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The Big Suey: We Live In A Society

October 30, 2022



On this Week 8 NFL Postgame Show, Chris Cote and Stugotz want DJ Moore to act like he's been there before and adhere to rules, Witty is unfamiliar with the feelings of joy the Dolphins are bringing him, and Stugotz copes with a terrible Zach Wilson performance.

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Why are you listening to this show?

The podcast that seems very similar to the other Dan LeBertard podcast.

I'm sorry, I'm not gonna apologize for that.

In fact, the only difference seems to be this imaging.

I have been tempted in restaurants just walking past tables to grab somebody's fries if they're just there.

That hasn't happened to you guys.

I've done it.

And now, here's the marching man to nowhere, fat face and the habitual liar.

I was looking at recent quarterbacks that play against the Lions.

Tua was by far the best of the bunch.

And those two receivers, this offense, I don't know what I'm supposed to feel.

I don't know how I'm feeling right now.

I'm excited.

That's the feeling in your loins.

You have a quarterback, you have an exciting team.

He's looking at his third read.

He's throwing it to his third read.

They're wide receivers of the best they've ever had.

Dupre and Clayton included.

And this is the most exciting part, whether it's the Lions or not.

They're a team that you now, when they're third and 11, third and 12, they're still scary.

And the amazing part about it is, it's only Waddle and Hill.

Like no other receiver has 200 yards on the season.

Like nobody, most of them don't have 100 yards on the season.

They are unstoppable.

And it's sure feel right now as the only one who's even contributing offensively.

The other thing too, you mentioned like the thing that gets erased.

For me, when it's give up a touchdown on defense opening possession, fumble on your first offense possession.

They score a touchdown and you're down 14-nothing.

That's game over.

And every other Dolphin season that I've ever rooted for, that's game over after seven minutes, regardless of the opponent.

So they were down double digits for most of that game.

And you never really doubted that months that at the very least, the offense can get you back in it.

That's despite the fact that until today, the record of scoring points isn't really tremendous.

Witty, are you saying what I think you're saying?

Are you sold on Tua here finally?

Wow, that would be big.

I mean, you've been very critical of Tua.

He's a very good quarterback.

Me, Billy, Tony, Chris, we try to tell you.

And you haven't been there until right now, it feels like.

Are you there?

Is that what you're announcing?

You are there with Tua.

I'm not there on very good.

I'm there on good.

Which, by the way, is a significant step up because I thought this was a season where maybe he's on his way to being a career backup and we'd have to rediscover him as Geno Smith in five years time.

Like, I really thought that's where he was heading.

So he is not heading there.

This is a player where if you give him good system, good skill guys, running game that's improving, offensive line that doesn't get him killed, he's going to be a very good quarterback from within that environment.

And today, who is making Waddle and Tyreek Hill and everyone shine.

And that's really his only job at this point, is to make those guys shine.

That offense is awesome and fun.

Mike McDaniel is brilliant.

And Tua is absolutely doing the job of a quarterback that can accentuate all of these players.

Can the Twitter experts with the Tua needs to throw the ball a second quicker?

Like, can I just, can we stop with that?

Like, he hasn't thought about that.

These people on Twitter are like, hey, you know what Tua should do?

We should throw it a little sooner to Tyreek Hill.

Like, thanks guys.

I'm sure he's not trying to, like, Yeah, try and meet the fastest player in the world, where he's going to end up being.

Try and figure that one out too.

I was disappointed with Tyreek Hill.

Once you start with 112 yards by the start of the second quarter, I want you to have the 300 yard game.

Like, where's it?

If you're going to explode all over the field, unstoppable.

It's not, I know it's the Lions, but clearly Tyreek Hill has got like, what is it already, 460 yard games?

Yeah, but be careful, Dan.

Like, now you're getting greedy, you're getting selfish.

Like, you get 12 catches for 188 yards.

Like, hey, you want 300 yard games from Tyreek Hill?

Like, get out of here.

Be happy to talk to some of an exciting team.

He's a good team.

He's a good offense.

He's a joke, he's a joke.

I know.

Yeah, it wasn't.

I feel like you really wanted that.

The wild thing is that, the wild thing is, you only have two touchdowns.

That it's kind of weird.

It's kind of weird once they get in the red zone, they look for all their other targets.

But first off, I was terrified when he went out for one of those aforementioned under thrown deep balls and he landed.

I thought his legs were going to snap in half.

When we went up for it and basically landed straight down.

But it's remarkable.

Like, sometimes skill position players that play in great offenses with great quarterbacks don't look like the same guy when they go other places.

And Tyreek Hill has like, exceeded the hype, in my view.

Everything, Chris, we were talking for months for, you know, hey, this Dolphins team is relevant now.

Tuoh is being talked about.

Tyreek is part of the reason why.

And part of the reason why is because he is delivered in every possible respect since joining the Miami Dolphins.

Tony, what do you got on the Dolphins?

Look, guys, I think an interesting point that what he was bringing up is, oh, if we surround Tuoh with great weapons, with the great coaching staff, he's going to be good.

That was kind of the book on him out of Alabama, right?

He's not a guy that's going to take a bad team and make them better.

He's going to take a good team and make them that much better because of the skill positions around him.


Like me and Stu were talking about, like, if Zach Wilson can be Alex Smith with a really good, with really good skill position, like that's a quarterback that you can do for a couple of years.

That game.

He wasn't very Alex Smith today.

I could tell you that.

The Patriots' Jets' quarterbacking is so bad.

And I'm, and Stugats, I'm guessing because that game is so much different.

Mac Jones threw an 85-yard interception.


That should have made the game 17-3 Jets.

And the game plays out a lot differently.

Mac Jones was not very good in that game either, but he got bailed out by a roughing the passer call.

Dan, I am telling you that roughing the passer is ruining the NFL this season, like it is.

Like these are some of the worst calls.

I've been watching football my entire life.

I've never seen calls like this.

One of the few days.

In terms of, in terms of roughing the pass.

You're so right.

You've been watching.

I've been totally laying out my resume.

Football, watching, watching.

I just love you in the crib shitting yourself, snorting six months old, trying to get crawl out of the crib to go watch.


Whatever it was.

I mean, Reggie White is rolling over in his grave.

This is ridiculous.


That cost the Jets the game.

Zach Wilson didn't play well.

I still don't know if I have a quarterback.

If I had to guess right now, I'd tell you I don't have a quarterback.

He did not play well.

I need him to be Pennington.

I need him to be Alex Smith.

He was neither of those guys tonight.

I like Elijah Moore was asked about his chemistry with Zach Wilson.

And his response was, I don't get the ball.

I don't.

I love that, by the way.

I love that.

If you want to get traded, just say things like that.

You're going to get traded eventually like Kaderi Stoney.

Get traded to the best team.

How about the best game of the day?

Carolina and the Falcons to God.

So much fun.

I mean, I mean, that's it.

Yeah, race for first.


When you have a game for first place in the division, that's what you want.

And they gave you everything.

I mean, they gave you a hope for time.

They DJ Moore.

That's the strangest thing I've ever seen, where at the exact same time almost that guy won the game and lost them the game within like a second.

Like it was crazy.

That was a great game.

I cannot believe those two teams are playing for first place and those two quarterbacks.

Marcus Mariota is in first bleeping playstand.

Think about that.

DJ Morris, that's like he's been there before.

No, he doesn't.

No, he doesn't.

Don't do this.

He's never been there before.

You're going to defend that, Witty?



Don't spike your helmet when you get a touchdown.

That's a known thing.

I know that's a known thing.

But there should also be some measure of, hey, there's 15 seconds left.

That touchdown might have won in the game.

What are we doing here?

Like let's allow some exude.

Act some exude.

Why is act like you've been there a virtue?

It's not a virtue.

It's great to act.

Because otherwise you wouldn't enjoy anything.

Because the only time that you can enjoy something is the first time you've done it.

That's ridiculous.

Witty, it sounds funny coming from a guy who would never break a law, would never break a rule.

Like you just wouldn't do it.

I would always celebrate by handing the referee the ball.

Yes, even in that ecstatic moment.

Also, why can't we blame the kicker for not making a 48 yard extra point?

Like you can make a 48 yard extra point.

You can make a field goal in overtime.

That guy.

That guy.

That guy.

Pinheiro, please.

Pinheiro, you're a blight on the end yet?

You're out there representing our people?

And that's how you do it, Pinheiro?

I saw in the Lions Dolphins game, I saw running around out there for the Lions at Linebacker, there was a Latin guy.



It's Rodriguez, right?


But his first name was Malcolm.

So it was confusing.

Well, Dan, on Hard Knocks, Malcolm Rodriguez, rookie linebacker for the Detroit Lions, they called him Rodrigo as a nickname.

Rodriguez, Rodrigo.

So he's a Latin cup bearer here for our people.

Oh, come on.

Good great job.

Pinheiro missed a short field goal.

And Stu gots, what is your take is what on the helmet?

Because I do believe in the jubilance of catching a bomb to end that game, that catch that way, a guy should be allowed to get a little bit excited.

Not in that spot.

Dan, I'm sorry.

Everyone knows that rule.

He knows, everyone knows, you take off your helmet in celebration, have to touch that.

Do it on the sideline.

Just run over to the sideline.

That's it.

That's it.

The guy is a regular.

You know how hard it was to do what he did in that situation?

You work all week.

Well, the throw was better than the catch.

It was right in the bread basket.

We live in a society.

It was an amazing pass by PJ Walker, guys.

Let's not lose sight of that.

It was PJ Walker.

Chris, I demand an elaboration on we live in a society.

There are rules.

I mean, geez.

What are you guys like?

Oh, this is a big moment.

I love how he can punch the right hand.

He's a referee.

This was a big moment.

Where's the line?

Our society will fall.

We will succumb to chaos.

If DJ Moore doesn't run to the sideline to begin his celebrations.

But Chris is right.

You don't get to pick and choose when you do something wrong.

Why not?

Why not?

Who are you with me?

All right.

Listen, we are really playing the result here because they did miss an extra point and Pinheiro needs to not be a blight on the anye.

But there was also.

The best kicker in Panthers history.

In the Philadelphia Eagles game.

OK, AJ Brown had a couple of plays in that game.

One Jalen Hertz is just throwing into double coverage and it doesn't matter.

It gets a touchdown anyways because he's a good, huh guys?

He seems really good, right?

Well, you know what his, you know what his nickname is?

His nickname is swole Batman because it's not sufficient to be merely Batman.

So it's swole Batman.

And on one of the plays that he had a touchdown in double coverage, both the defenders bounced off of him were on the floor and he immediately got a taunting penalty standing in double coverage for just pointing at them for pointing at the both of them and pointing at him with the two small.

Now that was a different play.

Oh, that was another touchdown.

My back.

Three of them.

Three of them today.

And the two small one was a different one.

But that's the difference in the Eagles offense.

Is it not?

Like, I know their offensive line is great, but the difference is that dude is totally unstoppable for sure.

And I think for me, the thing that's sort of difficult, whenever a new team emerges to quite this level, it's sort of difficult for me to sort of get over week by week by week.

Oh, this is the best team in the league because they don't have any previous.

They got hammered in the playoffs last year.

It's difficult for me.

I was, I guess trying to put my figure on, well, what would be the biggest reason why you sort of change from, well, if they kind of started the season, well, I'd still might think they're frauds versus this is legit.

I think AJ Brown is reason numbers one, two, three, four and five as to why you think this Eagles team is legit and by far the best team in the NFC.

I've got the O line being number two and he's the other six reasons.

I have Jalen Hertz being number three or maybe number one or somewhere in the top three, you know, Well, that's still got the interesting thing.

If you go back to before the season, right?

When we were talking about make or break seasons on whether Jalen Hertz and two are going to be allowed to play in this league or end up with a Geno Smith possibility of just wandering around as a backup for a few years because you're making a break it right now.

They got those guys, such good skill position guys to make sure that they would look something like what they're looking like now because Jalen Hertz hasn't been this.

He's a dual threat that's protected by a lot of skill guys that hasn't gotten a chance to improve, but this season eight games ago, all of us would have been here shrugging our shoulders on I don't know about to and I don't know about Jalen Hertz.

And now we know.

I mean, now we know that they're both really, really good.

Jalen Hertz might be the MVP of the NFL.

So they're going to have to give both those guys big time money.

They both belong.

They're both going to be here for a long time.

But then that's like the sign of two good organizations, right?

Like we expect that from the Eagles.

Howie Roseman is like one of the best GM's in football, that's what people said.


So they surrounded him with Davonte Smith, they got him AJ Brown.

They have one of those tight ends, Dallas Goddard, right?

And then the Dolphins, Chris Greer.

Well, it might be Daniel told us Dan when he heard to rekill was available.

They already had waddle.

He was willing to give anything they had to get to rekill.

Like you think you have a good quarterback and good players.

You say you say one of those tight ends in Goddard and what they are is just total Frankensteins and they're they're throughout the league.

And the funny thing about them.

I heard Kittle mic'd up for sound the other day.

Some of them are children.

Some of them are because Kittle was mic'd up for sound and the play was going nowhere near him and he just took the corner with him to the end zone and then fake the jump up and the corner jumped and he's like, I got you.

I got you so bad.

I got you good.

I got you.

The whole play was happening on the other side of the field, but everybody's got one of these.

Giseki, everybody's got one of these six, seven Frankensteins that nobody can cover.

Thank God.

Giseki did not do the gritty today.

He like tried.

No, I'm glad I'm glad you apologize after the game.

He's morphed it into just his own little skip.

Like what started as a shitty gritty has turned into just his unique little like way of running.

But still got to your point about Hertz and Tua where you're sort of saying we know they're good now.

Isn't what's happening with them sort of the great conundrum of the NFL, which is you can either pay your quarterback $45 million a year and not have good skill players or have your quarterback on a rookie deal and have good skill players.

It's really hard to accomplish both at the same time.

And ultimately you're going to have to make a decision.

Well, what happens in a world in which I get rid of my skill guides and I don't have AJ Browns to just go bring in because we have salary space because I'm only paying Jaylin Hertz like $8 million or whatever that he's making money on now.

Tua is the same thing in two years time.

You're going to have to make a decision.

We can enjoy this year and it'll be fun and the Eagles are fun and the Dolphins are fun.

But ultimately you have to find skill position independent quarterbacks.

And I don't know if those guys are it.

These seasons are awesome.

But this is the joys you get to have of having a rookie deal quarterback.

Do you think Scott Hansen when all the one o'clock games are at halftime at the same time is that like a happy place for him or is he in panic mode there?

No, he's he's waiting for Falcons Panthers to just resume.

Just please anything I can throw it to.

You know what he had queued up a montage of people dressing like him for Halloween.

Yeah, the Halloween.

It was every year.

No, but that's a Red Zone classic.

That's every year.

It's just it's like playing him like a fiddle.

If you want to get your tweet on the Red Zone, just dress your kid up.

None of these kids know who Scott Hansen is.

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Let me yell at Chris Whittingham for a second because he's already saying he just got to the bandwagon.

He's like enjoy it while it lasts.

It's going to cost you money in a little while.

And he threw the question to Stugots which is a bad idea because already this season based on every week Stugots changes his mind on whether to pay Lamar Jackson or not.

It changes every single week based on whether or not they win.

He ups the contract or he moves it.

He moves it down and allow us to enjoy the exciting Dolphin offense that still will probably get seamrolled at some point by the bills.

But can we talk a little bit about some of the other games in the league because I lost a five team parlay.

I had the colds.

I lost a five team parlay on what Heineke did at the end of the game.

I was cursing him the whole time.

He's just running around in circles on roller skates launching the ball up in the air and next thing you know the colds lose.

He giveth the green lizard always giveth.

Well he took it away for about three and a half quarters and then somehow found it from within him to take it at the end.

But I can't even imagine how frustrating the Sam Ellinger gambling experience must have been because for as bad as Heineke was for three and a half quarters as long as that's the one position one possession game.

Tyler Taylor Hanekke has a chance to change the game.

The green lizard is always looming if you give him a chance at a great fourth down run on that drive and him and PJ Walker put together these unbelievable throws.

The XFL representing strong Walker today was sensational in a defeat that throw that gets erased because more goes in for the celebration penalty.

Those two guys have been awesome as backups and have given life to otherwise horrific seasons.

Baker being a good teammate on the sideline.

Oh God.

That was so embarrassing.


Why would it be?

It's like you are so bad.

You are so bad.

What's he supposed to do?

That PJ Walker is throwing dimes that you can't throw that you are incapable of throwing and that he's making and then you're going to be.

I don't know.

Do you want him to mope?

I do.

I do.

No, I do.

I don't want to be on the bench sad.

I'm never getting my job.

I think that worked out well for him though because they lost the game.

He doesn't lose the game.

He loves Pinheiro.

No, but two guys.

Like even in a losing effort, PJ Walker has probably earned the starting job for the rest of the season.

Yeah, probably.

The Rams get to win forever because they won last year, but them picks isn't looking real good right now.

No, it is not.

No, it is not.

But I mean, people say winning the Super Bowl, winning the title, everything is worth it.

Everything that like, and it really struck me when Cooper Cup came off injured because when if he comes off injured, that is going to be dire.

What is they doing also?

What was that call with two minutes left?

You're going to have your best guy out there.

You're down an inordinate amount of points and you're not going to come back on your throw.

I'm a screen pass on like second and eight.

Your voice is ankle might be out for six weeks.

Like, why would you do that?

Down 17 with that.

What are you doing?

That offense looks dire right now and that's with Cooper Cup.

I can't even, Matthew Stafford is going to get killed if Cooper Cup can't play.

That offense looks threadbare.

That team, they basically have nine guys where if any one of them get hurt, the whole thing comes apart because they've been training away picks for so many years.

And at some point they're going to have to rebuild and it was all worth it because they won the Super Bowl.

They opened up a new stadium that at least won some part of Los Angeles, although there was scant evidence of that today is that whole stadium was filled with 49ers fans.

But they did what they set out to achieve.

But I think they're heading towards being bad for a couple of years.

Chris Cody did Zeke Elliott lose his job today.

I mean, Tony Pollard, you know, I might be watching him a little more than the common folk because I got him on a couple of fantasy teams.

He is running like a beast.

Tony, Zeke Elliott, is he like done or is just, I think this is just more an emergence of Tony Pollard, though, I think.

No, Tony Pollard has been the better back for three years and Jerry gave Zeke a massive contract and has to justify the fact that he's going to give him 17 touches a game for no reason whatsoever.

When Tony Pollard is more elusive back, the better back, better back money wise for this team so they can go out and get other pieces.

This is a Tony Pollard statement game.

And I don't know.

I don't know if it goes.

Yes, it was a game for Tony.

No, why boys because because when he said at the beginning of the week, he said, if they're calling, I'm Holland, Holland asked to the end zone.

That's what he did three times, boys.

He is not running this up.

Speaking of running backs like explain Derek Henry, go ahead.

I think he had 30 more carries.

Big dog.

We did big dog period.

But like, but like playing Tana Hills out, they know they're going to run the ball a thousand times and he still gets 200 yards and two touchdowns.

I was okay.

That guy is incredible.


That game I shut up Tony forever more about Davis Mills.


I do not want to hear about it.

It's not a bit of the blitz Tony.

Take that opinion and your Jacksonville is a good team and shove them right up your ass.

Oh, that's a weird game.

Chris, Chris winning.

I still think Jackson was good.

Thank you.

I don't get it.

I don't get it.

I mean, you want to win six team in the league.

If you watched a quarter and a half of that game, you would have thought Jackson was going to win my four touchdowns.

How did how did the Broncos stay in games?

I don't understand.

I don't want to hear your opinion on this because you thought Derek Henry was washed like a month ago, a month ago.

You fool.


I really thought that this is the year that all of those hits and all of those carries are going to finally run him into the ground.

My God, man.

I mean, it's terrifying.

Do you know that he has four consecutive 200 yard games against the Texans?

Four consecutive.

They everyone.

Wait a minute.


Say that again.

I mean, the last four times at the Tennessee Titans have played the Houston Texans.

Derek Henry has run for at least 200 yards.

You would think that at some point they would recognize, stop that giant man and they just can't because he's an absolute unit.

And there was one carry where like, and the reason why I thought he was watched because he would get into the secondary and at the moment where you'd expect him to take off, it just sort of slowed down and petered out.

He had one today where he like took it 35 yards longer than I thought he was going to because he was out running corners.

Doesn't make sense.

He's a unit.

How is he out running corners?

Jonathan Vilma was doing the Panthers Falcons game and was talking about the myth that is Derek Henry and just totally made something up.

He's like, I've seen guy sidestep and then go around so they can just chase him because they don't want to tackle.

He said, I've literally seen it.

How do you know it's made up though?

Because it's made up because you don't think because you are a buzzer that if anyone in the league did that, you would be out there saying that guy's soft.

He's not tough enough.

You'd be out there.

I think there's a Derek Henry exception to that rule.

I agree with Chris.

I am with Woody on that.

There is an exception and it's Derek Henry.

If you want to run around him and not tackle him, I'm totally fine with that.

Let me bring up a couple of things from the Dallas Cowboys game because Justin Fields allowed Micah Parsons to score a touchdown.

All he had to do was touch him and he jumped over him because he did on an interception or on a fumble after a pass.

If he was less athletic, he would have gotten them tackled them there.

If you were Davis Mills, he just stumbles over.

Yeah, it would have tripped over.

But the thing that I wanted to ask you is in that game, they had a touchdown celebration where Jay Ferguson pretended to calf rope Schultz, the other tight end and Schultz fell on the ground and threw his legs up in the air.

When I saw it, I'm like, I wouldn't do that.

I would not participate in this celebration if I were Schultz.

I don't want to be a little calf who has to throw up there.

I'm a six, seven human being.

I don't want to fall on my back and throw my legs up in the air so he can pretend to calf rope me and tie up my legs.

Won't do it.

Call me a bad teammate.

Trade me.

I mean, I admire Tyree Kill for jumping in on the waddles.

I know that's one of the cooler celebrations.

But yeah, there is some impact though, Winnie.

I know the floor and throwing both of your all of your limbs up in the air and pretending to get calf rope.

As you're the starting tight end, right?

You're not the third tight end, the starting tight end.

And you do that especially when the person who's touched on your celebrating had one catch for one yard and the touchdown today.

What's your touchdown actually still got where you at buoyed it all by seeing that Barry Sanders is now going to get a statute in Detroit that that he had a big belly.

Are you helped in that late life?

The greatest running back ever.

That's a weekend observation.

Working a salad.

We'll take it out.

We're live.

What do you think?

Get out.

He's okay with DJ more breaking rules at the end of football game.

Say it now. He can't take it out of this.

Is there is there a player in the history of the sport that you think should be riding in on a horse more than Jared Allen?

Jared Allen wrote in on a horse to his induction into the Vikings Hall of Fame.

And I thought it was perfect.

I'll nominate Trevor Lawrence.

Do you guys have just because he looks like he should be riding in on a horse?


Because he's not going into any Hall of Fame.

I think JJ. I think JJ is going to learn how to ride a horse just so that he can ride a horse into his ring of honor induction ceremony.

A red, white and blue horse.


Jared Allen is tough to beat.

That's a really good.


Like who gives off rugged and the woods more than Jared Allen?

I don't think there's anyone in the history of the NFL that gives off the woods like Jared Allen.

I was thinking about this for a second.

I'm allowing you a few moments to think about it, but I love the planning stages of that where Jared Allen is saying, yeah, it's fine and great to be celebrated as a Hall of Fame football player.

One of the greatest Vikings in the history of Viking them.

But let's do it on a horse.

I want to I want to gallop out there.

I don't need any help.

I'm not going to go slow.

I'm going to ride out there because I know how to ride a horse.

I think it was was it a negotiation?

Like did they push back or they're like, you know, you don't need the horse.

He's like, I don't do it without the horse.

But also like there's a lot of logistics.

Having recently been to Minneapolis, that's like a downtown stadium.

So are you getting on a train?

Are you driving a trailer through a downtown area?

You're getting a horse inside of a dome.

Are you getting a horse out of the dome?

There's a lot of logistics that needed to be handled there.

Chris Cody, did you feel bad?

Did you find yourself feeling bad for Tyler Lockett?

Did you see like I thought he bet on the Giants at one point.

He fumbles at the two yard line.

He drops a ball that it's like those two plays.

If you just isolate those two plays, you could start a rumor that he bet on the Giants.

In that.

Like that was the fumble was tough, though.

The guy made a great play and stripped it.

I mean, he didn't like just cough it up.

I mean, like you see that fumble and you're like, OK, that's kind of normal.

But then the drop, it's just like something's going on here.

But and it's one and it just straight up hit him in the face.

And it's one where Geno Smith eventually finishes with decent numbers.

But like if you add those 50 yards and another touchdown, then it's another week of holy shit.

What's I mean, it's still happening.

Holy shit. What's happening with Geno Smith, but it only further bolsters that case.

So he almost lets down his quarterback in a way.

But the five and three Seattle Seahawks are in some ways the team that are most fascinating for me heading into the second half of the season.

Because is this thing just going to keep going?

And Geno Smith is going to lead the Seahawks to the playoffs.

And they're going to be a difficult team to beat in the playoffs.

And he's going to be the starter for the Seahawks for years to come.

Like there's so much that's left to be determined with the Seattle team.

You asked last last week if they wanted to be this good.

All right, I that's something you asked last week.

I still don't think they want to be this good.

What does that mean?

How do they not want to be five and three atop the division and maybe playing a home playoff game in the I think this is completely defied their expectations.

They were not expecting this at all.

They were they were scouting the top draw quarterbacks in the NFL draft.

And now they're like just tossing all those scouting reports in the bin and moving on with their lives.

I want you guys to think about what a strange season this is where in the NFC, the quarterbacks that are in first place aren't Tom Brady.

That it's not Aaron Rodgers.

It's Kirk Cousins, Jalen Hurd, Geno Smith and Marcus Mariota in the NFC.

Those are the quarterbacks who are in first place football.

When he pointed out last week that pro football focus had the giants as the worst team in the NFL by their advanced metrics, the Giants.

We all we all thought that they were kind of fraughty.

But I wanted to ask you guys, based on what you just said about Zeke Elliott, where you're throwing him out.

And I think you're right about everything you said that Jerry Jones has been clinging to him, but that Pollard's been the better running back for a while.

And the metrics bear that out.

Zeke Elliott for now a couple of years to God has been a running back who only gets what's blocked, nothing more that he just gets what's blocked.

But what I wanted to ask you about with running backs in the league is I watched and Daniel Jones wasn't going to do anything today.

What the Giants were trying to do is we're just going to say, Quan Barkley, you to death.

And there are very few running backs since Levy on Bell, who have a style in that league that isn't disposable, right?

And never mind just Zeke Elliott or Todd Gurley.

I think of basically you tell me if you guys have more guys than this.

Kenneth Walker is entering this discussion for me as a running back who has a style, a bowling ball style that makes it very difficult to tackle.

And you can build an offense that protects Geno Smith around him.

Seyquan's another one.

And obviously Henry is another one.

But how many are there guys?

Because I told you last week that I would have paid Macaferty, Macaferty.

I would have paid Macaferty.

I would have paid Dalvin Cook.

I would have paid Zeke Elliott.

I would have paid Melvin Gordon.

And the whole sport changed on me there where you can't pay all those guys.

Because of what Whittingham is saying, where you got to have value in a salary cap sport, you got to make sure that you spend your money the right way.

Who are the guys you think of?

I've got to pay him.

I've got to have him on my team.

He's not as disposable as the other running backs.

I think Macaferty number one.

Like I don't know if there is somebody that has skillset to what at least the 49ers want to do.

I really stumbled on that one.

Yes, Macaferty.

I'm glad we stayed on it.

It was like Bill Raftery and Macaferty into one.

I did, yeah.

But I think with the 49ers.

Thank you, Jack Asshole Lantern.

Thank you.

I was also feeling self-conscious because I was talking too much.

I was running.

I had a clock in my head and there's the pumpkin.

The pumpkin's always there for you.

I would add, I mean, I don't even know.

I mean, Nick Chubb has been that good this year.

Yeah, he phased out of the offense though, Whitty.

That's the thing.

When you go in a hurry up offense, Nick Chubb all of a sudden doesn't exist, right?

When they're down by multiple touchdowns, he doesn't see the field.

So what are the guys that you can bank on being there no matter what, right?

Like you have Macaferty, who we saw through a touchdown today, ran for a touchdown today, and caught a touchdown today like a wide receiver.

Big dog because he's just unstoppable, right?

Is there anybody else that you guys are saying, okay, Jonathan Taylor?

Do we throw Jonathan Taylor in the mix?

Well, but he's great, right?

He led the league in rushing, but I don't think of him as having a style like those all those other.

I'm talking, Barry Sanders made me think of this.

I'm talking about stylistically what a guy is because I'm telling you that Tennis Walker has been that for me since college where I'm like, man, that dude's really hard to tackle.

It seems like no one's ever got leverage on him.

It seems like dudes bounce off him the way they're bouncing off AG Brown in the end zone.

It's like the dating and Tomlinson.

There's not many of those guys like in the NFL.

Like when you, when Dan's talking about that style, it's not even, it's not even Derek Henry.

It's a guy who can make something happen where there's nothing there with no offensive line.

Like that's, that's the kind of guy.

There's just not many of them.

The running back position has become so confusing in the NFL where I would tell you that Christian McCaffrey is not even a guy you can rely on because he's always hurt.

Like you can't rely on that guy.

You don't sign that guy to a longterm contract to big money.

At least I wouldn't.

I want to talk to you guys and I want serious answers to this.

You guys argued and many people will argue at the top of a division that should have the poop emoji on it.

DJ Moore is a hero and a goat today because he makes this amazing athletic play and then the conversation is going to be a lot of people are doing his clothes off in the end zone.

He would have been naked on the sideline.

I would have waited.

And Pinheiro feels worse than DJ Moore.


How does DJ, how does DJ Moore feel today?

He doesn't DJ more feel like, well, I did my job.


No, no, no.


He put Pinheiro in a terrible spot, Dan.

I mean, he backed to be a 48 yard kick is not a 70 yard kick.

You can make a 48 yard kick.


But it could have been 33 yards.

Why are we just like, why are we missing one of those two?

Why are we over time?

In overtime, he missed one of those.

Why are we like bending over backwards to defend DJ Moore?

It's like, dude, just yes, you made a great play, but you also did a boneheaded thing.

Like it could be both.

But DJ Moore did his job.

He caught a deep pass.

He ran it for 60 yards.

It was improbable.

He did the thing that he's supposed to do.

Eddie Pinheiro.

He blatantly broke the rules and then he like immediately.

We put Eddie Pinheiro collects a salary so that he can make field goals from less than 50 yards.

Once we get beyond 50 yards, if a penalty takes you into that sort of range, fair enough, it's a 50-50 proposition.

What if he takes this cup off and just throws it into the crowd?

Why are you excusing this?

They don't wear cups in the info.

Because it was awesome.

That play was so cool.

Everyone who's watching that game thinks that is won the game for the Carolina Panthers.

It was the best moment of the day.

And then it's ruined because there's a flag thrown because it was too aggressive a celebration.

Who among us would be like, you know what?

I just scored a touchdown.

There's a big point coming up.

Fair enough.

Fair enough.

Fair enough.

Fair enough.

But I wouldn't expect everyone to do that.

I wouldn't expect every single person to do that.

He took his helmet off.

He yelled at all of Atlanta, fuck off.

And I want you, Chris Cody, please remove the jack-o-lantern from the screen for a moment so that I can see your face when I say this because you just uttered seriously at the end of a football Sunday.

He's living with society, Dan.

No, you did that already.

But you also became the guy.

This is who you are as a fan.

You're the guy who just yelled.

He completely broke the rules.

He did.

He did.

I mean, it's just like rule guy.


Congratulations for being the guy at the end of Sunday who shows up and says, not only did you break the rules, you completely broke them.

What you've done is illegal and it's wrong and it must be punished.

It's like when you make a great play, you're just allowed to break.

I guess that's what Woody's saying.

If you make a certain amount of like, if the play is… No, that exact play.

I think it should be a last 30 seconds addendum to the excessive celebration panel.


If it happens within the last 30 seconds of the game, no excessive celebration.

You do whatever you want.

You can rip your clothes off in the end zone.

It doesn't matter.

I want to ask you guys this.

Do you believe on the flight back to Carolina that if they landed and you heard the story, DJ Moore has severed the head on the airplane of Eddie Pinheiro.

Would there be a jury of football fans that would convict him?

They're apparently holding the Zoom right now.

Every single one of these… I think either way, I think if Pinheiro did it to DJ Moore, we'd be fine with it.

Both ways.

No, head clean off, guillotine.

See ya.

We'll get a new kicker.

We do every other year anyway.

Why would any… They're fine, man.

They're right in the mix.

I mean, they are really.

Yeah, they are.

They are.

They're game out.

They were top of the division though if they had won.

We were this close to saying the first place Carolina Panthers.

First place quarterback PJ Walker.

Damn it.

And both of you, both Tony and Witty would have been like, I don't understand how the Carolina Panthers have a better record than the Jacksonville Jags.


Yeah, I still think that every week I turn on the Jags and I'm like, God, it's right there for them.

They're so close.

They're so close to just winning.

I wonder if it's a season of detox that they need to detox the Jags out of their system.

Although apparently it's not working.

They just need to be less jaggy.

They should honestly rebrand.

They should not be the Jaguars anymore.

Pick a new logo, pick a new animal, pick a new mascot.

Anything to drain the Jags out of them.

You say this, but the lions, like how frustrated is Dan Campbell?

The lions, they're not particularly close, but they are exciting.

And you say they have to drain the Jags out of the Jags.

I mean, the lions, all they are is a franchise of losers.

Just unreli...

Like the whole franchise.

Except for Potbelly, Barry Sanders.

We're going to sell it.

All of them.

Oh, this guy.

This guy is on one today, Dan.

Things he can hide behind a jack-o-lantern.

He's literally hiding behind a jack-o-lantern.

Barry Sanders mixing a salad.

What else?

When I shake it, it looks like he's laughing.

You guys, the seven and oh eagles, do you believe in them the way that you believe in the chiefs and the bills?


I've been saying this to be the end of the year.

Like I think Jalen Hertz took a step.

I think how you roseman said, fuck them pigs.

I'm going to go get AJ Brown.

I'm going to get guys that are going to surround Jalen Hertz and make him really, really good.

I think their offensive line is the best in the league.

I think their defensive line is the best in the league.

Their corners are excellent.

Their safeties are good.

Like what is the spot on this team that you can say and point to and be like, oh, that's the part of this team that doesn't work.

Can you guys name it?

Well, it's just it's what Jay Glazer was saying.

It was their pass rush where they traded for Robert Quinn.

Yeah, Jay Glazer is saying that they might have the best offensive line and the best defensive line in the league.

I don't know if if Quinn does that for them, but it didn't feel like Pickett had a lot of time today.

I believe in them simply because they're not in the same conference as Kansas City and Buffalo.

So I mean, that's that's a good reason.

They have the far easier path.

I would still tell you that a Brady or Roger strolls into that stadium, taken on Jalen Hertz although Robert Rogers still with Brady.

Still with Brady.

I mean, dad, come on.

There are three and four in that division or three and five or something.

No, they can make the playoffs.

Four and four.

If you got just to be clear, just so you know, the Bucks have lost five of their last six and the one they won, they got bailed out by a bad roughing.

The pass are called like they are in a tailspin.

They've lost to two bad teams and then they lost at home to Baltimore.

Like you could keep saying that they're not in any kind of trouble because they're in a bad division.

But I can't look at that team in the way that it's playing for the last six weeks and summon very much positivity about it.

No, but I'm not going to put the Eagles and Jalen Hertz in that spot yet where it's like an automatic slam dunk.

I believe in them so much if they get home field advantage, they're going to the super bowl.

Like I'm not doing that yet.

I'm not there yet with that team mostly because I'm not there yet with that quarterback.

Perhaps I'll get there.

But right now, even if a guy like Dak Presk, I'm not certain Dallas isn't the second best team in the NFC.

And even if a guy like Dak goes into Philadelphia in the playoffs, I'm still going to feel better about my chances with him than I would with Jalen Hertz.

I think you have ever read to feel that way because of what Philadelphia did in last year's playoffs when they completely, I mean, it was the worst playoff game of the year and that game was over after quarter and a half because Jalen Hertz couldn't do anything on the road.

Maybe AJ Brown changes that equation.

But I think as with all these quarterbacks that we talk about is on growth narratives, it's really only in playoff games and games that matter that you really determine whether or not that growth is legit or not.

As great as Tua was today, it was against the Lions.

And he was great against Baltimore.

He was great against Buffalo in certain moments.

But I think it only really matters later into the season and in playoff games.

Is Sirianni the biggest question mark on the Eagles?

How can he be anymore?

I think we have to let that introductory press conference leave us.

He's been a good coach.

There is no evidence to suggest that he is hampering the Eagles in any way.

I'm pondering it and the jury's still out.

I have the Eagles of the rest of season schedule here.

There's seven and oh, they play the Texans, the commies, the Colts, the Packers, the Titans, the Giants, the Bears, the Cowboys, the Saints and the Giants again.

Like it's a bearish off schedule.

Is the Packers on the road?

No, Packers at home.

They play in New York.

At Cowboys.

Yeah, in Chicago and in Dallas.


They can win 14 or 15 games.


I mean, they can go on beaten.

They could.

They're not going to do that stop.

But they could.

All right, controversial takes to God.


Marriota today is in first place.

The Atlanta Falcons are in first place.

To borrow a take from Stugatz, he cost them the game even though they won.

He did.


He and Marcus Aldridge, the shit out of that game.

That interception at the end in overtime that should have resulted in an Eddie Paniera winning field goal was an abomination of a throw.

There were some interceptions today.

Tyler Murray threw on that was all Pauling and Zach Wilson, every single one of those.

Dude, when you're rolling out to the sideline and you're near the sideline, just throw it away.

We would think so much better of you if every time you were just by the sideline, you chucked it an assistant coach.

Why after doing the first one, did he do it a second time?

Because he's reckless.

It was just ridiculous.

I'm going to be honest with you guys.

There was a point where I was walking around pacing in my house and I was screaming for Joe Flacco.

I wanted Joe Flacco.

Were you sad?

Yeah, were you sad when he cut to the sideline?

I would have taken him in street clothes.

I would have taken him in the street clothes.

Don't turn the ball over and hand it off a few times.

Let's get off the field.

Like Dan said, that was a battle of terrible quarterbacks.

You just had to be the less bad one to win.

Zach Wilson couldn't even manage that.

We've talked about it for the last few weeks.

If you just get mediocre quarterback play, the Jets can win games.

That's the reason why when you were yelling at me last week, why can't I just enjoy being five and two, it's because you have that quarterback and that is always looming around the corner.

I'm still five and three.

I'm still going to enjoy it and I have the Buffalo Bills coming into town next week so I can make up to you.

So you mean 10 point home dogs next week?


But it's the NFL man, Marcus Mariota, Geno Smith are in first place.

I do think though that you tell me if I'm wrong on this, but all the other teams that have quarterback questions like that, they've gone back and forth to their bench.

Among guys you're counting on, you've got the worst one.

You've got the one that I have the most doubt about that hasn't been yanked for injury or bad play.

The guy that you're counting on that is five and three at starting quarterback, I don't think he knows the sport.

I don't think, I don't, and it's just because he's young and because it takes a minute to learn and all these guys have changed by getting into the sport and being good fast or getting better like Josh Allen fast that when you see Zach Wilson, not successfully throw the ball away trying to throw it away and just throws it to McCordy because he can't throw it out of bounds.

It's an incompetence you don't see from other teams who are banking on that kind of draft pick to be their franchise.

Are you saying of the good team five and three or better?

Let's say that they ought that he's the quarterback.

You trust the least of the, of those teams because I agree with you like, Dan, what I would not give to have, you know, Smith is my quarterback right now with this.


Or to have Marcus Marriota is my quarterback right now with this team.

I'm serious.

That's how bad Zach Wilson.

I'm not saying five and three teams.

I'm saying the entire team in the league that has its number one guy out there.

He's the one I trust the least.

When you're sitting there longing for flakos to God, you know how bad that is because you're seeing the position played poorly.

You're seeing too many guys in the league who they're, they're too consistent with their throws.

They don't do like this just gigantic dumb assery where you're like, what is that?

You can't throw three interceptions in an NFL game anymore.

That's a disaster.

I could put, I could put any quarterback in the league and I'm not going to get three interceptions unless it's Kyler Murray playing playground ball.


Are you saying that you'd be more comfortable with Jared golf?

Like this is bad.

This is bad.

But the, wouldn't you be, wouldn't you be?

I asked the jump flop though today.

He was in street clothes.

How little do you trust your quarterback?

Like you've been to them at all.

Dan, it's sad because I know my team's good.

I know they're talented.

I know their defense is very good.

I know they have wide receivers.

I know when Breeze Hall comes back, they have a really good running back.

But I'm sad because we don't have a quarterback.

The good news is, and I've said this forever, if you don't have a good quarterback, just do it again.

Try again.

I think the draft this year is very deep with very good quarterbacks according to people who pay attention to that type of thing.

And so if I'm the Jets, you know, I'd probably consider taking a quarterback or I wouldn't rule out.

And I said this last week, you guys laughed at me.

I'd trade for Matt Ryan right now.

I would give me Matt Ryan.

No, he's got to be better option.

Don't do that.

I'd trade for him.

Give me Matt.

I'd give you Matt.

I'd give you Matt.

I'd give you Matt.

I'd give you Matt.

I'd give you Matt.

I'd give you Matt.

I'd give you Matt.

I'd give you Matt.

I'd give you Matt.