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King Geno, Jets Distress, Regret MVPs, Guess the Playoff Seeds and Week 9 Lines With Cousin Sal

October 30, 2022



The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss Christian McCaffrey putting on a show in the 49ers’ win over the Rams, Patriots-Jets, Giants-Seahawks and Geno Smith’s impressive play through seven weeks (3:45), before talking about the wild finish to Panthers-Falcons, the Saints’ shut-out victory over the Raiders, Titans-Texans, Week 7's biggest losers and more (42:53). Then they guess the lines for NFL Week 8 (54:05), before closing the show with Parent Corner (1:15:24).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Cousin Sal

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Go check out the Prestige TV podcast that we have, which has heated up because November is going to be just an awesome time for TV.

Every Sunday night, starting this week, Joanne Robinson and I are recapping White Lotus.

It goes up right up on that Prestige feed right after the White Lotus episode ends.

Really good season.

I've watched the first two episodes.

It's a sexually charged season two.

I will say that.

We're also going to be covering interview in the vampire.

We're covering Atlanta two more episodes.

The crown next week, Mallory and Joanne are going to do multiple episodes about that Yellowstone come in mid November.

Sex Lives of college girls.

So Prestige TV pod.

I think, I think is an absolutely pod.

So is the watch with Andy Greenwald and his host, Chris, somebody.

Chris Johnson.

I can't remember his name.

Oh, Chris Ryan.

Chris Ryan.

That's right.

He's still cranking it out.

So yeah, that we have the ring of reality feed.

We have a bachelor party, a lot of good TV stuff.

Speaking of pop culture, rewatchables, new theme week, new theme month.

It's better than theme week.

It's a theme month.

It's from the producers of fucked up February.

I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it's, it's on par with fucked up February.

I'll tell you that much.

And the first one is going up on Monday night.

It will be a whole month of movies like the one we're doing on Monday night.

That would be your own.

You're on the hit.

So you can go check that out.

The cause is going to come up in a second.

We're going to talk about NFL.

I was going to have a basketball guest because this, this Kyrie situation in the nets in general, it's gotten so strange that I was thinking, do I, do I have a second guest to talk hoops today?

Cause it just feels like the NBA feels drunk this year.

I don't understand it.

I mean, there's, there's clearly some parody.

That's happening.


Teams that we thought we're going to stink like Utah and Indiana and San Antonio.

Like they actually don't stink.

They can compete.

They can beat teams from night to night.

So we have that.

And then we just have some super disappointing teams.

Like, you know, the Clippers, Kawaz already hurt Brooklyn is devastatingly disappointing Philly starting to show signs, but they, you know, we'll see how that plays out.

I'm, I'm still not sold.

And I'm down the line at Milwaukee is the only one where the only thing we can all agree on is Yannis is the best part of the league.

But the Kyrie thing, I'm going to give it a little air and I think we'll hit it on Tuesday, but, um, you know, I joked with Mahoney on Thursday night that the net season was going badly and Kyrie had even done anything weird yet.

And in 18 hours, Kyrie was like, hold my beer.

How this plays out.

I almost don't feel like we've seen a situation like this.

So anyway, Tuesday, I'm going to hit the NBA pretty hard.

So stay tuned for that.

On this podcast, we're going to hit football really, really, really hard.

We can do a little parent quarter as well.

Cousin's out coming up next.

First, our friends from pro.

Cousins house here, Sunday night, little after eight 30, a pretty blah Packers bills game that looked a lot better on paper.

10 weeks ago, speaking of blasts out, I feel like we know all the playoff rankings already.

I went through it and we're eight weeks in Buffalo and failure.

Going to be the number one seeds unless there's just some catastrophic injuries on either team.

All right.

Not arguing with you there.


So I have for AMC, I have Buffalo, KC to Baltimore, three and Tennessee four.

I see.

With the division seeds.

Since he Miami is wildcards and then either the Pats or Chargers as a seven seed.

And I think we can lock that down, barring something really bizarre.

Wait a minute.

Oh, since, okay, you have since he and since he has top wildcard.


So, and then NFC, I have Philly.

I'm Minnesota is the two seed.

There are three games up on Green Bay.


Now it gets hard.

Well, either San Francisco or Seattle is the three seed pick one.



Your, your NFC South, whoever the F that's going to be, that's the four seed.

Your team's going to be five.

The loser in San Francisco, Seattle six.

And then the only really, really like I have no idea what's going to happen is the seven seed where you have the giants, the Rams, the Packers, washed in maybe a second NFC North team.

I don't remember this much stability with what the playoffs look like this early.

You're right.

It's right there.

I'm trying to think who could sneak in at this time last year, though, we might not have thought the Bengals were going to do anything.

Even they might not have even been on their list.

And I think they made it to the Super Bowl.

I'm not sure.

But is that what happened?

I don't know.

I don't know.

You're right.

It really is those top two, three teams.

And then it's like, yeah, you idiot, three, four and one teams would find it out to see who's going to get the six and seven seed.

But I'm mad at us because we swore off the three team teasers.

You even harken back to your what year was it?

2000, 2004.

The Doughboys waitress.


Talking about three team teasers at LA.

Oh, the 14 in my head is that we hit 14 weeks in a row or 10 weeks in a row.

What did we do?

No, in 2004, I think we hit 11 straight weeks of teasers.

It was just mix and match with five teams.

Everything hit.

And then damn it, we should have bounced back, but because we're so, so scared to get our fingers anywhere close to the stove anymore that cooks up the three team teasers, the Eagles, the Cowboys and the Bills was the easiest thing we should have done.

And it was the only thing we should have done on a three team teaser today.

You're right.

But we're like emotionally damaged.

No, just animals.

Yeah, you just couldn't do it.

Even like Dallas Bears, the Bears climbed back into it.

And I think it was like a five point game.

I'm like, here we go.

Tease killer.

There was some weird stuff today.

I think the only thing with Buffalo is they are starting to hit the injury point of no return with the secondary.

Like Poyer went out today.

And I just, I wonder like, could that come back to haunt them against the wrong team?

They're going to put, I mean, they're the only team that's over a hundred and point differential.

They bring the most to the table for how basketball or for how football is played in 2022, where the quarterback who could move the running game is good enough, deep threats.

They just, they just move the chains and guys seem to be open.

Well, we go ahead.

Yeah, no.

The other thing I mentioned is the defense.

So when you guys, when you hear announcers talk about the highest success of pressure rate and the least amount of blitzing in the league, it's like, oh God, you know, giants did that to you.

That's how they were in Super Bowl, right?

Barring injury.

If you have number one in pressures and last in the league in blitz, barring injury, you're going to go deep into the playoffs.

You just are and forget on, and then everything you just said, Josh Allen completing passes to Gabriel Davis and Stefan Diggs and all these guys and Knox is wide open and they do the running game like they can to win.

It looked like the Packers of old kind of, but yeah, they just toyed with the Packers a little bit, even though the numbers, if you look at it, were pretty even.

What do you have for most surprising under 500 team?

I'll give you Green Bay at three and five with Sad Rogers.

Tampa at three and five with just completely emotionally and broken Brady.

The Rams, Rams three and four.

I think Vegas being two and five is surprising to your wallet and Cleveland three and five, probably not surprising, but I think those first four.

Well, I'm a little bit surprised.

Yeah, I'm an idiot because I had the Raiders to win the West.

So that was dumb.

So it surprises me a little bit, but you have to think that the Super Bowl champs are going to put up some kind of fight and not.

And by the way, if they're down Cooper Cup, I mean, you might as well put them in the bottom seven teams because they can't move the ball without them.

I think that would be the most surprising, but I checked right before I came on here.

The preseason, if you had parlayed the Packers, the Rams and the Bucks to not make the playoffs, it was 68 to one.

Probably should have been more.

Oh my God.

Yeah, that sounds like that should have been like 200 to one.

Yeah, but it's a reality now.

It's really not.

Well, we knew there were some quiet, we had questions about the Rams.

There was a little stink with them.

Now I look at the rest of their, the rest of their schedule.

They have six road games left.

This was supposed to be the easiest part of their schedule.

They're at Tampa.

They have an at New Orleans, at KC, back to back.

They're at Green Bay at a Monday night and then they end the season at the Chargers and at Seattle.

And I guess my question is, does it matter?

Because today was a road game for them at home.

Yeah, that was disgusting.

If you would have asked me today, who's the most embarrassing loss, the Raiders or the Rams?

I think it's the Rams and you have to consider that, that it was a sea of red and that stands.

And this is the second time you talk about their road games.

This is the second time they've been blown out at home, right?

Cowboys went in there and whipped them.

And now the 49ers doesn't look good for them at all.

They have four losses, all of them by double digits, 21, 15, 12 and 17.

I had a couple of friends at the game today.

And I, you know, I always ask, like, what's the percentage?

Both of them said 85.

They weren't sitting with each other.

They were like, it's 85% nine or so.


Why is that?

When did that get like that?

Well, that's pretty, that one was predictable because you have a lot of different transplants.

You can fly it takes an hour.

But I was asking people, how does this keep happening to the Rams beyond just the fact that they don't have the fan base?

And apparently they got so behind finding out that they're going to be playing so behind financially with that stadium.

Remember they thought that stadium was going to cost like two and a half, maybe three billion max and ended up being over five billion.


So they had to offload a lot of tickets, plus they didn't have a lot of ticket interest for season tickets.

So they had to offload some of those tickets to ticket brokers.

So now anytime there's a situation where it's like Niners, Dallas, Patriots, the Giants, anybody who has like fans that travel, it's going to be between 50 and 80%.

And I was worried.

I didn't want to take the Niners today.

It was staring at me, looked way too obvious.

The public was on it.

And I was worried because it just looked too easy and that we've been burned by the Niners a couple of times this year.

But then you watch, you're like, wow, we're getting basically a home team that's better laying one against this banged up Rams team.

That's my biggest regret of the day.

I wasn't anywhere near when you and I went over the lines last week.

I thought this was off by three points.

I thought the Rams should be favored.

And so then I stupidly went with what I thought should be, right?

So, okay, 49ers are favored.

I'm going to take the Rams.

Not that the point really matters, but the point is that I took the team that I thought was going to win.

And it was a Christian McCaffrey coming out.

Really, I know he debuted last week, but you saw that he could do everything.

And not just because he ran through and caught a touchdown pass.

Just like he is so, so perfect for Jimmy G, who now goes through his progressions and seems to land on McCaffrey every single time because he's as afraid of we are, as we are of three team teasers, he is of throwing downfield.

And so it's just what a perfect match for him.

And yeah, I think they're only minus 130 to win that division.

I was going to maybe talk you.

You might have that already.

You already have that?

You know, I laid off a couple of times.

I am officially scared of Seattle.

We're going to talk about that next segment.

The McCaffrey thing, I had some notes on it.

I think it's so cool when a guy switches teams and instantly becomes way more interesting, way more compelling, matches the talent that we had just basically in fantasy leagues.

And that's it.

Like you see this happen in TV shows and with movies sometimes, but especially TV shows like White Lotus season two started tonight.

I broke it down actually in the prestige podcast with Joe and Robinson.

You watched it already.

Oh, yeah.

I got the screeners.


So we put it up.

But Aubrey Plaza is on there and I think Aubrey Plaza is somebody that a lot of people like and a lot of different things and hasn't had like the major high profile show really since Parks and Recs.

And she plays this like really, really bitter wife who's just shitting on everybody.

And you watch her and you're like, wow, what a great role for Aubrey Plaza.


So this always happens with Hollywood with sports.

Doesn't happen that much.

But you see McCaffrey with the new uniform and this coach that has all these different gimmicks with running backs and it just is like, wow, this is great.

What a fucking great fit for this.

I rare that trades work out this cool.

And he's basically a college bong in a college room.

It's like, oh, I could use the bong for what it's worth.

Or I could stick some flowers in it when my parents come by on parents weekend or I could use it as a weapon if there's an intruder ever.

Like he really use them for anything you want.

And he's great for Jimmy G and Shanahan.

I'll give it to him.

He's a genius when it comes to the running back.

So do you see the record he did?

No, he was the third guy to run pass and throw for a TD in the third running back.


And the other two are Peyton and Lydani and which is like, wow, that is really.

Yeah, that's that's how low ground.

I don't know where the stairs was on that whole thing.

But yeah, that it was such a fun trade because I think even though the Jimmy G trade, I think all of us thought they gave them a better chance for this season.

I think all of us were looking at that Niners team a little blah, right?

I was like, yeah, right.

Same thing, right?

And it runs, runs just plug in different running backs and kiddo will get hurt a couple of times and now D-bowl do a couple of things and they'll blow some leads.

And I don't really take this team seriously, but he is definitely giving them the shocker.

Now, I don't want to overact because he could get hurt tomorrow.

That's exactly right.

That's the trouble.

That's the thing in the field.

The very next thing I was going to say was I get crazy because they absolutely need him in there.

Well, and they have kiddo who could get hurt at any time and D-bowl who takes two monster hits a game.

So this might be the best that ever gets, but pretty cool.

I was thinking, you know, the Rams.

You have the Clippers building that arena next to SoFi Stadium, which is now the home for other NFL fans to go to if their team is playing in town that week, or you do a road trip and the Clippers, Kawai, have knee problems again.

It's your four.

They've spent all this money and they're probably a playing team.

Who knows what their future is.

They've traded a bunch of picks and assets and they're opening, I think, into that for the, either the 24, 25 season or the next one.

We need a nickname for that part of Englewood.

If it's like the sad Rams and the sad Clippers, it's like sad city.

Oh, yeah.


It's something, right?

It's just like it'll be like eight billion dollars worth of stadium for a fan base that don't give a shit about their teams.



I, they almost should move the Rams.

Like, has this ever happened in the history of sports where your team has a championship?

You were team wins a championship and then your fans are out numbered eight to one.

It's humiliating.

In a rivalry game.

There's nothing.

Can you imagine if that happened to your team or my team?

Like, no.

If we had a Patriot game and 85% of the fans were the other team, I would stop following Patriots.

I wouldn't know what to do.

Celtic's sold all the tickets to Sixers fans tonight.

I don't know what happened.

They just needed a break.

It was nice outside.

Nice outside.

That excuse too.

Come on.

It's got to be 70,000 Rams fans that want to see them every other week.

Well, in LA, we have city of industry, which is this weird part of the outskirts of LA where there's like no people live there.

It's just, it's just industrial stuff and some gentlemen's clubs.

But the sad city, I think could be its own thing.


It's like, what happens in sad city?

Oh, there's concerts and you can go to basketball games and root for the visiting team.

And then there's a football game eight times a year.

You can root for that visiting team.

It's great.

You know, just be like people just passing through, but no actual fans.

I like sad city.


Maybe angle.


Would you rather?

You said, I don't know.

I don't know.

It's like everybody else, everyone's going somewhere else with it.

Angle, would you rather is great.


You go down to angle, would you rather?

By the way, not a short drive.

Not that anyone outside California cares, but it's not like easy to get tangled wood from LA.

So it's six miles and an hour and a half for me.

That's what it is.


Listen, listen to me.

Anytime you can build the five billion plus stadium and then have 85% of the fans of the other team.

Oh, man.

Hey, I have another question for you because McVeigh, obviously they had a couple sideline shots of them and he had the same look on his face that Durant had in a couple of Nets games and then Brady basically has all the time.

Who regrets not giving up on the NFL before this season more in your opinion?

Brady, McVeigh or Al Michaels.

Oh, wow.

That's really good.

Who has the most regret?

Because Al is like, you could tell without.

He's like, wow, I had enough money and I'm old.

What am I doing?

I just can't click with Herb Street.

I miss Collins Worth.

Like maybe I should have packed it in at this point.

Brady looks like he'd rather be anywhere else.

Like with that Mike Evans play, when Mike Evans just kept running the cross around and Brady threw it behind him and it was just like, he just wanted to walk off and just disappear.

And then McVeigh, who could have left the title, not coached anymore, not coached this smoke and mirrors team that everything was in last season and just done TV for a couple of years and made a shitload of money, been the biggest coaching for agent year after year.

Like what's better than that?

I think it's McVeigh.

It's a really good three and it's embarrassing for McVeigh.

Like you said, he looks up at the crowd and then he gets beat by Shanahan.

Also, when's the last time that is that regular season, eight regular season games in a row or something crazy?

Yeah, he did get them in the playoff game though.


They got them in the playoff, eight regular season games.

I'll still say Al.

I don't think there's any coming back for him.

I don't think he gets excited about it.

There's nothing that can do it this year.

The Rams could maybe sneak into the playoffs, but not Al.

Al is just like one of those porn actors.

He's just walking into the scene.

He doesn't care the actresses, which is banging at the scene and getting the hell out of there.

Back in his back in his back in his Corvette 45 minutes later.

I would watch that.

I would watch that, by the way.

I don't know if that makes me sick though.

We both love Al Michaels.

The unhappiest Al season will always be the boomer of size and season.

That's the oral history I've always wanted to read.

It's the Al boomer.

Anyway, fascinating Rams Niners game.

Let's take a break and I want to talk Jetson Seahawks.

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All right.

So the Pats pulled one out against the Jets because Belichick owns the Jets.

The game was sitting there for the Jets.

Mack threw just an atrocious pick six.

The Jets would have been up 14.

Rough in the past, they're a legitimate call, by the way.

I had a couple of Jets fans, they're like, oh, it's a bogus call.

It's like, just point me to the other football game where the quarterback released the ball, and then the defensive lineman behind him took a two-step jump and piled them.

They're calling that 100% time.

I'm sorry.

It turns around, and then Zach Wilson unravels in a hilarious way.

I watched with Kyle and his father Joe, and we were just yelling, throw it to Zach on every possession.

And he did.

He threw it to us.

He tried.

Sometimes we dropped it or we had a miscommunication of who was going to catch the pick.

He was running around like it was the seventh grade football game, and it was a quarterback who had never really played before.

He didn't totally know what to do, but had watched a lot of Madden.

And I just don't know how.

First of all, we thought they were going to pull him for flakko.

But I don't know.

Three is usually the number.

Yeah, right?


You'll get you in trouble.

I don't know how they go back to him next week.

The Jets are pretty good.

Like they have a really good defensive line.

I think they have some skill guys.

Garrett Wilson was good today.

If they even had a decent quarterback, I think they win that game or come close because the Pats didn't trust Mack at all after that, after that first half interception.

So they're pathetic.

They're the Jets.

They're pathetic fans like you don't trust them.

I'm really, really honestly, really feel bad for you guys.

Like really, you can't have one year where your quarterback's not good.


It's three.

It's our third year.

It's our third year.

15 friggin, oh, come on.

It's our third year with a quarterback we don't trust.

It's three years.

I don't trust.

So look at his stats.

180, a touchdown.

Like that's what everybody gets.

That's what everybody in this league gets.

180 yards at a time.

Whatever you put up with.

Come on.

Please stop crying.

Stop crying.

You got to go.

They came out of the 16 years.

I'm embarrassed for you.

I get embarrassed for you.

People like, I'm like, I know I'll talk to him.

I don't know.

I don't think he's going to change.

He and Hench, they say, yeah, we have seven years of grace here.

We don't have to, and then right back at it, you get too bad drive.

Well, I thought Mack Jones was going to be good.

And by the halfway through this third quarter, they didn't trust him at all.

They were just at the end of the second quarter when they got the ball back after the ref in the passer, they didn't even try to score a touchdown.

They had like a carefully selected couple plays to start the third.

And then after that, I didn't feel like they trusted him.

And I honestly, he's looked bad this year.

Like, like consistently has looked way off.

He's looked slow.

He's had bad decision making.

And I don't think they trust him.

I think he's doing it on purpose.

It's an experiment for a whole Pat's fans like you to see if you fly off the handle because you don't have a good quarterback for two years.

Oh, come on yourself.

I can have it.

Can I have a decent quarterback?

I'll set it for decent.

Look at his numbers compared to everybody else.

He's not that much worse.

It's the same.

Look at this numbers.

Marcus Marriott is in first place.

You want him?

Who do you want?

Well, Marriott shouldn't be in first place.

We'll talk about that game later.

I know you don't like that.

All right.

Go back to Zach Wilson.

All right.

I don't know.

This is the one thing with the Jets as good as they were.

Nobody said Zach Wilson's happened a great year before this week.


It was all Breeze Hall.

It was all the defense.

So like, yeah, I like to see Zach Wilson do a little something.

And today we saw him do something the other way.

So I don't know if Flacco's the answer, but and I don't even know if that team's making the playoffs in five and three.

They got some tough games coming up.

So I think they should just be happy and level off at eight and nine.

And that's where they'll end up.

You know, it'd be really fun is if it worked like the NBA, like the NBA right now, anybody who's in trouble, it's like, could this team, this trade, that trade, the rant, like you'd name a player, anybody who's under 500 and B, couldn't be to go to the next.

A Packers Jets trade would be really fun.

If there's no way it works under the cap, but if the Jets are like, hey, just give us Aaron Rodgers.

We'll give you Zach Wilson back.

A box shot.

We'll give you like, yeah, we'll give you two firsts.

And, and the Packers could just basically throw in the towel.

They're killed on the cap this year, but they can't do it because the way they have this stupid cap with the, whatever you pay, they got a bonus to get spread out.

But just putting Aaron Rodgers on this Jets team, I'd be terrified.

He still, he still has like the arm.

I mean, he doesn't have the spirit.

He's a little older, but it's not like he's, it's not like he's not still really good.

I can't explain what's going on with him with Rodgers.

I've watched that and he really looked like, I was joking because we're on Spotify live.

I'm like, Rodgers is getting us the cover.

Now he knows what's important.

He cut it to 10, spreads 10 and a half.

And then they show him on the bench, like smiling with, like the rut with Aaron Jones.

He's like, laugh.

I'm like, wow, maybe he just does want the cover.

Maybe he just wants to keep these games respectable.

You know, like on third and 14, he's handing off.

Like I get it, it's safe, but the old Aaron Rodgers, who was able to throw down field.


Would take a shot there.

I really think he's just, right now it's about not embarrassing himself.

Yeah. That's interesting.

You're right. The Gunslinger Rodgers, I keep going back to this thing Fitzpatrick said when I ran Fitzpatrick on my pod and he was talking about how these guys don't try on Hail Marys because they don't want to ruin their stats.


And I do, I do wonder if that even goes further than just the Hail Marys.

Like if he feels, you know, does he take less chances if he doesn't trust his receivers?

Does he not want to have like 10 interceptions after six games or, you know, have like a 20 interception season? Who knows?

Well, then he let one go.

He's like through a touchdown pass.

Like, all right, who was that? Tori? Tori, whatever.

Let's see what happens here.

I don't know. I met him once in practice, but let's all, I'll uncork it and good things happen.

But yeah, for the most part, not interested in throwing down field.

And we know when you throw short, it's going to be tipped and picked and all that stuff.

I wouldn't say he has a lot of receiver weapons, but that's also partly his fault because he, when, when you're taking that much money in the cap, teams are going to have to make decisions.

Do you trade Adams?

Do you trade Adams for Basacia straight up at this point?

Basacia is the special teams coach. Not exactly.

Lighten it up for the back.

No. Do you make that trade right up? No.

Adams, I thought got hurt because he was one for three yards today.

And it was like, no, he actually played the whole game.

The flu. Yeah. He played with the flu, I guess. So.

So, no, no.

Jets fans. I have a few of them in my life.

All of them were just completely discombobulated by that.

Zach Wilson thing. Like tough to come back from.

Right. 18 games.

There's seven and 11 when he plays.

He's 12 touchdowns, 16 interceptions for the year.

It feels worse.

Starting for 33-62.

But if they missed on this pick, they took Sanchez fifth to 0-9.

They took Darnham third in 2018 and they took Wilson second in 21.

So in the span of 13 drafts, three top five picks on quarterbacks, and they would have gone 0-3.

Unless you count, you give a little to Sanchez because you want to play off game against the bats in New England.

So that's not like a complete bust.

A road game. Yeah.

Yeah. But then you go backwards.

The Jets drafts are bad. Of course.

Yeah. Then you go backwards. Pennington 18.

Calum Clemens 49th.

And then the one quarterback they hit on, 39th pick in 2013.

Possible MVP of the 2022 season, Geno Smith.

Yeah. Right.

So when people say the Jets can't draft quarterbacks, they drafted Geno Smith who is an MVP candidate and is in the running for best quarterback in the NFC.

And they drafted him. They had him.

But he was 8-9 with the Jets, wasn't he? That one year.

And then the fight, and it just was like circumstance.

He went to the Giants. He got buried behind Eli.

Then he was basically Russell Wilson's backup.

He did have one of those.

It's almost like when we knew John Hamm before Mad Men.


And it was like, oh, that's Jennifer's boyfriend.

Oh, he's an actor. It's like, oh, cool.

And then he's got this show Mad Men.

It's like, oh, that sounds cool. That's great.

And then he turned into John Hamm.

Geno, like he's like the fucking John Hamm of Cupid.

He is.

Bounced around for 10 years.

We're going to see him sidling up next to Flo in the progressive ads. I could see it.

Geno should have some progressive ads.

Yeah. Let's hear your voice. Let's hear your voice, Geno.

I like the room for that team, especially when they're playing the Giants, but they're a lot of fun and they play defense.

They, you know, that defense allowed one touchdown today.

I think one, I think they've had two games with one touchdown and one with two in the last four.

Like they really, they really played D.

They got the fans back. Talk about fans.

Oh, my God.

That's it. The Rams must look at that and be like, what the hell? We'll never come close to that.

But at least that place is loud.

And you know what you're getting every week out of those fans.

And then you got Canine, Kenny Walker, the third.

Great pick up.


Great pick up.

What the most unorthodox runner in the league, except for the guy on Washington, the Walker Robinson.


He's got this herky jerky stutter start game and he carries the ball in the wrong hand, like two thirds of the time, like the touchdown he had today.

He's running right to left with the ball in his right hand as guys try to tackle him, but he gets by everybody. He's like, I like a legit weapon.

They got two good receivers and lockets stunk today.

And there is this moment when they came out of commercial and Gino was coming over just trying to pull locket back in because locket had a big fumble.

He dropped the touchdown, hit his helmet, and they go over and they show Gino just trying to like kind of bring him back in like a real leader.

And I was like, oh, this is a nice moment.

This isn't like a Russell Wilson.

I know the cameras are on me moment.

This is just, I need to get this guy back with a chance to win this game.

I'll tell you this. I was going to bet Seattle all week.

And I was like, I was afraid of the Giants because they've just over a week after week, they pull games out of their ass, fourth quarter, you think you have it, they do something.

And I was like, I think this can go down in two and a half and never did it.

State at three. And I stayed away and I was so mad because Seattle, Seattle's home field is just with this team and Gino not making mistakes.

They're going to be a really hard team to play as we head into November, December, January.

I agree. And you know, that whole thing, I saw it too, a Gino coming over to the sideline.

And I'm like, is this another thing where the young quarterback goes to the guy who's been around a while and that's like, oh, wait a minute.

Gino's been playing quarterback since 1984.


The NFL. This actually makes sense.

So you're right. There's that leadership, not annoying leadership quality versus what, you're exactly right, what Russ offers Denver.

And you know that team has pissed they won because now it's just high knees and the aisles for the next 10 weeks on every flight.

And it's going to be awful for them.

Well, after the game, Tyler Lockett said, it's amazing what we can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit. Just the fucking drive-bys at Russ are unbelievable.

Like there's guys like Sherman and, and Marshawn and people like that that are just, you know, they're just coming out and firing bullets.

And then there's like all the stuff like that.

A lot of, I didn't realize, I think that's the, that's diehard Seattle fans kind of knew, but they didn't want to admit it.

But I didn't realize how the, how dysfunctional the Russ thing was.

I think it was real. I think it was way worse than we thought.

And then it was like Pete's holding Russ back. It's like, is he?


This is the kind of team Pete wanted to coach.

I can't believe, I think like just dozens of guys were waiting for him to lose, right?

It's like, oh man, why do we tolerate this?

We've all worked with people like this, but yeah, he is productive.

I can see why they keep him around. He's a good earner.

Wait a minute. He can't, he can't complete a pass over the middle.

All right. Okay. Let's start talking.

We ship this guy off.

Well, Gino for the season, one 107 QB rating, 13 TDs, three picks.

He's thrown for almost 2000 yards and he leads the league in a completion percentage, which can be a bogus stat from time to time, but you have the combo of they're getting big plays.

He's not, he's protecting the ball, which was a problem with him in the past.

And he, and he keeps the chains moving. And I don't know. I think it's a legitimate team.

I feel like he's downfield. I know he's in the seventies for completion percentage, but it's not a Drew Brees type. It's not a four yard check down to Kamara, you know, it's a, he throws downfield a lot. He does the thing that Kyle and I are just going nuts about with Mac. Like just every once in a while, three step drop, just try to get your receiver to make a play. Just throw it downfield.

Just put it in the air, let your guy go up and get something. They have lock it and they have, and they have a mecca. So they're over under for the season was five and a half.

They were 50 to one on Fandal to win the division. They were 71 to win the conference.

They were plus five 40 to win the playoffs before the season.

And I don't remember whether we went over. Oh, I guess I went, I went over on that one.

I don't remember what you did. They have next games. They're at Arizona at Tampa, right? Versus, versus, I think they're home for Tampa. Yeah. Oh, actually that's a, oh, that Tampa's away. Yeah. That's a Germany. Yeah. And then they still have, they have another San Francisco game. They have a Kansas city game at Kansas city on Christmas Eve.

And that's going to be exciting. That 49ers game in Seattle, December 15th. That's a night game too.

That's going to be fun. Yeah. I think they're going to get to 10 wins. Don't you? Yeah, I do.

They may only need nine for that division, but I think they get to 10. They're a fun team. And yeah, listen, as a Cowboys fan, I know we're probably, if we don't win the division, much, much, much rather go to Atlanta and even Tampa who beat us than I would Seattle in the playoffs. Right. So how I laid that out for you, if you're the top wildcard, assuming you can't be Philly, I would guess you're going to play the NFC South, whoever comes out of there.

So would you rather go to Tampa, Atlanta, New Orleans or Carolina? Oh, just out of those four.

Yeah. But you'd rather go to Carolina, but they're probably not going to make it.

That's the four or five. If Michael Parsons can't figure out Marcus Mariota, then something's wrong.

I'm sorry. And I know you hate that game and I don't know when you want to talk about it, but another stupid win for the Falcons. Let's talk about it now. Just to put a bow on Gino.

I think he's like the king of Seattle right now. Hall of Fame. I think he's like the most popular guy in Seattle. Like how do you not love that story? Love that guy. You trade, rust away. You get this hall back. You get Gino in his place. This incredible redemption story.

What's a better story than that? Tim and Julio Rodriguez. Yeah, you're right. Exactly. It's got to be those two. And the sonics come back. I don't know what does he get? Come back player of the year or there's no more. He has to wait. He's like create a new award for him. Create the Gino Smith. I thought you were dead award and give it to Gino Smith. It's too early. They didn't renew the odds, but they refreshed the odds. But yeah, I think he passed Barquay today in terms of being on the top of the leaderboard there for comeback player. Well, you and I are old enough to remember like this bigger versions of this gym, Punkett, number one pick for the Patriots overall in 1970 gets the shit kicked out of him for six years, ends up getting waved, goes to Niners.

Oh no, they traded him Niners, gets waved, ends up on the Raiders, ends up in a couple Super Bowls.

Right? That's like the best one. There was a Vinny Testivarity redemption where he was on the Browns, then Parcells loved him, had him on the Jets for a while. This is probably closer to Testivarity, but still considering like he never had a moment and he was never a number one pick.

Yeah. And even heading into the preseason, it was like, it's going to be Hammer Drew Locke.

And nobody was like, that's crazy. How is it not Gino Smith? Because he'd never really done anything. And don't forget, they beat Denver that first week, right? And it's like, oh, that's good. That's funny. I get a kick out of this. It calms all the Russ lovers and Denver lovers down for a minute. Then they lost it next to. So it's like, all right, this is the rebuilding team we knew. And then they got it back going again. Fun team for sure.

On Fando, Allen is plus 125 for MVP. And that's looking pretty convincing. Gino has the seventh best odds now at 32 to one. Does he? Is he seventh? Two is ninth. I'm sorry, 10th at 75 to one.

Two is fantasy stats are kind of shocking. I don't know if you've looked at the fantasy leaders this year, but two is stats are way up there. Oh, I had them on my bench today, believe me. I know all about it. Congrats. 32 points.

Hurts should get more consideration. He's pretty solid. He throws a good long ball.

Yeah. And they're going to lose two games this year. I would say Allen, clear favorite, but then it's probably Hurts, Mahomes, and I think Gino, I think that's the four right now. Eight weeks in. It's time to start talking about MVP, at least a tiny bit.

Hey, Hensh wanted us to do a 2022 redraft, but with just the QBs. So if you could have any QB from that draft, Lawrence, Jones, Wilson, Fields, Mills, and I'm leaving somebody out.

No, that was it, right? Yeah, that was it. Yeah. 2022. 2021. The Lawrence draft.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who would you still take Lawrence out of all those guys?

You know, I'll sign off on that guy hit a ceiling. I mean, I think he's fine. He'll have games because his big thing in Clemson was his running when he'd take off. I still think he could be dangerous there, but which coach is going to figure out, you never know now, which if it's going to be the coach or it's going to be the player that doesn't want to run. But if he doesn't have that, I don't care about that. I mean, I think we would definitely have had Fields fifth on that list. And now Fields might be number one. He keeps things interesting, believe it or not.

Fields is, I was really, really impressed with him in the Pats game. I thought he was pretty good today too, but when you consider he has no weapons and they haven't really done a lot for pushing him to succeed. Now it feels like, I think Eberfluss is actually a pretty good coach. I was impressed with them last week. I think I might have Fields first. What's interesting is, I think at least three of these guys you would have said, like last year you might have said Mack at some point, right? After like week 11, I've been like, Mack might have been the best quarterback in the thing. Then I think it was Lawrence after week two this year. And now I think it might be Fields. Yeah, it's just weird how you're locked into it. It's like, Zach Wilson was definitely going to go to the Jets. Remember that year was going to be definitely going to be, Trey Lance was definitely going to be early. Matt Jones was the wild card, right? He fell.

And then Davis Mills, we made this pretend thing like he was better than everybody.

And now it's like, now it's been a couple of years since then.

He's been awful. Like Joe Burrow is the last great one. Or I guess two, if you want to throw in there. And Herbert. Throw Herbert in there. All right. We'll throw him in there. But now that's two years removed already. I mean, in 10 quarterbacks. Emmanuel Acho had it, just a smoking hot. Do you see that clip he did about how to do it? Yeah, it was aggressive. I don't mind when people do those where it's like, there's just enough of a kernel of a truth. Somebody's going to be like, fuck it and do the video about it. Two is one more games. He had more success in college. I was like, all right. These are guys, I think, I think he was with us.

So in fact, he used the word overpraised when referring to Herbert, but I'm not sure.

Well, that there's never seen yet. Herbert was a little overpraised. I think he probably still is, but at the same time, like he's gotten the shit kicked out of him this year. He might be playing broken ribs for all we know. And he said, really bad luck with his receivers and his coach might be a moron for all we know. So there you go. Yeah. And the dolphins, the dolphins put together a team for Tom Brady and somehow got stuck with Tua. And it's like, okay, you got Waddle.

Now you got Tyreek Hill got a running game. So might have worked out. Lombardi had a thing on Vissen about, he wrote a piece about, he called it six back or six pack. He kind of vasculated between those two about this new thing about these quarterbacks that can run, basically teams now trying to put six guys who are threats on the field, right? Where it's like run pass with any of the six guys. And that's going to be the new version of how to cheat without having a quarterback.

It was an interesting piece, but you see a team like Atlanta who's like, all right, Marriota, he's not very good, but we're going to make it seem like he might run around and, you know, there's way better versions of this. Lamar is actually accurate and can do it. But for the most part, it does feel like the version of football we're watching this year feels really different. It takes pieces from the 1920s and from like the 1970s, but then you'll see these teams throwing deep all of a sudden for 10 minutes. But then I don't really understand what's happening and I'm not smart enough about football to figure it out. But people are like, well, the safety's back. And I was like, really, that's it. So the safety's back. And now we're playing football completely different. Like that can't be it. So I don't know what to make of it.

Still 11 guys, right? Like, you know, the guys, Rogers, Brady, Stafford, we're all able to find soft coverage in the zone or wherever you put the safeties. I don't understand that, but it really, you're right. It only seems like three guys are throwing deep now. Borough, Wilson, or, yeah, Borough Allen, and I think Hurd. So like the only guys that throw deep consistently now.

Well, remember we thought when they took over the, you can't kill the guy going over the middle anymore, we were like, wow, everybody's good for 5,000 yards. Even Jame has threw for like 5,300 that year. So I don't know what era we're entering into. But you know, I watched Mara to win today. Let's take a break. And then I want to complain about the Panthers.

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It's now certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and the films they hit with audience and critics alike, having recently cleaned up at the Venice International Film Festival. Our guy Colin Farrell, who was on this podcast a few years ago, he won the Best Actor Award and the Screenplay won Best Screenplay at the Venice International Film Festival. Now playing in select theaters, get tickets today. All right, so I adopted the Panthers as my, I can't believe they're going to make the playoffs team. I knew it was going to be someone from the NFC. I had the wrong team.

Could have been Seattle, could have been the Giants, could have been Atlanta.

I have Carolina. It looked like it was going to flip today.

They kind of dominated that Falcons game. PJ Walker threw a terrible pick at the end of the first half, but for the most part, they just looked like a better team for the entire game.

Falcons did Falcons stuff. They go ahead. Carolina basically has enough time to at least get in like Hail Mary or 30 yard range. But before they get to Hail Mary range, Walker chucks it. I think it was the farthest they've measured in six years. He threw it like almost 70 yards and hits DJ Moore. DJ Moore catches it to tie the game, PAT pending, runs out of bounds from the end zone and takes his helmet off. And they call the 15 yard helmet thing, but he wasn't on the field.

I've seen this interpreted. I've seen games where the defender has gotten the interception, sprinted off the field and immediately took his helmet off. They didn't call it.

I have no idea what the celebration thing is. I looked at the rulebook. I'm still confused.

So anyway, 48 yard PAT for Eddie Pignier. He misses it going over time. Mary throws a pick right away. They're on like the 20. And instead of being like, no, let's try to, don't let them bring that kicker out. He just missed. Let's try to get it first down. They do the three predictable runs, bring Eddie out again, misses the 33 yarder, Falcons end up winning an OT. And I had the Panthers money line. I have their win total for the year.

I had them an underdog Parley. And I felt like I picked the right team. It's like the eighth time this year. This is fucking happening to me. So why? I need an exorcism. I'm telling you.

Well, I don't know. Eddie Pinero, I don't know if you remember, he had a game winning field a couple of years ago and thanked JC, the big guy in the sky. So I don't know if you need an exorcism or maybe go to church with Eddie or what that was ridiculous. That was ridiculous.

First of all, he was out of bounds and he took his helmet off, but he has to be out of bounds on the sidelines out of bounds. There are guys who are out of bounds and then jump in and play with the crowd for five minutes. So if he had stayed in bounds, kept his helmet on and done Thriller by Michael Jackson for 20 seconds, they're like, that's fine. He went on in a net. It's dumb. It's really dumb. And it's not worth 15 yards. It's not worth sending the wrong team home, but you have won that game in overtime for God's sakes. What are you doing there? By the way, how about five yards? How is that worth the same as me, a punt returner signaling a fair catch and I run down full speed and I knock him unconscious and he has to be carried off on the cart 20 minutes later and say, that's 15 yard penalty. And it's like DJ Moore ran out of bounds, took his helmet off. Yeah, 15 yards. Got to flag it. We'll put it on the kickoff. How does that decide a game?

These guys, there was one in the game we just saw, the night game where there was drawing, right? And the Packer got called for 15 yards. He had a first down is like, and then they went to the rules guys like, okay, so just so we know, it's not what they said to each other. It's when he pointed, um, he did signifying the first round with the two fingers like, that's exactly right.

Mike, that's exactly what's like, what? Because he pointed. So what he pointed? He has a first down. The referee's about to point first down. I don't like that. I had, I hit, I hit the pass.

I hit this Vikings bet. I did this Vikings bet for a billion dollar picks Vikings first half, parlayed with Vikings to win the game and it was plus one 10. And I was like, that's great. Arizona loses every first half did that. So we hit both of those needed Carolina because I had them an underdog and some other stuff and they get this miracle play. It's like, oh my God, my fortunes have churned. I'm jumping around. That's like 15 year penalty. Oh, now to be fine. And then you see how long it is. Oh my, it was at the roller coaster up, down, up, down. Cause then they have it in overtime. It's just like, I don't know. So I don't like any of the Souths. I feel bad for you. But I, and then you, I don't know, but don't bet any of the South teams when they play each other. AFC or NFC. I was seeing PJ Walker is like, yes, PJ Walker gets outdulled by Marcus Marriota and the first place Falcons. It's like, all right, what is this week one's like, holy shit. No.

Oh, it's week nine we're going into. It really is the first place Falcons. Give me a break.

So that one had DJ more catches a touchdown. You have Falcons minus four Falcons money line.

You're having a stroke Panthers greatest thing ever up PAT. Now we're going to OT. Now if you have the Falcons minus four, you're like, I need a touchdown. You have the Panthers like, I'm still alive. That was, that game was a disaster. I had my worst losses of the year in no particular order.

That was number one, Indy Casey week three, Tampa Pittsburgh week six, Brown's Jaguars, where Nick Chubb has to fall down and doesn't, or not Brown's Jets. Nick Chubb has to fall down.

He doesn't, they end up on that 14 point lead. Minnesota, Houston, Jacksonville week five, when Lawrence throws the TD on the one yard line, which he did again today.

Right. Bears 49ers week one where the monsoon and the bears get two touchdowns. And then Carolina Cleveland week one, when the guy hits the 59 yard field goal and hasn't come close to doing anything like that since there's a bonus one Carolina loses two crazy field goal games.

Like I actually think they're a decent team. I really do. I don't know about that. I don't know.

Every week I have someone different as though as my worst and boy, I wish I would have done that listed my work in my book, but it would have taken me hours and hours. Now, next, at least, at least three of the same ones as you did that monsoon game and everything else. Yeah, they're all bad. Dante Foreman was awesome in the Carolina. I'm telling you, I, I don't think Carolina is a cross-up team. I don't think anyone's a cross-up team in that division. You have the Saints, they shut out Vegas at home and know what to make of that. I was terrible. I had the red, that was another bad one. I had the Raiders. I had the Raiders plus 10 and a half plus seven and a half. All these dumb adjusted things. And how does the team not score? It's like we saw the Saints last Thursday. You could score them, right? Not to mention the Andy Dalton thing is on the other side, but yeah, that, that, that might, that's a team we can cross off. Are we crossing it off? I'm looking at the Panther schedule. Let's see if you have a chance. I think we could cross up Vegas.

I'm not, I'm not crossing up anyone in the NFC South. I don't think we can.

Panto Hat-Bangles, At Ravens, at Seahawks. You might have a shot. They're not bad.

What division do you think has the most wins? It's gotta be the NFC East, right? 420, 23. Is that what it is? Who's, who's second? It is the AFC East, right? Yep. They have 20. Yeah. The next team or next division is the NFC West with 15. Wow. So big drop off. Then it goes all the way down. The NFC South has 10 wins. Wow. 10 wins. The NFC South has 12 wins. That's why you can't count out anyone yet. Could be like seven and 10. Could win the NFC South plus we haven't had injuries.

I was looking at that AFC South, the point differential, Tennessee up top at five. There are five and two team. There are minus six point differential. Colts minus 28. Jaguars plus 14 are two and six. And the Texans minus 38. The Titans being five and two with a minus six point differential is just, is just elite. I appreciate Derek Henry, but should you, should account as your quarterback should have to hit 100 yards. Like, all right, they're winning. They're up two scores, but can Malik Willis get to 100 yards? Otherwise, this isn't going to count. I think it should be a policy.

Your quarterback in the Lord's year of 2022 should have to get to 100 yards passing.

No, they basically made him like in high school when you just put your running back in a quarterback to kind of ease. Now I'm going to throw the ball. I bet the Texans yesterday when I, I liked them anyway. And then Tain Hill, they shelved them. I was like, they're going to put in Malik Willis. Like this is, but Derek Henry and who was the other guy? Hilliard? Hilliard, yeah.

Just big boy, the Texans. It was rough. That might have been the best he looked in a long, like, oh my God, right? Like a top three game for Derek Henry. And it's not even cold yet.

That was high school football, Derek Henry. Or it was like, this isn't fair. They're in the wrong division. Yeah, I have, I had the Texans as one of the losers because they're clearly the worst team in the league now. Like they, they, they were hopeless against them. I had the, the LaFleur family tough day for them. Jets offensive coordinator and Green Bay. That was a loser.

Good call. NBC trotted out five white guys in a row in the pregame show at one point, which I don't think has been done since 1971. They had right random white guy host with Chris Sims.

And who's the other white guy? Well, as long as Jason Garrett's one of them, Jason Garrett, always going to be the loser. Yeah. Then they threw it to the field with Jack Collinsworth and Matthew Barrows. Like this has to be a record. The five white guys in a row. We haven't seen that since, since I don't know, Jimmy the Greek was like smoking cigarettes on the air.

You guys, you guys, Zeke Elliott, I think was the loser today. How does he get a certain job back?

Yeah, I get it. And I think Pollard should be the main guy anyway, but I don't know. I, I read a lot on the Cowboys and they, they're down on that that it mattered today, but they're down on Pollard's blocking ability and Zeke is supposed to shine when it comes to that. So, yeah, look, I'm happy with that offense. I'm definitely happy with six and two going into a buy when my quarterback was out. Most of those games, I'll take that. I would have taken that before this season.

Panthers 35 to one when the NFC South.

I might have to dip back in. Why not?


You're up enough.

Put a little more, just a tiny bit more.

Minnesota is minus eight 50 in the NFC North.


The Philly one's fun. Minus three 70 plus 400 and 13 one for the Giants.

You're, you're a four to one.

Why not take the, why not? You don't like the Cowboy. I know they're the one and a half out, but they play the Eagles again.

I think we're just as good then.

Four to one, I had to agree with you. Four to one seems a little high to me.

The, the other one I was looking at was the Bengals, there's been a chase over reaction where they're plus two 10 now. They beat the Browns tomorrow. I think they could easily take that.

Well, here's the problem. The Ravens, this is a Raven schedule as you wait for Jamar Chase to get back at Saints versus Panthers. I know you love at Jaguars versus Broncos. That's an easiest.

They should go to that month.

Good call. That's got to explain the ads. The Seahawks are plus three 10.

It's a fun one. Cardinal sitting there at 12 to one as a cliff gets fired.

Kyler, who knows? All right. Let's do guess the lines.

We have a bunch of teams on buy.

Shouldn't be like this. Why should there ever be more than four teams on a buy?

Happiest teams. They got to get us involved. We got to make some changes in the NFL. We don't need pay. We don't need to get paid. They just have to listen to us. There shouldn't be 16 involved.

Couldn't agree. The challenge on MTV did this. They listened to me. I'm an unpaid consultant.

They let me do seasons and everybody's happy about it.

Great. Week nine buys. I think Pittsburgh is delighted to get to a buy.

Giants probably happy to get to a buy at six and two. Cleveland will see tomorrow night.

Denver gets to a buy off just an ugly win in London, but at least they have a tiny bit of momentum. Then the two that I think would probably not want to buy are Dallas and San Francisco.

Because you got, you, Dallas, Prescott actually looked good today and San Francisco's got Mojo now, but maybe they get a week to heal everybody. Yeah. You get D-Bo back if you go like rest a little bit and Dallas maybe would take. Yeah. I'm fine taking the buy now.

Well, weak eight guess the lines. What's the score now between us?

I don't know. We're not still keeping the score, are we? I thought this was just for fun. Four, two, two. You have a lead. I'm up. I'm up two. Yeah. You're like the Packers. You're down, but you're not out. That's right. Speaking of down and out, Thursday night, Al Michaels, this is a let out drink during the game. Let him, let him just have a sniff there.

Al has to go to Houston and he has to watch the Eagles come to Houston.

And after what I saw, I watched that entire game today. I can't imagine how they're going to stop the Eagles running game. Yeah. I don't, this is definitely double digits.

They held Malik will is to 55 yards. Remember that before you go crazy.

I have the Eagles by 11 and a half. You're going to get it. I don't know why I said 10 and a half because you're right about all those things. It's 13. They're not even, they don't even want you to think about a 10, 10.3 team or with this, by the way, interesting. Philly at Houston, Thursday night, which is the day off from the World Series, Philly, Houston. Oh, that's weird.

Yeah. What was the live line on game one when Philly was down five, nothing? 18 to one. Oh my God. I hated that. I'm the only one in the country rooting for Houston. I was at that wedding this weekend and everybody's like, why you, how could you root for this team? Like, I don't want the Mets to be the Phillies and the Braves and the Nats to win three of the last five years. It makes me look like, oh, you can't root for Houston. Nobody should root for Houston. They really are the most hated team in sports, I think. It's weird that they've passed the Yankees. Yeah.

I didn't, wasn't expecting that. I don't know. As long as Altuve's on that team and Bregman was kind of hated back in the day. Altuve is never going to live down the, don't touch my chest during the home run celebrate. That clip, that will live on forever. Sunday marquee game. I don't have one. Blank. I have two watchables. I think this is really the worst week of football that we've had. And if there's ever a week to hang out with your kids or do something, then this is the week. Two watchable games. Yeah. Go ahead. I don't think Rams Stamp is watch. I think it's unwatchable. Well, go ahead. Do you have any watchables? I do not. Okay. I have Falcons chargers. I think the Falcons are just plain watchable. If you give them another team that can move the ball, the Falcons are really enjoyable. They got cow pits coming in today. Drake London's fun. Mary Otis weird. I like Arthur Smith on the sidelines. He looks like kind of like spalding smells. Has that kind of vibe to them? This game's at Atlanta. I think the chargers continue to be overvalued. And I'm going to say Falcons by one. Oh, wow. Chargers are way overvalued even more than you think. I had them by two and a half. The chargers chargers favor by three. Oh, Jesus.

I'm betting the Falcons coming off a buy. Yeah. I don't care. Brandon Staley's going to have another week to think of dumb shit. Give me a break. There's like, I'm going to go on fourth and seven now. We've had a buy. He's like, I've studied my fourth down tendencies and I should be more aggressive.

Well, you're right. This is the most watchable game I think because you know, those charges will let them in it. Oh, Atlanta's that's stupid. That should be a pick on. By the way, those teams are pretty even since one of the chargers, what makes them so great? Keenan Allen's been hurt all year.

Mike Williams got hurt last week. I don't trust Ecuador to play four quarters.

I'm what's Jackson down. Boso gets hurt every three games. What's so great about the charges?

You list you listed them as a playoff team like minute one into this podcast, didn't you?

Didn't you have them as like the 17th? Somebody's got somebody's got to be the seven seed.

All right. It's going to probably be nine and eight. It's going to be a seven seed.

All right. Be careful. I mean, remember last year, fucking Ben Routhisburg's corpse made the playoffs last year. Yeah, that's true. 14 playoff teams a lot. All right. Here's my other watchable game. Maybe it's just for me. The Bengals at home against my Panthers. Just not quitting on this Panthers team. This PJ Walker is really fun to watch. She really is. This is crazy. No, I'm not. I'm not. I got a Bengals by six and a half. Well, that's why you think it's watchable.

I said seven and a half. It's nine. Now, Vegas does not think this is watchable. Okay. I wanted to, now you're not going to put this on a teaser with me. How dare you? God no, I'm going to bet the Panthers. And I need to donate more Panthers money to whoever the money goes when you lose bets.

Fairly watchables. Well, you know what? This, I changed my mind. This is a watchable. I'm going to give it three watchables. Dolphins bears. I think Fields is watchable now. And you know, who else is good is Herbert. When the Patsman gets Herbert last week, he was actually like legitimately scary. Every time he got the ball, I thought he was going to get six yards. They have, I don't want to misspeak here. I feel like they have like 520 yards rushing in the last two weeks or something. Something crazy like that. Yeah. Yeah. So I think this is watchable. I got Dolphins by three and a half in Chicago. You're going to get it. I said Dolphins by three. It's four and a half. It's a lot. It's a little, little heavy. Boy, this looks like an underdog week so far.

Well, I guess, so the Lions was what? Miami was three and a half against the Lions. Yeah. So they added a point at Chicago. Stupid lions. Dump team. Yeah, that is a dump. Really. I looked at, I was like, I stared at the one and six. I'm like, that can't be right. And it is so right.

Did you say they have these advanced stats about separation that receivers get? And usually, it's like two yards and Tyrico was like three and a half yards per play. He was open just with nobody near him. That's this week or for the season? That was this week for the Lions game. He was just, for consistently open the entire game, about like three and a half yards. I forget where I saw it, but I enjoyed it. Fairly watchable. So we've got another underdog, the Lions, home for Sad Sack Aaron Rogers and the Packers. I hit this exact. So, well, come on. It's going to be Packers by three, three and a half. Oh, fuck me. They gave him the nudge there.

Little half your point there hanging out there. That's a fun one. Might be a loser leaves down for the Packers. Might be. I don't totally understand the Packers thing. I know they have less weapons on offense, but they, I thought their defense was going to be good. And it's just not that good. I don't get that part. Yeah. It was a Darius Smith goes over the Vikings. I don't think he's going too crazy for them defensively. No, but yeah, they can't get it together. And you know, they don't have picks on D. They don't have the advantage. Would you rather be the Saints or the Packers right now? I'd rather be in Rogers. Packers are three and a half games out of the Vikings. I guess they'd both be fighting for a, a playoff slot, but I'm just saying the Saints could catch first place. Packers can't at this point. We need another Rogers celebrity relationship and he's just got to do something. Maybe Aubrey Plaza. Oh yeah. Oh, another home dog, Jets.

Yeah. Jets at home. And unfortunately it's against Buffalo. See, this is why this week's terrible. You have these like huge road favorite lines. It's not even fun to bet those.

I have a, I bills by 11 and a half. Oh, jerk. Not 11. It's 12 and a half.

Man. So that'll end up at 13. Yeah. So let's just take it. And then, well, I got a couple others for them. I can't believe you won't go with Cincinnati with me here. I'll tell you this, not without Chase. I need to see them tomorrow night before I decide how I feel about them without Chase because everybody's like, Oh, they're just moved Higgins to like, that's not how this works. You, it's a big jump to go from number two receiver, number one receiver. We've seen this before. All right. So who's on the other side? DJ Moore, who can't keep his helmet on and PJ Walker. They're fine. Fair. So I would say this is about the Jets. I think they have an excellent defensive line. I thought they were all over the place in that game. And honestly, if Zach Wilson was even a C plus, the Jets probably win that game.

You were so scared. This bill is going to be too high. Yeah. I do feel bad for the Jets fans.

That was the biggest game they've had in that arena in many years, right? Seven, maybe more.

We have some good players. Remandre has been awesome this season.

Let's make that trade. I think we can make that trade now.

To Chase. You want Chase now? Yeah, I'll take him. I don't care.

We have another road favorite or road. Yeah. We have another road favorite, I think, because Washington is home playing the Vikings. I watched that entire Washington game because I had a Washington bet. Right. Their defense is pretty good, even without Chase Young. I don't think he played in this one either, but they got a big fourth down and one stop. I didn't think Allinger was bad in the second half. He was actually kind of scary. He was moving around.

He made some throws. I didn't know what was happening. Pittman murdered them. Pittman had a couple of big drops in that game. He did. I don't know if Washington's that terrible, but I think the Vikings could be favorite and I would be afraid to bet them. I'm going to say Vikings by two. Oh, we only split it. I said four. I went heavy with it. It's three.

Yeah. This is an underdog parlay possibility for me. Really? Yeah. Kirk Cousins' Revenge.

You don't care about that? Exactly. Cousins today, that fucking Vikings team, where they just wouldn't put Arizona away. Arizona was like wrestling. Arizona is lying on the match. It's like, pin me. They're just like, one, two, and the Vikings kept pulling them up.

And they finally, they get the touchdown, 34-26. It's like, all right, now this done. And then Butler's like, no, no. I'm going to hit the upright on this PAT. So he does that. And it's like Arizona had 17 chances in the second half to tie the game, but they're so in that.

And then they got it back. They went three and out the Vikings. They gave it back twice.

And Kirk started to get that, they were hitting them and he started to get that little frazzled Kirk Cousins thing. And I was like, you son of a bitch, you're going to throw a big six, aren't you? But he didn't. I could see Washington getting him. Cardinal Seahawks.

You know, this should have been a watchable. So I should have put that on this one up.

I'm promoting this one. Well, this is weird. Is something going on? Is the World Series?

No, the World Series will be over. Why are there only two late afternoon games?

No, World Series won't be over. Right? Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Game five is Thursday.

Yeah, it'll be over. Game five is Wednesday. Oh, so won't be over. Yeah, you're right. Game seven, Saturday night. I think, you know what they're doing? They thought so once in a while, like Fox will want to run the table. And they'll, they thought this Rams bucks game would be dynamite. And so they, they get, they get, they get the right to scrap the rest of the schedule for the late afternoon. It's going to be garbage. But this is, Seattle, Arizona is the better of the two games. You're right. Wait a second. Let's talk about this. Maybe someone in the NFL is listening to us. Why couldn't they move like Chargers Falcons to the late game? Yeah. Or why couldn't they move? I don't know. I think there's six teams off. That doesn't help. But yeah, but move that Chargers Falcons game. That makes sense to me. Yeah. I mean, you still have it three hours early games. I think too much about this. I know. NFL just hates us. I have cards minus one and a half at home against the Seahawks. Damn. I had one. It's three. Oh, should it be, should it be three? Wait a second. Arizona's three. Wait a second. Wait a second. The Cardinals are favored by three points over the Seahawks. Yeah. That's idiotic. That's a lot, but that's idiotic. They're waiting for the sharps to pounce. Pounce on who? On the guy who does his homework.

Kyle Murray. Cards suck. Be careful with this one. No, I'm not going to be careful. I bet.

You just praised Seattle and Geno Smith for 25 minutes. Yeah. And I'm going to praise them with some money too. All right. That line will be, I'll tell you this. I bet that line is even by game time. Really? I think that goes the other way. I think there's Seattle action all Sunday, Monday. What kind of crowd will it be? The Seattle, just Seattle fans are just going to travel everywhere. Well, the Cardinals fans can't be like, cool. Yeah. Cliff Kingsbury and Kyle Murray, who wants to go on Sunday? Like no way. Yeah. All right. Let's go. Oh, Fairly Watchable's last one is Bucks Rams, which is so funny because Fox cleared out the entire day for this Bucks Rams.

And yeah, Fairly Watchable is being kind because it's not fun to watch Tom Brady at all. It's not fun to watch the Rams at all. I got Bucks by three and I kind of like the Bucks. I feel bad that Buck and Akeman have to sit there. Oh, wait, no, they don't do this game. No, it's, you're closer.

It's two and a half. I said one. How can you make Tampa? The Rams suck too. I don't know.

I don't know anymore. I still think two and a half, three is too hefty for that Bucks team.

It's a kind of a good matchup for them though, because they, they can't stop the run anymore for some reason, but the Rams can't run the ball. Right. Right. And then on the other side, I don't know. This is, this is a WCW like 1997, Rick Flair versus Hulk Hogan level. It's like, ah, this would have been cool 10 years ago. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone's dying their beard.

Yeah. That's one of those poop fact. I got two games. Pat's home for the Colts.

I'm sorry. I love the Patriots, but I don't know how this is in a poop fact to game.

The Colts are one of the most unwatchable teams in the recent history of the National Football League. And the only reason I know this is because I've had bets with them or against, usually against them for, I think like six of the eight weeks and they are just dreadful to watch, just dreadful. I hate everything about them. I don't want to watch them anymore. And I'm and I can't believe I have to watch them next week. I have Pat's by four and a half. Oh, no, they are dreadful. And Vegas recognizes that. I said six at six and a half. Oh, that's fair.

How many young quarterbacks is Belichick and Alouistu? It's not, it ain't happening.

I think you're good here. Frank took the points a couple of times today. And I actually kind of agreed with it with Elinger. Frank, Frank, Frank, oh yeah. What they end up with 16.

Are we sure Ryan could, Ryan couldn't have gotten a 20? That's, these are the questions.

Yeah. Elinger was pretty good in the second half. He's fine.

I wasn't against it. The worst thing he did was run. He came up short a half a yard on that run, which we all thought was the first down before they spotted it. So this is interesting. Did you think they should have gone for that? Cause they needed a yard to win the game, but they're on their own 29 and they had a rookie QB and I actually thought it was the right move to punt. Cause at that point, I think Washington had like 10 points. Yeah. And the Colts had three times as many yardage and it just felt like they had stopped them all game. And it's like, really, I'm going to put my, my guy in the spot who can barely complete a pass. I was okay with the punting. Normally, I would say you got to go for it, but in that situation, I would say no. Right. There's exactly what we talk about with analytics. It matters. Everything that else is going on, right? If you have Jonathan Taylor week eight from 2021, you go for it. Right. No, Jonathan Taylor 20. Yeah.

Punted and played. I didn't think their line was blocking. Well, I didn't trust their quarterback.

Pipp Minnet already had a couple of weird plays and I don't know. I didn't mind the punt. Normally, I would have been like, what are you doing? But that time I was like, yeah, just stop Taylor Heinecki. Go 80 yards here. Right. Jags Raiders is the other perfect. I'm going to try not to watch one minute of this game. I screwed this lineup. Did you really? I have Jags by two.

Oh, you screwed it up worse. I had Jags by one and a half. Vegas is favored by one.

Oh, come on. They did it this week too. Are we tied? We're tied with two left. The Raiders have played three absolute garbage games this year. Jacksonville at least hangs around and then just like chokes. I can't believe the raid. I mean, aside from Josh Jacobs, you don't want to start any fantasy players on that team. You don't want to watch the game. I know. What happened Hunter Renpro? He's like so bummed out. He could be in the waiver wire this week. Oh, he doesn't play. Darren Waller is like almost out of the league. Mollah won't ever see. It's brutal. It is brutal watching them. And what happened to Daniels? They had a press conference and the lights went out like five minutes in because Mark Davis wanted to chat with them like immediately. Did you see that? Oh, no. Someone picked that up. Yeah. I think so.

It surprised me. He was left in the dark. Sunday night, Chiefs are hosting the Titans.

I'll go this far. I think for Abel is the coach of the year running and maybe the coach of the year.

I have no idea how this team has five wins. Oh, come on. Really? Name anyone on their team other than Derek Henry and Simmons. No, I know. Come on. They got to look at the division.

Give it to anyone, the NFC East or AFC East first. This team started. Malik Willis, he can't throw football. They started them in a quarterback today. They still won. He didn't throw football.

And he couldn't. I guess he didn't. I think Vrabel is incredible. His team is not good. And they actually think they're good now. I have Chiefs by eight and a half over the Titans.

That's exactly what I had. So it's going to come down to the last one. It's 11.

Really? It's 11. See, that's what I mean. The Titans are not good.

Well, and they got blown out on a night game before, right? They lost the bills. I don't think they want to make that mistake too much. And the Chiefs are off a buy. Isn't Andy Reed insane off a buy? Isn't Derek Henry insane against the Chiefs? Yeah, probably. Probably. But he's going to have to throw. He'll have to throw. Well, Tano will be back. Is he supposed to be back?

I guess he will. I mean, he should be back. From what I saw today, I'm not sure about that Malik Willis picked to say the least. Monday night, Baltimore is at New Orleans. I think it is going to be our last road or the Ravens are going to be our last road favorite. You're going to beat me here.

Damn it. I got I got Ravens by three. All right. Well, at least you got it exactly. I had four.

I had four. Yeah. That was dumb. Wasn't Baltimore by four? So you're up five, two, two. That was dumb.

So I'm up three games on you. This is like Packers Vikings. Let me do that pick over. Will you give me a redo on that? I like three. I like them by three. Let's take a break and do a pair of quarter.

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All right. What do you got, sir? All right. Well, I don't know. I mean, this might be premature, but I'm going to miss high school football. My son's a senior. They made the playoffs and they're going to want to speak too loudly. But if you match up the, you know, who played who, this might be it for the Mustangs this weekend. Yeah. This weekend coming up this Friday, they're moving up.

They're moving up to like Division 4. Did your son's team make it? Yeah, they're right. Div 8.

Division 8. All right. So we're Division 4. Southern California is crazy. There's like 16 divisions for 16 teams. This is Southern California. And so like they'll have like great divisions. If you go 4 and 6 in that division, they'll just move you down.

Anyway, there's like 200 teams competing in the playoffs here and all different divisions.

Done look great for us. Want to thank my kid for giving me the opportunity to watch and scream and lose my voice and be critical of referees. It's what I do best. And I'm going to miss it. And that's it. That's really just it. The only thing I'll say is if after this week, he's eliminated, I'm going to miss it so much. If you're a listener in the Southern California area and your kid's playing, even you Simmons, I'll go watch because I had, I'm not done yet.

Well, now you're, once this is over, you're stuck in the world of terrible baseball games.

Five hour headers, 80, 89 degree humidity. Oh, shit. We're already going to San Clemente next Saturday for this whole, just as you said it. Yeah. But anyway, I'm available. Anyone needs me.

I do like San Clemente. So my son, they had their last game. They made the playoffs. And this is a somber one, but somebody got hurt in the game and the game got stopped for 20 minutes.

Somebody on the other team and 10 people around, they had the, the, the back thing where they put, they put somebody on when they don't want to move them. And they had an ambulance, ambulance fire engine came and it turned out the kid was okay. He, I think he had a stinger and they were being super safe, but it was the first time at one of those games where you kind of look at your wife and you're like, wait, what are we doing here? And then 10 minutes later, a kid on our team broke his ankle. Same thing. Game stopped. And same thing. We look at each other like, wait, what are we doing here? Right. It's, it's pretty horrible when, when you're there and, and one of those moments happened. That's not my parent corner. I just wanted to mention, like, we talk about how great football is, but there's a couple of times a year where it's, it's pretty dark. By the way, this, this has happened in soccer. There's other sports where this happens.

It's not the only sport, but you watch like parkour on YouTube and it flows nicely. It's like ballet. It's like, all right, let's look at some of the trial and error. Oh, yeah. That's yeah.

Yeah. You get, you get some, uh, yeah, get some perspective. Um, yeah. So they, uh, they're, they made the playoffs and they're, they're going to, um, we're, we're traveling like two hours to some place for a game this week. My parent corner. So my son turns 15 this week and I was telling him and my daughter, we were telling them the story of the day my son was born, which was on Halloween in, uh, in 2007, or we thought it was going to be Halloween. And we just bought the house that, uh, that you've been to that was in this Halloween neighborhood. And it was going to be the first time we trick or treated in this Halloween neighborhood with my daughter. And it was like her first, she was like two and a half. So it was like the first real trick or treating with the daughter where they actually know it. They're dressed up. They're excited. They can run up and hold the thing. It's like the two and a half range is probably the greatest Halloween thing, I think.

So of course my son decides around noon on Halloween that he's coming out. So now we go to the hospital and we're in the delivery room and, you know, that you don't, you don't pump a kid out.

It's going to take a couple of hours. So my daughter's best friend and her mom are at our house and I'm in the hospital and we can't believe that we're not trick or treating with Zoe the first time we've ever played this forever. The first time he officially asked for it.

The first time he was a prick. He's dead without yet he's a dick. Um, and my wife's like, you got to go trick or treat with her for an hour, take pictures, bring them back. I think I had my crappy blackberry. So I'm taking like blackberry photos. So I'm like, all right, you sure you're not going to have Ben yet? She's like, I'm sure, I'm sure she's just gotten an epidural. She's like, no, no, go.

So I drive from Cedar side. I drive like fast and furious. Two hundred miles an hour. Get back home, get in there, grab my daughter, we go, we walk around like three blocks, super emotional, like the first, the first real trick or treat. Get a couple of pictures, bring her back, zoom back to the hospital. And then Ben is like, no, not ready yet. And it takes another eight hours and comes out at three 30 in the morning. So we had a chance for a Numbia Michael Myers baby, but ends up November first. So I tell, we tell this whole story. It was longer than the version I just told finish it.

And my son goes, cool and walks away. Paracorder. You want an apology?

Yeah, I just a little bit like, just ask one question, maybe, hey, did this, no, he was like, cool, it's the story of my birth and the first trick or treating and our first year at the house. No, couldn't care. He just walked up to go play. That's it. Yeah. Paracorder baby.

He's like, cool, I got one over on you. I didn't, I'll put that in my book. I should count that as a win. Cool. Even as a fetus, I was a prick. All right. All right. That's it for today's parent corner is brought to you by CarMax. Everyone should have the confidence that they bought the right car in the CarMax 30 day money back guarantee means you get to take the time you need to make sure you found your perfect match up to 1500 miles. See for details.

CarMax Carbuying Reimagined. Wait, before we go, you went to a wedding that I couldn't go to this weekend, but you're with, did you push baby doll on a wedding cake? No, I didn't push him in a wedding cake. He did. So the wedding was in Jupiter, Florida. It was right by one of his houses. He's showing us countless pictures of this house. And so it was like in the backyard of his house.

And he has a Bentley in his driveway. I didn't even know. It's talking about pricks. I mean, I love him to death. He has a Bentley and it's parked on an angle so that everybody could see it.

So Jimmy and I say, we got to steal this Bentley. And so we get his middle daughter in on it. Like, can you leave us the keys and we'll time it so that he sees it and he's out? And so we do. We sneak in there. She leaves the keys on the tire. We zoom off in it. And about 10 minutes later, he has a glass of wine and a cigarette and he's freaking out F-Curson wears my Bentley wears my Bentley. And I come speeding by with Jimmy. And, uh, and that was, he's like, Oh, you son of a bitch. He got mad. He got mad for like 20 seconds. And then I parked it like six houses away in neighbor's driveway, a neighbor who he didn't like. So, which I didn't know that. That was just my joke. So he was mad about that too. But, uh, I'll give you a good story real quick. We, uh, the wedding was beautiful by the way. And, uh, great. His daughter was beautiful. It was a great time.

But, um, Grace's friend Cyrus comes up and baby introduces me to him and this guy and his fiance.

He's like, Cyrus actually, um, introduced Grace to Hampton. That's her husband. And, uh, and Cyrus and Cyrus's fiance says, yeah, can you believe she looks at the wedding? She's like, it's so beautiful here. She's like, can you believe we have to follow this in three months? And he looks at her baby doll and says, yeah, good luck to you and walks away. Good luck to you. Good luck topping this. But I love, and she's like, Oh, all right. I thought that was just being nice. I don't know what. Okay. Amazing. Was he smoking during the wedding ceremony or no? Oh yeah. He's like, he took a lot of cigarette breaks, but he was drenched. He was dancing. He mentioned me. He had like a 25 minute long speech where he thanked everyone from the groom's father to the people who rented him the tent. I mean, I listed everybody, but thank me. I was at a table with Colbert and Jimmy and, uh, John Stewart and thank me for giving him his nickname baby doll, but didn't thank those guys. It was a quite a achievement for me. Interesting. Maybe he's trying to buddy you up because he's afraid you're going to shove him into the wedding cake. That might be it. Yeah.

It already taken us Bentley. We told this story like nine years ago, but at Jimmy's wedding in 2013, we were all hanging out and they're pushing the wedding cake by us and baby's back was to it.

And you had this look in your eye and he just recognized there's a split second where you're just going to shove them into the wedding cake. And he dived to the side like, like there had been a bomb went off and you were going to shove them into the wedding cake. It was going to happen.

He like tripped over his own feet trying to get away from me, even though I hadn't made a move.

So it was like a Jedi mind trick. I played on him. Yeah. He tortured him for so long. He dove out of the way of this wedding cake. The only time that's probably ever happened. Anyway, all right. What do you got to plug? So there you go. Uh, the extra points podcast network. Check it out. Extra against all odds tomorrow. We'll break down Cleveland Cincinnati. We'll pick game three of the world series and all sorts of nonsense. All right. Who do we think is going to win the world series? I still have the Astros. Everyone hates me for rooting for them, but I have the Astros and Bregman for MVP. You're rooting Phillies, right? You have to. I'm out. I don't care. I have some Philly friends, some Philly friends that are into it and I hate the Astros, but I don't know. There's so much football and basketball going on. I was really rooting for the Lakers to go 0 and 82 is my dream. Did they win? They pulled it out. Yeah, they won. They did.

Yeah. It was, it was probably wasn't going to happen. Oh, and 82.

Listen, until they win one, you never know. Oh, and to see seems possible, but I'll go three and 79. You'll still be happy because good to see you as always. Good job by you. Good job by you.

All right. That's it for the podcast. Thanks to cousin Sal as always. Thanks to Kyle Creighton. Thanks to Dylan Burkey. And congratulations to our guy, Steve Saruti.

A proud dad. I'll see you on Tuesday.