it's like or whatever and then so then he's like People pay money to see jason like he's like some carnival animal or something Which you know, that's not gonna work out. Well at all. Yeah, just kill everybody. Yeah, uh, it's it's a it's a weird It's a weird movie because they're just running. They're not no. There's no there's no deliberate like there's no, um Reasoning with jason. There's no reason why he has any grudges with any of these people They have yet not they have not just done anything bad to him but bring him back to life um, and Well, that's it. It's interesting. He's like a frankenstein type figure. Yeah, but there is no like, um There is no understanding it really is we're looking at it the wrong way I think the way you're supposed to look at it is he is the hero. We love him. We're rooting for him Right. Yeah, okay. Okay. Like we're rooting for him and we're beating all the dumb to kill all the dumb dumps while we beat off Although this movie is very hard to beat off to You can find your moments respectfully disagree. What do you mean you could find?

Look I was on a plane so it was a little bit more challenging. Can I tell Can I tell our bummer story about about okay the guy the actor that plays jason in real life His name kane hotter and I'm scanning the audience as if I know what he looks like Um, so hopefully he's not here, but one time she and I were at uh something in new york He was like a comic con type. But yeah, but not comic. It was a very low level horror convention horror con in new jersey Yes, like in a hotel. Wait. Are you sure it was a horror convention or were you just in new jersey nailed it?

That's right new jersey So boom, so that feel So it was one of those things where you go and there are people you know, they're the signing booths and so Kane hotter jason from the movie is there, you know, and you pay 20 bucks to get his autograph or whatever So it was very close to uh, halloween like it is Not when this podcast comes out And uh, and so the the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life was a probably keep in mind you have a child Yes, the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life though is this this is cuter than this is cuter. My child is a crybaby Um, no this so so there was a mom there with like a three-year-old boy in Fucking full-on jason garb tiny little overalls tiny little hockey mask like three years old like, you know bear like doing this And his mom is there sees kane hotter there like, you know, he's got a big poster or whatever And she's like go on go on go on up there. And so the little boy is just like It goes up there and he gets up to kane hotter the person in real life and kane hotter goes 20 bucks 20 bucks to the little kid so I I couldn't help but remember that as I was watching this movie that like oh that guy Uh, what a surprise that jason is a bad dude in real life Oh edit out that pause paul Take out this pause take out this pause. No, you know, let's just sit in this take it out. Take out that pause So jason, um Is on this ship that has an anchor in it The spaceship has an anchor and yeah, because you have to anchor your spaceship. Yeah all the time otherwise it'll float away into space And so many rooms full of that's why on all the space things you see the you hear them say drop anchor Star Wars drop anchor star trek mr. Sulu drop anchor They just need to get him in rooms to chains and like Giant like they just put like yeah put an anchor will put something on anchor and like that I'll give into that but what I don't like Is the abuse of vr in this movie these two kids are playing vr. Oh, yeah jason murders the vr orc And it like exists in the game jason is able to without his own set Without anything yeah, that's what makes this to the game they're in participate And then when they take the masks off He's just standing there and the the video game disappears and he's like what's going on And to me Why not just make the smarter choice of not making the people in the future wear any sort of vr masks?

Yes, like make it like everybody is in a thing. Yeah Yeah, no, but they have the two guys like sitting down on like two carpets like we're in vr masks And why are they sitting on the floor like that like where is that the game room or do they just sit down?

Like they're sitting down like how people 400 years ago watch television Yeah, I was more I was more psyched about those monsters It like it was such a misdirect. I was like, oh cool. Now we're gonna see some fucking cool monsters And then I was like, oh, this is a fucking vr sim or whatever I don't know technology. You know what furthers your your your hypothesis That jason is the hero is that every human being in this movie is a fucking asshole. Yes The only nice one is the woman who puts his mask back on and she's like poor thing or something like that He really ruins her head. Yeah, that's what she got Yeah, like they they these fucking dies a single-handedly destroy Solaris No repercussions how many hundreds or thousands of people they killed it on that thing just A bash they drove through it and then it explodes and they're like, oh my god Back it up They are awful people and that's and I guess that was maybe for me the thing that was giving me a little bit of tension I was like, well, these people are terrible But jason is the protagonist. Yeah, I think what I'm not used to well my that's I mean, I'm the protagonist in my life I feel like So I understand where jason could be the protagonist, right? You just you feel like it's just about jason. Yeah Because most things are yeah, my zook X One of my main beefs is the poor commitment to um jolts on the spaceship Yeah, you know because like everyone's going in a different direction like solaris blows up one guy goes that way Someone goes like this someone else goes like whoa No, you know it's like star check level. Yeah, like original series star check level like oh But the robot woman is actually good at the jolt. She's got a lot of jokes that she does Lisa Ryder is her name. Lisa Ryder is far in a way Crushing it in this movie. Um, just interestingly, you know, obviously one of the big reveals of this movie is when uh, the robot Like becomes full on terminator. She gets an upgrade and like Upload upload. Sorry So does that mean he just like Like he just like Trying to escape better now Then when you have to the pod and he's like wait a minute and they have like a A moment that is romantically charged But I don't think she understands romance. No, I think she does she loves and that's why she wants her nipples Is that it? Yeah, because she wants to be like jennessa Also, you memorized everyone's name 450 years from now named jennessa A fourth of a blouse which I have a lot of trouble with Whoa Really jennessa. Yeah the guy writing it was like What's the name of a sexy girl who I can who will like me basically like he just like You know, he falls in love with her while he's writing it. He just loves jennessa jennessa Absolutely. Todd farmer walked down the street. Yeah, it's like shoot. I gotta change it You know that like someone from Todd farmers past is like is this about me?

And and he's like no venessa, why would you say that?

Jennessa's shirt is like the most insane garment I've ever seen in my life Yes, and one and and it's like it's crazy It's just like two strips down in titties like that and then and then with like weird bolts, right?

And then and also my my pants just are completely broken. I can't I can't stand up like They say that in the movie. They say she says don't wreck my pants. Don't wreck my pants Don't wreck my pants. That was a great buy. Yeah should have been on the box But there is a part where like they're doing something that's like tough and she like She like makes sure that her shirt's on and if it was ever really on To begin like yeah, she should have been wearing something everyone in that spaceship should be wearing more more And yeah, that like it's weird to say for a harm movie put on more clothes people Except for during the sex scene when they should be wearing less. Yeah, even even the military people Are like pornographically dressed. Yeah Um, I will say this interesting. So when Jason is uh killed, he's reformed now if you listen to the podcast Uh, you know, we did a movie called virtuosity and the way that Jason came back Was An idea stolen from virtuosity. Wow. Literally. Yes, truly. This is on the commentary track The writer tut farmer lifted this idea of nanotechnology from virtuosity He said he thought it would be cool So because it worked in that movie It worked in virtuosity. But it's also it's not just nanotechnology. It's just ants Like at one point they cut to like an extreme close-up and it's just fucking bugs It's like it looks like I think they're robot bugs. Yeah, that's nanotechnology. Robot bugs. Well, yeah, of course But still it's bug. You got a bug problem. It's a fucking bug problem Yeah, just to give you an idea of uh other other ideas that uh, Jason could have been in and that instead of space These are the ideas that they passed on. Um, all right. So Jason in the hood Jason leprechaun. Well, that right Jason in the snow Oh Jason underwater Yeah, Jason in the Arctic Well, isn't that the snow?

Totally different, bro. Totally different. You've never been to the Arctic. Yeah One could be like one could be like the thing and one could be like snow day. Um, the other one Jason and LA fighting gangs The other one Jason on safari And they even considered something involving the NASCAR circuit Wow, yeah that I did sheer did you have any thoughts on the sim at the end the crystal lake throwback?

Where that's where I was showing nudity to people on my airplane. Yeah That's an odd sequence because that's like one of those rare moments too where like I felt bad because it felt like Gratuit like you like there's no like how could you get anyone to even do it?

It's like hey, so this is not a trickle to the part the plot This is something like, you know, you like what are your what are our lines?

Well, you're gonna yell we love premarital sex And then then we get into sleeping bags and are beaten to death with each other's body Using the sleeping bag as a weapon So cut they cut back to Jason for he's and he's holding a sleeping bag with a girl in it and he's clobbering The other girl, but I will be back with that girl. I will say full metal jacket I will say that there's a lot of like weird production design in it But I did feel like the sleeping bags were not full enough like they felt yeah They didn't we're like Audio the women in the audio check were like ow ow ow. Yeah, I couldn't understand what the audio was I was like are they is the sim glitching? Are they laughing still?

Because they're like looking up at the camera and also how is the sim prepared for that scenario?

yeah Like what I don't know that it's but that's within the cut. I don't know he was he was using The the boyfriend of k.m. Was using her severed head. Yes And somehow checked that in to the sim thing right if she was downloading that program. Am I wrong?

Can I also say I love k.m. But I also like the scientist. I liked her boyfriend. I like that guy You like that guy? To me he was the most relatable character in the film. Let's all go around and say who our favorite dummy was Mine was the robot. Yeah, I loved I loved her non magnetic nipples I loved when she became like laura kraft tomb raider at the end I I I would go with my favorite. It was I think this is him uh boy banks who played fat lou Who was the guy who was like?

Hey, what the hell? I'm fat Lou. You've asked my stuff. No one ever says my name, but you know who I am. Yeah Yes, next listen kids in their dumb field trips. I bet I'm gonna catch shit for this And then he gets chopped into Like a gajillion pieces then the other guy comes up and is like, oh, this is a nightmare, but I've seen worse. What?

Yeah, that's never they never see that at all. Are you gonna explain what what stop the movie Vietnam like I didn't know no he's seen worse in like then he refers to some war that they fought Oh the microsoft Where people are fighting each other with their own limbs Micros over over old zunes By the way, also one of my favorite lines is It's gonna take more than a poke in the ribs to put this put down this old dog That ought to do it That was a great line But that's that's where that movie was weird because it's like they were going for jokes and I like that joke a lot but then they would also like They would treat some things like Like that I think work, but then there's another move moment where like what's his condition? He's screwed. Yeah Oh, yeah, why did I have that big crew in there? That was her friend. She should be like he's screwed And why were they never shocked when people were dead? They're not in a war They're scientists They should be like if they see one dead person that isn't like part of their lab, which they don't keep clean Should be like The only time they did that come and be like hey, hey everyone The only time they did that is when they ran out like one door opens and there's like a security guard dead and then they go like I was like you don't even fucking know that. Yeah. Also. Also the guy who she says he's screwed It's a visual joke or it's a visual line for her the person on the other end should be like, what do you mean?

Yeah, wait, so What are you talking about if he late?

If he lost He's like what do you mean? He's he's screwed Why are you saying it like that? Oh, because there's a giant Crew in this room and he's actually rotating around. So his body has been impaled on a giant screw Oh, okay, got it. Okay. That's good. Really. That was good Let's go to the audience. Um audience. Do you have any uh questions things that we haven't talked about?

I know we haven't talked about a lot, but uh anything at all the the scene where they where he is Doesn't matter Sir your name your question. Uh, my name is matt. Um, I'm just wondering if we can go over the fact that they say they executed him three times They went from electricity to firing squad to hanging and then they just jumped to cryogenically freezing Well, I think that that actually makes sense. Uh, you know, I feel like a certain boy like well, we can't kill him So let's let's let's freeze him. Yeah, let's put him on hold. I think they also said that checks out scientifically That checks out. No, it doesn't check out. Yes, it does like here's the thing if you want that guy gone chop him into a million They did that they blew off his leg. They blew off his foot. Well this movie. Yeah, but yeah, but if the nanotechnology wouldn't have come back He would I mean again, they knew that he regenerated. So why would they leave him in that room alone?

Why did he leave him on the like regeneration slide? Also, why does he regenerate question mark because the bugs?

But they can regenerate all of their friends. It doesn't matter Um, sir your name your question. Uh, my name's devin. So why do we need their names paul? I like it. I like it I like I like it. Justine is using a fake name the people at home Oh, that was devin. You're telling me that guy's name is devin, right?

Yeah, his name's devin. Nope. I don't buy it for a fucking minute. No way Paul Yeah, get his license So let's check out your license. All right devin if that's your name your question Um, so early when the lady that travels the earth's frozen and going through time, um Do Ike she yeah when she's getting thawed the robot says this line that I think is just either Miswritten or something she's saying. I think she's supposed to be saying cellular, but she says Celery Wow Good catch paul paul that's not a question It could be observations. We're taking observations and questions observations. You're telling me she says celery I know when I got to watch the whole movie again Oh, she's going through celery regeneration celery regeneration. They're dead. I will say to devin's point I thought news am I Noons It did seem like there were more than a couple flood lines That they didn't even try again It seemed like there was a moment when miss doig forgot her line and like ran into a room and was like, I We And I was like, okay, I know what that is because I've done that myself. You don't know what you're saying We got it. Let's move on. Let's move on moving on check the gate Um your fake name and your question Oh, uh Well, my real name's kareen and that sounds fake enough. So let's just go with that So when the guard or when that marine or whatever she just finds her friend impaled and she's like, oh, he's been screwed He hasn't even been screwed. It's a drill Like it's not even a screw. So my question is What do you guys think about that? What about this? What about this?

He's dead. This is not a drill. Oh wait, it is Yeah You got a little bit of a standing ovation We'll give you the clever word play. All right, your name your question Uh, my name is scott and great and undercover shirt name undercover. This is fake. Um, so When the professor is with the space marine, he's like, do you have all your kids? He says, yes, I've got them all They immediately cut to the boba holodeck Where they've got these idiots playing games That's todd farmer the bald idiot that gets cut in half is top farmer. Really?

Oh Todd farmer also the writer director of Drive angry the niggas cage movie that we did in this podcast And was also uh killed in that as well Paul we have not even touched on the last like minute of the movie where jason comes Yeah, no, sorry. Sorry. Yeah where jason comes at us And then broad ski comes in and tackles him And then like iron man flies him back through the atmosphere Burning him up and they become a shooting star And then two horny teenagers go. Oh a shooting star mako. Are we not gonna talk about like by the way I would argue the best part of the entire yes. I think Todd farmer started with that. Am I wrong?

friend of Todd farmer All right, your name and your question My name is Rachel and I know that like the bad guy sneaking up on the unsuspecting people are just kind of like the thing with this movie, but the The the rules about how he moves around the set are bonkers He like teleports from one room to another And the one that drove me the the most crazy is that girl is when he's coming back to life because all the people are having sex Um, he moved his leg. She turns around nothing He shifts his hand. He just kind of clenches it nothing. He sits up and gets up off the table Nothing, she doesn't she doesn't she's like no, I don't hear that bit. Oh, yeah Yeah, there's a weird angle there where like they're kind of like showing her spine Like, you know, she's in that like cut-off shirt and they're and it's like he's twitching And it's just like showing that like she's a vulnerable human or something like it's really I was upset by that I'm also sleep training my baby So by the way, I was thinking we get it. You've got friends And you have unprotected sex we get it Once one time gross I mean, this is also I will say to your point a person who at that point in the movie is wearing chains So when he would move you're hearing the rattling you're always gonna hear the rattling Well, you would also think when he sat up his hucking mask would fall to the ground And There's a there's a sorry go ahead. I mean, there's another point where like He's supposed to be in one other room. Oh, it's in the beginning. The guy falls through the door and he's dying She's like, oh what happened what happened? He's in the room He threw him through the door. She turns around. He's in the hallway. How did he get there?

Oh, yeah, round where is the other door that he came through that he just teleported over there We're not gonna have an answer for I'm worried about you because you seem genuinely upset about this. We have no answers She has created like a JFK monument in her house You're positing a theory where there's there's another jason This is because this is the magic jason. Yeah, yeah, there has to be another jason on the grassy knoll But you're uh, but you bring up a good point that there is so much Sneaking up behind people that it's like it's ridiculous Like I like it this movie could be called just look behind you just Just like one everyone's just backing up backing up. No one ever goes. I'll just look where I'm going By the way, how about this they they introduced this so late in the film There is a ship they could just easily all get on and then leave jason on the main ship and get the fuck out of there But he's not blocking it. They don't have to get like but then the one girl blows it up right But they but it would have been so easy. Okay, let's all go to that one ship, right? Like they're like, oh jason But then what would we all be doing we wouldn't be doing we wouldn't be here and again Again, your acting is if that girl or those people are the characters we're following right and it's not Jason is the character we are following and my only out my only thought again and lexie doig I guess lexie Alexa, Alexa. Oh, no, now we just turned on everyone's alexis at home Alexa Alexa doig Alexa search alexa doig Alexa play steely dan peg Um, the other thing Alexa, what's the weather? Oh, this is fun People are like, oh fuck. Oh, come on Alexa play let the bodies hit the floor So Alexa wake the baby Alexa fuck you Alexa tell me a joke. Alexa tell me a dirty joke There was I gotta I have an Alexa and I got an email every week is like do you like comedy ask Alexa to tell you a limerick Ew You get that email every week?

I wouldn't a jake kill myself I keep it around because I want to know what the new latest skills I could teach my alexa are I don't do anything Limerick I just like to like do you like comedy then ask Alexa for a good limerick I would like this movie to be Jason running around with the mask constantly falling off Just that like just the slap the guy Killing someone. Oh fuck. Ah, where is it? Where is it?

My contacts are in their mask Like they've done 10 of these how have they never done one that's just like the airplane version of this movie?

Sir your name and your question My name is Ryan and unfortunately it is a bit of a statement But I have some insight that relates to this movie. Are you Todd farmer?

I have a limerick. No, I can explain Kane Hatter's sour disposition So Freddy versus Jason is canon Oh damn, all right This is something that fans campaign for and Kane Hatter and Robert England both campaign for it conventions and stuff probably like the one you went to When it finally was gonna happen all the rights came together in the different studios or whatever at the end of Jason goes to hell Jason sinks into hell literally The mask is all that's left and the last scene of the movie is Freddy's hand coming up out of the ground and grabbing it So Freddy lives underground in hell Jason goes to hell apparently he has an apartment He has a time share So years and years ago Next to Donald Trump campaigning like this was like Kane Hatter's life was campaigning for this movie to get made They made the movie with Robert England as Freddy Some other dude is Jason Oh And this is Kane Hatter here in this one. So you think that Kane Hatter is just Oh, you're saying I'm sorry, I thought this whole story was about how why Jason is always trying to kill everyone But you're I was like, well, who's on and Kane Hatter? Well now I want to know more because I don't know. He's probably a nice guy I'm and also I don't want to get murdered like please Kane Hatter don't I'm glad you said that because up until now because we've been friends for a long time I've considered you someone that wanted to be murdered. No, no, no, I No, let me be clear. I do not want to be He said no, I'll always deny it on a podcast, but he definitely wants to be Alexa don't murder me. Alexa murder Rob you will please Alexa put Rob you will I might do not murder list As per his instructions Alexa Um, obviously we had an opinion about this movie, but there are people out there with a different opinion. It is now time for second opinions Stupid logic idiotic. That's what critics say in great action Superb acting Great action super back then. That's what I am seeing top that Top that I got a second opinion about that Top that stop that top that stop that. It's my second opinion. So don't try to stop that Mike with a top that second opinion theme From the great film Teen Witch Teen Witch Callback I will say I did not know where I was going to begin with and I was really happy of hearing that He got more confident as the song went along Yeah, if that is the power of Teen Witch If you're having a bad Alexa play Teen Witch top that That was great Mike great job. You should be proud of yourself. Yeah, all right. Here we go I have still have a problem with those shoes This one is written by Gerholt in 2001 fake name I have a message to all the critics who I'm sure are readying their pins to dump all over this latest installment They're quill pins. Don't bother We know the acting will probably be horrible and the story won't be poignant or meaningful and it doesn't matter If it's Oscar caliber performances you want go see Captain Corelli's mandolin Somebody Alexa play Captain Corelli's Leave us in our slasher film alone It doesn't need to make sense or even tie into part nine All we need is Jason and his hockey mask And nudity and blood Wow, and that's it I've been a fan of Jason's since 1982 and I plan to be here to the bloody and pun intended Five stars Sign little Rob Hubel Baby Hubs This one is um, this one is a weird You want to pass over it? No, no, no, no, no 10 fingers 10 toes not enough to count the bodies Basically I watch Jason movies because of the high body count, but this movie went to fall. Oh, wow Jason kills 20 to 25 people and that's not counting the thousands he helped blow up On Solaris. Oh, yeah. Wow Um, Jason's mind is gone as soon as he sees someone they're dead. It's the best Friday the 13th movie ever Five stars The road like turned upside down and then he drove his car upside down Mind is gone guys. It is interesting because they say his brain is so small Yeah, you know that at some point so like but it's very big Okay, Paul Yeah, why did you focus on that one line that about Paul that's the thing that you took away from this There is I thought it was weird because she said but it's dick is so big and then she just raps She says she's hung like a mammoth. Oh Oh, all right, he's hung like a mammoth. Paul, why do you know that? Yeah, Paul and she says I bet he's hung like a mammoth. Well, we just decided it's true And have then and have run around also just look at his dead limp dick and find out There's one way to figure this out. Alexa. How big is Jason Voorhees's penis?

Which Jason Voorhees? Alexa, how big is a mammoth's penis?

Um, this is uh, one of my favorite reviews here from, uh, Mr.

Bayvine, Mr. Bayvine One of the guys looked like Lawrence Fishburne and I thought he was until I found out he wasn't For anyone that didn't know the X in Jason X means the tenth one The actors did a good job and that one girl actually took the dead guy's gun I've been wanting someone to keep the guy's weapon every time I watch our movie. Overall, I'd say this is the best Friday the 13th ever five stars Wow You know the other thing I just want to ask is does this movie take place on Friday the 13th? No, no, okay Because there is no Friday the 13th in space On earth two they've outlawed it with hockey But it does make me, it does make me like kind of begs the question. What is Jason?

I still haven't gotten an answer Yeah, well you are gonna struggle then to die. What is Jason? Do you know?

No, he's a shooting star, bro And then finally this is a very heavily edited review Like eight nine paragraphs here from techno Machinima 1996 and I'm just gonna read the final paragraph It's pronounced Mac in it Oh, yeah Techno X But there's no X so it's techno Mach Mach, does that even spelt like that?

This is before Mach Overall if you're looking for unique sci-fi horror experience If you like to look at attractive and decidedly sexy people If you're into Jason and Friday the 13th But need something different if you like super awesome special effects If you like action if you like humor If you like sex appeal in your horror movies And you want to see Jason in a whole new way Well then this movie is definitely for you Super awesome special effects Really What why why what is Jason?

What is Jason?

Why when Jason gets you know fixed by the ants?

Does he get turned into like um Bane?

Yeah, why is he so much more like ripped and built He gets jacked and he's half metal and he's like it's like he gets Because the ants fucked him they all fuck if you got fucked by ants you'd be so Oh, so you think that is a decidedly sexual process?

Why wouldn't they regenerate his skin and why would they regenerate his mask?

Yeah Like because it's nanotechnology Why were his eyes red?

Why were his eyes red?

Smoking that weed bro He's so dumb that's ganja Because he is a replicant Right the replicants all have red eyes Oh is that right?

Okay guys sorry didn't mean to go crazy with my blade runner knowledge He looks like like I also watched that on the Blade Runner Hot Take Yeah my Blade Runner Hot Take Oh I said I thought he looked like like bebop or rock steady Like from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle With a little bit of cring because his head's so I have a question too I would maybe like say Legend of the Ooze more but let's see I have a question too at the very end where those uh the horny teens see the shooting star of Jason and Brodsky They're on Earth 2 Earth 2 Okay that's what I want to do Earth 2 Which is somehow habitable because I was told Yeah because we destroyed Earth Yeah but I thought all planets were uninhabitable No just Earth regularity Call it if that out Earth 2 is fine Alexa is Earth 2 still habitable?

Does anyone want to take a swing at what the tagline might be for this?

Don't wreck my pants It is this Halloween meet the perfect 10 in terror Now what is interesting about that is Farmer This movie came out April 26 And also wait I'm sorry and this you might just also have to edit this out because it's a genuine question This movie is not from the Halloween series either right?

No no yeah yeah Okay so okay Yeah yeah this Halloween meet the perfect 10 10 in terror Isn't April 26 like Easter?

Well I can now go with the other good tagline Resurrection Um you've been drowned chainsawed knife axed hammered shocked burned spiked nailed shot and frozen and now he's back for more Like it's you know resurrection Wait was he in frozen?

Jason not a lot of people know Jason He is the still man Olaf Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, yeah, um this movie came out in 2002 the number the top three movies that year were Spider-Man Lord of the Rings uh the two towers star wars episode two um and the budget was 11 million dollars and worldwide it made 16 million it was a profitable so we're the dicks we don't know we don't know for pna don't use fucking industry terms on me Alexa buy the house on blu-ray one click purchase let this sales just right after this episode like bam a huge spike um let's uh let's see so obviously why we watch these movies uh because they're like fun bad movies and so now let's go around and see do you believe that this is a fun bad movie to watch you don't have to agree to it you it's your own opinion would you recommend people to watch this film if they have not seen it I will say watch this movie don't watch this movie while you're watching your baby try to go sleep by the way because you you're listening to people getting murdered and people screaming while you're watching your baby also scream at you this is a very niche uh angle on this you should have you should have put your iPad in the baby's crib then you could be watching your baby and the movie almost like you're at a drive-in so I should have just watched the baby monitor on which is the iPad playing the move yes smart really smart and not damaging it all to the baby um Jason any uh what would you what would you say here you know uh it's it's fine there are better there are better we've done better the halloween um that we did season of the witch leprechaun yeah we did season of the witch season of the witch that's what it yeah okay sorry that or leprechaun in the hood right that's what they're like yeah those movies are better troll the troll too we did not do that but yes but that's a good like there are better when it's gonna happen please ask me back for trolling oh yeah for sure uh there are better like this is fine and watch it if you want it's fun it is very self-aware it's very goofy there's not enough like it's not an either nor that's the thing is it's a bit neither nor if you don't watch it I think you're fine I don't think it's not like it's not like it's Miami connection right which every single Alexa purchase Miami connection um that movie is like the greatest uh and this is kind of like blah if I'm being honest yeah Jenny I would say it's worth it for one thing which is that the costume designer truly put everyone almost everyone in some sort of velour vest or belly shirt or belly shirt yeah the costume designer is really the person to look out for I feel like yeah it is it is really they made a real attempt to provide futuristic tech and all that stuff but they just assumed that everybody in 400 years in the future will dress like people in 2002 yeah like real chenille kind of stuff I really um it's great for that and if you like to smoke weed but I but I would say it was I mean I'm like it was a little bit gross you know yeah to me I would say like I find it to be like the same way I was like yeah it was fine it was fine it's a movie there's other movies we talked about in the beginning other horror movies that went to space were hellraiser leprechaun and critters so maybe we just do four of these and just figure out what's the best person in space I think a better version of this movie would have been the whole if the whole thing had been or or no at the midpoint of the movie if it had switched to the sim of crystal lake like once they got into that I thought like oh that's the movie like that's the thing I mean not the girls like we love premarital sex but I mean it would have been interesting to have to have the people on the ship act like they were in a summer camp like on earth on an old earth full circle that they don't know what it is yeah so they're having to do it in order to lure Jason out or that would have been fun are you listening to this fucking farmer we take a note on farmers only dot com just dating himself he's always liking himself and oh it's me a big thank you to Averill Halle who cuts all of our amazing clips July Diaz who's up in the booth Nate Kylie does all this research and listen to the Jason X commentary track into copious notes Kelly Alto lianna waldrin everybody here at Largo everybody at earwolf thank you so much and a good night